Astrology involves the study of planets, asteroids and other mathematical points in space to see how their energies affect us as they transit in the skies. This knowledge can help us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our current situation and future as well as past trends. It can help us clarify the ultimate purpose of the life lessons we face and help us find more constructive ways of dealing with the situations that come up. Through taking a deeper look, past the surface, we gain further insight into the reasons why things are happening the way they are. It is so easy to loose sight of the forest for the trees – we can easily loose perspective when challenging things come to test us to the core. Knowledge of astrology can take us beyond the surface and into the source of the soul, Universal consciousness, a map to the soul and to self understanding. Through astrology, we get a chance to see the ‘bigger picture’.

We can explore all kinds of issues: looking at the type of career that would suit us best, positive times to find work, find love, move house, travel and study, as well as many other facets of our lives. When things seem to be going wrong, lady luck seems to have turned the other way, we can get more insight into why these things are happening and what may be their ultimate purpose. This can help free us from feeling stuck and trapped in the situation, taking us out of victimhood and empowering us, as we see through and beyond the situation. ‘This too will pass’ is a lovely proverb indicating the nature of impermanence in life – even if we feel utterly stuck and hopeless, astrology can help show us the light of wisdom and understanding that exists all around us and within us. A look at the chart can help bring much clarity and understanding into sides of ourselves that are locked away from our conscious awareness which can lead to profound, or even subtle, but refreshing and renewing, changes in our lives.

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