Mercury direct (14th December 2011) renewal and moving forwards!

Mercury is about to turn direct later today, and along with Uranus direct and Juptier soon to turn direct, any standstill will start to ease off and things can begin moving forwards again. After a period of revision, consideration, planning or maybe even confusion, the way ahead becomes more clear and we can start to see where to go next with the plans that mean the most to us at this time.

The Moon is also in the waning gibbous phase, a time of release and fruition, finalisation and let-go. The plans are out in the open, in our full awareness, preperations have already been made and now everything becomes clear, in a way, blending very nicely with a freshly direct Mercury. The “ah ha” moment came with the full Moon, now it’s the ‘putting things into place’ phase.

We are still in the shadow period, where Mercury re-traces its steps, so we may need to go over some old ground with our new plans, adjusted thoughts and tweaked ideas. This shadow period lasts until the end of the month, officially 1st Jan 2012. Mercury also has to re-visit the lucky North Node, just after Christmas, and as well as it’s ruler, Juptier, also turning direct then, it is a wonderful time to launch, announce or put into action those plans and ideas that are important to us now. On a final note, with the Winter Solstice just around the corner, a whole new phase is just about to begin as the nights start to become shorter, the days longer. The energy of renewal is in the air!

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