Mercury conjunct Venus in Sagittarius & retrograde (Nov 2011)

Mercury and Venus are travelling together in the sign of Sagittarius until about the 16th December. This unusually long conjunction is due to Mercury slowing down while about to go turn retrograde in motion. A good time to back up all those information holding devices like computers, cameras. While now may not be the best time to sign contracts, buy computers, cameras or any electrical equipment, it is a good time to smooth over long standing problems, tidy up old paperwork or chores that have been left, find more organisation in our lives and in our minds. Mercury/Venus together in harmony is the energy of the diplomat – its a good time to negotiate a fair deal that takes account of all sides involved.

Sagittarius is the sign of the adventurer, this sign loves to dive into the freedom of exploration without thinking too much about the details. This Mercury retrograde period may encourage us to tackle those things that have been put aside for a rainy day. Maybe time to encounter and tidy up that pile of paperwork that has been sitting patiently in the corner. Tying up loose ends at this time frees us up to explore our playful spirit of adventure and broaden our horizons, whether that is through literal travel, study or exploring our philosophy.


Eight planets/asteroids retrograde – review time (6th Sept 2011)

Eight planets/asteroids retrograde at the moment – Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Jupiter, Pallas, Vesta, Ceres – that is a lot of introspection happening in the areas ruled by theses planets and asteroids (though Pluto is stationing direct so the review is over in that area). With the rest of the retrogrades, it is a time to review and explore the imagination, our creative inspiration, the intuition, inner urges and feelings, promptings and dreams to discover what they may be telling us.

It is a time to review our uniqueness and our unique way of initiating action in our lives, there could also be a difficulty in outwardly expressing our individuality at this time or breaking free from limiting conventions. Childhood wounds may come up for review and release with loving kindness and forgiveness, maybe a good time to heal from some old energies. Time to re-discover our inner faith and belief system and truly understand what makes us feel secure inside ourselves. We may be able to tap into a previously hidden well of inner abundance even in the face of apparent lack with the expansiveness of the greater benefic Jupiter turning inwards. Try not to eat too many sweets or overindulge though as this one also rules a sweet tooth in Taurus.

During the retrograde, the answer is no longer ‘out there’, it is inside of us. The energy of planets turns inwards as we have the chance to explore their meaning to us and how we are relating to our world, or how it is relating to us. The retrograde period is a perfect chance to take a pause, absorb what has happen up until now and grow through the experience. The natal position of each of the planets/asteroids and the house they are transiting at the moment, plus aspects they make to natal/transiting planets are the subject of review, and the review continues for the retrograde, but by the time the planet turns direct, it is time to move ahead with lessons learned and integrated.

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