Full Moon in Aries ~ balancing impulse with structure (12th Oct 2011)

The new Moon a few weeks ago involved a lot of transformational energies inviting us to get to know ourselves on a deeper and truer level. It was combined with the potent planetary energies of Pluto and Uranus. Full Moons bring out into the open and into full awareness, the fruits from the seeds planted at the new Moon. If a plan was just starting to formulate at the new Moon, then by full Moon it becomes clearer how, and if, to proceed with the plan. At this time, the energy of Sun and Moon polarise, making us aware of what we may need to balance out in our lives, clarity comes after a period of searching.

This full Moon is full of vibrant energy that seems to tap into the creative fire of imagination and inspiration, challenging us to give form and structure to our creative expressions; to go beyond the bounds of our personal conventional norms; becoming fully aware of our impulses and blending these with responsibilities and structures in our lives – Moon in Aries is closely conjunct Lilith and Eris while opposed Saturn.

Stirring up and bringing life to stale ventures, thinking outside of the box, finding the courage to face things we would normally shy away from may be ‘in the air’ now with the powerful full Moon energy. If we were feeling stuck in a rut, now may be a good time to find a solution or a breakthrough. It may become clear what we instinctively need to express, while, we find a way to balance these needs with the structures we have in our lives, thoughts and habits. We may find the courage to face the inner demons that hold us back.

Eris is named after the goddess of discord and strife, Discordia, and is also the sister of Mars/Ares. In Aries, she is associated with discord and war, as well as competition and possibly testing our integrity and our egos. Eris in Aries, along with Lilith, both have rebellious energy and they both like to stir up the party and challenge situations, maybe encouraging us to grow and extend ourselves beyond our perceived limits, or, to release what was previously repressed or held back. We could find renewed bravery to tackle those things we may normally shy away from. There are always positive and negative sides, which depend very much on how we are able to express them at the time.

The Sabian symbol of ‘The Magic Carpet of Oriental Imagery’ hints at a world of possibilities which could now be harnessed. The fire of Aries with the instinctual warrior goddess energies can be tapped into and used to help move us forward in our heart felt goals. An opposition with Saturn may suggest a need to confront the voice of authority, internal or projected outwards, seeing if this voice is ultimately helpful or harmful to us. Do we hold ourselves back unnecessarily, or does some hesitation actually benefit us.. Do we hold enough authority in our lives or constantly project it outwards.

This full Moon may even be a test for our egos. Eris and Lilith have been repressed and rejected in some way in the past. Eris, not invited to a wedding party, threw a apple over the fence of the party for “the fairest of them all”, sparking a beauty competition of the goddesses which ultimately set off the Trojan War. Egos involved all round! Lilith, on the other hand, would not conform to what was expected of her and in choosing to go her own way, she was rejected. Symbolically, much instinctual and sexual energy has been repressed over the centuries but now this is changing with the evolution of the current times.

Eris and Lilith could be helping to liberate repressed energies, unblocking a great deal of creativity and energy. These two combined are a pretty potent force, the kind of feeling where one has a wild idea and without a second thought one goes ahead and follows through, however, a certain inner, or outer, voice comes through here reminding us that we do have responsibilities for others as well as ourselves and our actions. Finding a balance between structure and the creative impulse, releasing the need to rush ahead as we balance impulse with responsibility with this lovely Aries Moon.



Creative expression and form – Venus, Juno, Saturn opposite Lilith (30th Sept 2011)

Building now, there is a focus on bringing form, balance and structure to the things we love in life, the things that bring us joy, the things that bring delight to our hearts, our relationships with ourselves and with others. How committed are we to our hearts, to bringing joy into our lives, to the healing energy of love and life, to living more with an open heart. Juno, Venus and Saturn in Libra are combining opposite a firey and assertive Lilith in Aries. There could be a need to acknowledge the part of our instinctual natures that are sometimes pushed aside, denied or repressed. This could be part of our sexual natures and sexual energy that asks for recognition and/or expression through personal relationship, art, writing, dance but may be denied for varying reasons. We may be challenged to go beyond the blocks and fears that inhibit a full expression of our innermost desires, or, a challenge to understand and befriend our more hidden, unconscious sides, giving creative expression and form to our inner natures.

For centuries, in Western society, the energy of Lilith, the feminine, instinctual and sexual energy has been repressed by a dominant patriarchy, but now in these times it is re-emerging as we become more whole as individuals. We are more and more celebrating our feminine instinctual side equally with our assertive masculine sides. Integrating, acknowledging and accepting all sides of our nature helps us grow and evolve, becoming whole and strong in ourselves while being able to open our hearts to the pure vibrations of universal love and light. There may be a temptation to swing too much one way or the other, between structure and liberating our instinctual natures, but ultimately, I feel, energies balance themselves out as we learn and discover about ourselves. With Saturn involved, there are lessons to learn through the Goddesses Venus, Juno and Lilith, which ultimately help us find balance within ourselves.

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