Sample reports

Sample composite report

Sun conjunct Mercury shows a relationship that has a major focus on communications of all sorts. They are in the sign of Sagittarius, the sign of philosophy, religion, travel, higher learning and wisdom, so communications could involved these subjects. The Sun/Mercury is the midpoint of a close conjunction of Mars and Neptune which certainly adds a certain drive, energy and spirituality/confusion to communications. Neptune and Sagittarius is suggestive of a spiritual teaching element involved in this relationship. Neptune is also the planet that rules forgiveness and sacrifice, it tends to refine everything it touches to make it to it’s most ideal state. Ideally Neptune’s influence would like to create heaven on earth and can be quite idealistic. Mars and Mercury together with the Sun can add an element of argumentativeness to the union because Mars gives it’s incredible energy to the planet of communication, at best this energy can help to get things sorted in quick time. If there are any problems they won’t have a chance to fester with this aspect. With Neptune there also there could be, at worst, a hint of deception either deliberate or unintentional, but this is at it’s worst. As mentioned already, the energy of forgiveness is amply available as well as the possibility of gaining higher spiritual wisdom. Sometimes, when Neptune is in contact with composite planets, this can lead the relationship to be a platonic one rather than physical and sexual.

Jupiter is conjunct to Chiron which also adds a spiritual learning element to the relationship. You two are definitely going to learn a lot through your union. Jupiter and Chiron are both teachers, with Chiron being a healer also. Chiron was wounded but learned how to heal his wound and go onto healing others with this knowledge. This conjunction is forming a nice trine to the Sun conjunction which adds the element of spiritual learning and healing to the heart (Sun) of the relationship. Perhaps you came together to heal each other through spiritual learning. There is lots of evidence of coming together for a higher purpose. The south lunar node is also conjunct Jupiter/Chiron which is a strong suggestion of having known each other in a past life. It seems to let the spiritual lessons flow easily.

Opposing Jupiter/Chiron, we have Pluto the planet of transformation, empowerment and the unconscious in conjunction to the north lunar node. The north node is the direction we are heading in this lifetime. Pluto with the node shows an empowering and transformative nature to the direction of this relationship. It can also be compulsive and obsessive at times with power struggles if the energy is not handled properly. It could be even show that any power struggles will help you to make transformational changes in yourselves as individuals.

Uranus, the planet of sudden enlightenment, sudden inspiration, sudden change, in fact anything sudden and unexpected forms a sextile to the Sun conjunction. This gives an added zeal to the heart of the relationship. You may find yourselves suddenly enlightened through your interaction together, through conversations together. You may have sudden flashes of insight about your spiritual lessons that you came together to work through. It can also add an unstable element to the relationship. Where Uranus is involved, don’t try to follow convention too much as this is one thing Uranus comes to break us free from. If you try to make the relationship fit into a more conventional form, Uranus is sure to break it free from it. Best to enjoy the inspiration and enlightenment that this union offers you and let it be what it will be.

There is a closely tied trio of three goddess asteroids together in Capricorn – Ceres, Lilith and Juno….

Transits to composite showing change

The opposition from transiting Uranus to transiting Saturn is forming a conjunction to the north and south lunar nodes bringing a lot of pressure to change the direction of the relationship. Firstly, Saturn is conjunct the north lunar node. Saturn had already conjuncted this node in October 2009, this is when the first signs of change could have occurred. The north node is the direction of the relationship and Saturn brings structure to already solid relationships or it can restrict and ultimately end relationships that are based in anything other than reality. We have to have a solid foundation in order to build a strong house, which is where Saturn comes along – to keep us on the right track in terms of our soul evolution and finish things that are not for our ultimate higher good.

During March to April 2010 Saturn is opposing the Jupiter/Chiron conjunction. This can take the joy out of a relationship as well as exposing the inner wound of the relationship. It is at this point that the relationship is beginning to form as an idea. Saturn often exposes our fears so that we face them and integrate that understanding into ourselves in order that we grow more mature. It exposes the energy of the planet and it’s placement and aspects made to that planet. In this case, Chiron/Jupiter is trining the Sun conjunction so it is exposing the wound that is at the heart of the relationship. This exposure will also ultimately bring with it healing but the wound needs to be faced first off so that it can be cleansed with love and understanding, then healed.

April to May 2010 the Saturn/Uranus opposition happened. Saturn to the north node is already outlined above. While this is happening, transiting Uranus is conjuncting the south lunar node. The south node is a point of release and can indicate past life involvement. Uranus is the planet of sudden inspiration, sudden excitement as well as sudden break ups. Uranus is the opposite of convention and goes against the status quo. If we are stuck in a rut, if Uranus is nearby it will shake us up and out of it so suddenly that we never see it coming. Uranus transiting to the south node can bring an ending to a relationship, it can open it up, change its course. During April/May 2010 the relationship actually started to manifest with the hope of making it something conventional, however Uranus prefers things to be free and open.

May to June 2010 Uranus transited to conjunct the composite Jupiter/Chiron conjunction. Jupiter as well as being the planet of higher learning and philosophy also expands what he touches. An expansion of woundedness and instability happened. The two of you would have made a soul agreement to come together to learn certain lessons and have certain experiences together, this being one of them. With the Chiron involvement, no matter how unstable this time was there would have been a lot of healing happening for both of you through coming together in a relationship. This period could also expose some deep seated wounds for both of you so may lead you both to feel very vulnerable. It is important to try and not let your inner fears get too much so that they take over you. If necessary, take some time alone to contemplate the material that is coming up at this time, to look at the problem rather than being in it….

This relationship ended in July 2010.

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