Solar return year 2010 – eclipse conjunct natal Sun

Leo rising, solar eclipse conjunct Venus

The ascendant falls in the 8th house in Leo This is a year of complete transformation, the Ascendant falls in my natal house of transformation and other people’s money and things of true spiritual value. I started the year as an unemployed person, and nearly without a place to live. Through a fortunate stroke of luck, my employers laid me off unfairly, so I decided to take them to task, primarily to teach them not to treat people in that way, but as I got advice it turned out that I could get a fair sum of money from them. I got this money some months later.

A few things happened in this solar return – there was a north node solar eclipse on my natal Sun. When a solar eclipse conjuncts our natal Sun, this usually brings big changes to the areas ruled by the natal Sun, as well as the house the natal Sun falls in and any relating aspects to the Sun. My Sun is in the 2nd house, and rules the 8th. The 2nd house rules money, our valuables, self worth, while the 8th rules other people’s money, spouse’s money, inheritance and tax, sex, loans and transformation, Scorpionic issues. At the start of the year, I received a sum of money from ‘other’ people, (more on the effect of eclipses in the eclipse section). Another indicator of the money that shows in the Solar Return chart is Venus conjunct Sun, this is because transiting Venus was conjunct the Solar eclipse, therefore conjunct my natal Sun. Venus is also the traditional ruler of money, luxuries, as well as love, relationships and harmony. These also fall in the SR 6th house of day to day work, general chores, health and service.

Another 6th house relationship that manifested in my life at the start of the year was a complete new outlook on my own health and habits, I dropped all the unhealthy habits that I had, I stopped smoking and even stopped the one glass of wine per week that I used to have. I just felt like feeling healthy and fresh, and found the bad habits very easy to drop.

Sun conjunct Venus in my solar return can represent a romance. Sun is the traditional ruler of males; the man in a woman’s chart. Venus rules females and love. Another clue for romance is the Descendant in the SR chart falls on my natal Venus/Mercury – these rule my natal 5th and 7th houses, and the SR Sun/Venus is also quite close to the SR Descendant angle. I have had romance this year, one happening shortly after my birthday, nothing long lasting though.

The start of the year gave me a feeling of a complete new, fresh start in my life. The song, ‘Dog Days’ by Florence and the Machine was playing which was very appropriate for the energy that I have been feeling throughout this whole year. It felt like things could finally start to move in a positive direction for me, like the light at the end of a long tunnel. Mars in the SR chart was also in the first house, trine the Midheaven. This can suggest that I would be very action orientated and assertive. This action orientated behaviour is directed to my career, career goals, and how I present myself in public. The Leo rising also suggests a year in which I am ‘on show’ somehow, almost like being famous as Leo rules showmanship. It can also mean this year I will find it easier to express myself and my inner creativity. I was given a position of Moderator for an Astrology forum that I visit, which brought me more into the ‘limelight’ at the start of the year. Towards the end of the year, about September time, I started to really have solid ideas to start up my own business giving astrology and tarot readings online and face to face. Never before had I had as much drive as I got this year, especially towards the last third of the year. The fixed ascendant quality does suggest things starting off slow, but with all the other activity in the chart, things picked up greatly towards the end of the year.

The SR Mercury conjunct Pluto could show an intense thought process, or a theme of looking deep within, doing self analysis and depth analysis, deep thinking. This combines with the SR Ascendant falling in the natal 8th house of transformation and depth analysis. It has indeed been a year of focus on transformation and self analysis. A recognition of many things that may have been unconscious, emerging into awareness for understanding, change and healing. With my natal chart, spirituality and philosophy is a major part of my life, so my self analysis during this year has deeply involved yoga and meditation. I took my first 10 day silent meditation retreat in September, when the Sun was trine to the SR Sun. This has been a major part of my transformation.

An interesting occurrence is the swapping of the Midheaven and Nadir. Natal Nadir is conjunct the SR Midheaven. My natal 9th house Pluto conjuncting the SR Nadir could show the transformation of my core values. The 4th house rules the home, innermost self, our roots, where we come from literally and metaphorically, and our early home life. Pluto rules transformation by showing us to our subconscious, clearing away old debris that no longer serves us, to make way for new energy and healing. I also worked from home on my Midheaven projects, of creating my own business and working for myself. An inner transformation (Pluto conjunct SR Nadir) has enabled me to believe in myself enough to work solidly on my goals.




Lunar eclipse 26th June 2010 at 4 degrees of Capricorn

In the transit chart of the eclipse, the full Moon is square to Jupiter/Uranus in Aries. The chart for the time of the eclipse in London has 15 degree Virgo rising, which could show a focus on health matters, ecology, as well as communications. The Moon in the 4th house (the home, roots, our base, family), Sun in the 10th (house of work, career, public life, also governments and people in authority). The square is thrown to Jupiter/Uranus which reside in the 7th house of relationships, conflict, business partnerships. Pluto is also conjunct the Moon, with Mercury conjuncting the Sun. That is quite a T-square going on with Jupiter/Uranus being a reaction point.

The ruler of the eclipse is Saturn, as the Moon is in Capricorn. At the time of the eclipse, Saturn is in Virgo, about to oppose Uranus for the final time, while in a loose square with the eclipse, could show that this is a good time to make any needed changes in our lives, to break away from the old and venture into the new. The square from Saturn may indicate a need to give proper structure to this change.

The eclipse/Moon is forming a transiting sextile to my natal 10th house Uranus, with the eclipse Moon falling in my 1st house, the Sun in my 7th. As the nodes are currently transiting my 1st /7th house axis, there has been a strong focus on relationships for me, with several opportunities presenting themselves, maybe for the purpose of discovering more about myself through interactions with others. Full Moons can bring realisations to light, as the whole of the Moon is lit up by the light from the Sun. Things that were brewing beneath the surface, things that may have been on our minds can have a chance for resolution during the full Moon. And a lunar eclipse is a super powered full Moon, with the changes made being longer lasting and more potent.

A few days prior to this eclipse, I suddenly became aware of something that was previously hidden, within a romantic relationship I was involved in, which was a catalyst to us breaking up. I can see a flavour of the eclipse Moon square to its 7th house Uranus/Jupiter here. The full Moon bringing things to full awareness, along with a square to Uranus (suddenness, disruption, break up, enlightenment), and Jupiter (expansion).

The lunar square to the Jupiter/Uranus in Aries duo brings of own will, aggression and winning to the mix. It also adds a lot of active energy and impetus to get things done, or resolved, or even changed. Whatever happens, it is likely to quite fast. For me, I discovered that I wasn’t receiving the nurturing (Cancer) that I needed, and I felt that my environment wasn’t reflecting the level of commitment that I felt I needed in my life, or perhaps I was not committed enough to my own goals (Capricorn). Moon in Capricorn in my first house gave me the impetus to pursue and nurture my unconventional career ambitions. The Moon also formed a kite formation, sextile natal Uranus and progressed Sun/Lilith. This in fact activated a natal progression involving progressed Sun trine natal Uranus. This has been increasing my interest and ambition to understand more about astrology, and yoga (being an unconventional career ambition to teach), and gives sudden flashes of insight. I decided to act in my own interests (Aries) change (Uranus) the situation, in order to nurture myself more. The issues involved had indeed been brewing for a while and ignored, but the full Moon presented the issues in such a way that they had to be attended to, and resolved.

Venus square the nodes (6th Sept 2011)

Venus in square with the nodes today, love may be a focus, an energy in the air. Loving kindness, being gentle with ourselves, being tender with ourselves. True love starts from within, like a flower blossoming, radiating it’s beauty outwards. We need to find ways to be gentle with ourselves, forgive ourselves and feel the inner home, leading to inner peace. Reaching inwards to find the qualities of Venus enables us to touch other’s hearts, and for them to touch ours.

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