Saturn square Saturn transit – heartbreak and integration

Saturn in the natal chart can show us an area where we have fears, insecurities, walled off feelings and walls that we build to shield ourselves from others seeing through to our vulnerable inner core, especially with Saturn in the water signs such as Cancer. Saturn rules structure and karmic lessons, sometimes very hard and painful lessons. The sign that Saturn is in and the aspects it makes to the other natal planets show where and how our inner fears can manifest.

When Saturn transits square to its natal position, we have a chance explore the natal lessons of our Saturn placement – the Saturn square Saturn transit in the opening square. If we are not on the right track, the lessons that manifest at this transit can be difficult because we are being asked to break down the barriers and walls that we previously built up. If we have already had our first Saturn return, then this transit will bring our focus back onto what was begun back at the conjunction, looking back at what occurred at that time can help us understand better the lessons that reappear now. Events can manifest through people and situations appearing in our lives at the start of the transit. These events are actually an inner reflection of what we have inside ourselves. They come along now to help us understand ourselves better.

Saturn is the ruler of karma and karmic patterns that go all the way back to childhood and beyond even to previous lives. So the lessons of Saturn in our natal chart may well have childhood relevance. Perhaps we have build up a strong defence as a result and protector of an inner fear that resulted from childhood experiences. Maybe there is a way that we behave, or a way that we relate to others that reflects a childhood experience as if we are continually living out this experience and belief, but actually stops our evolutionary progress towards maturity. Saturn above all wants us to be mature beings able to look after ourselves and face responsibility for our actions and reactions.

The transit can be heartbreaking, take us to tears and anguish, really put us to the test. This is tough love from the Lord of Karma, breaking our heart so that we can actually open it. Once open, we can see inside to the pain, recognise it past the wall of insecurity and start to heal it by giving ourselves self love, allowing ourselves to forgive – forgive ourselves and others, and to release the fear that we have been holding onto. Saturn in effect is breaking down our self-made barrier in order to construct something much stronger and more durable, bringing us closer to maturity and closer to self realisation. The natal placement of Saturn, depositors and aspects will show the areas of our life that the Saturn lessons will manifest.

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