Pluto stations direct & Mercury/Jupiter/Pluto grand trine (12/13 Sept 2011)

Mercury is forming a grand trine with Jupiter and Pluto in the earth element now, its not exact but strong enough to have an effect – thoughts, ideas and communications all have the benefit of Pluto’s depth and truth seeking and Jupiter’s wisdom and optimistic expansion. Moon today brings a Uranian energy  joining the grand trine through a square to Pluto while conjunct Uranus which can reveal a need to make any necessary changes to outworn ways of doing things.

Thoughts and communications have a certain depth and ability to penetrate to the truth past all surface periphery, while some gentle guidance along this path comes from Jupiter inspiring wisdom, faith and self-belief. It may become clear what works for us, what doesn’t and why. The Mercury/Pluto aspect is a bit of a detective and with wise old Jupiter along side, no stone can be left unturned in the search for the truth behind the motivation; great for analysis, detective work, accounting, anything that you can put your mind to with the intention of seeing it through to the end. It is good for seeing to our own truth, it can be a great aspect to see if we have been deceiving ourselves about something in our lives, then releasing this with an energy of love/faith/trust/acceptance. It can help us to see the truth in situations around us as we find it in ourselves.

Uncannily, I drew the tarot card Death as I meditate on this astro aspect. The ruler of this card, Pluto, is also stationing direct as we speak at 4,53 Capricorn. This gives him a potency, more than he already has! It looks like it is time to make the changes in our lives that may have been brewing in the mind since April this year when Pluto turned retrograde. Pluto rules transformation, release, power and empowerment in its higher manifestation, in its lower it rules manipulation, domination and secrecy.

It could be a time to transform an area of your life that you’ve been thinking of for sometime, it could be a time to move on and release something or someone that has been harmful in some way in your life. Pluto, I feel can be associated with an alchemist in his work with the unconscious. The energy of the planet has the ability to see into the unconscious in it’s rawest and basest forms, pure truth with no holes barred and through seeing the root of our motivations with acceptance, understanding, patience and love, we are able to gain greater self understanding and self empowerment, turning a previous area of darkness into pure gold. Look to where Pluto sits in your natal chart, when he is transiting and the house he rules plus aspects he makes to see where these changes can now be brought into the light of day.

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