Saturn direct (10 Libra) June 2011

Saturn is now direct after being retrograde since 26th Jan this year. It turned retrograde at 17 degrees Libra. Now, at 10 degrees Libra Saturn has turned round and started again on his forward motion through the sign of Lib

ra. Saturn rules work, discipline, duty, obligations, responsibility, restrictions, reality, boundaries and structure, karma and results from past actions. While retrograde, we have the opportunity to assess our direction in relation to where Saturn is currently transiting in our charts, the natal house he resides in and the house he rules with Capricorn and Aquarius on the cusp.

During the retrograde time, plans and projects may have been delayed for various reasons, which can bring a lot of frustration. The road is not always smooth sailing ahead during this time as we learn from the events that are occurring around and with us, taking responsibility for our own actions and their results – through this, we develop a good basis from which to move forwards and this can take some time. Good though, Saturn is not given to rushing. Patience and persistence in pursuing our goals goes a long way, and this is precisely part of Saturn’s test for us. Saturn rewards smart work, not necessarily hard work. Saturn transits are great times to see if we are directing our energy in the right place. If we are not, we will certainly me made aware and can adjust our path accordingly. With Saturn now direct, obstacles may start to dissolve and doors open in accordance with our life plan.

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