Sample reports

Relationship insight reading (9 Cards)

Card 1 (situation surrounding your first meeting) – 9 of swords
Card 2 (how potential partner perceives you) – 4 of cups
Card 3 (their readiness for a relationship) – ace of swords
Card 4 (their hopes for the relationship) – king of wands
Card 5 (how you perceive them) – page of pentacles
Card 6 (your readiness for a relationship) – king of swords
Card 7 (your hopes for a relationship) – the chariot
Card 8 (possible obstacles) – 9 of cups
Card 9 (outcome based on present circumstances) – 7 of pentacles

The situation surrounding your first meeting encompassed a lot of fear and worry. This may have come from you, or from both of you. Perhaps your intuition senses something about the situation which leaves you with an unknown worry that can manifest itself in nightmares. The fears can be unfounded when this card appears, but they are there nonetheless. If these fears are focused on too much, they can become a reality. Perhaps this person triggers something in you that you do not want to face, maybe this person has come along to help you face your fears. Either way, by not facing our fears and pushing them aside, they will still bubble beneath the surface and bother us in ambiguous ways.

From his perspective, it looks like he comes into this situation from a place of despondency. It could be that his life has come to a bit of a standstill as far as emotional development is concerned, maybe he is looking for something new and then he sees you. Whether this is a good place to be remains to be seen because if he is looking towards you to provide the excitement and change that he appears to be missing may lead to disappointment. He seems quite ready for a relationship in the ideal with the ace of swords. He seems pretty clear in his mind about what he wants and how he wants it. This can also indicate strong emotions from his side, and a very passionate approach in his readiness for a relationship. It looks like he wants it very much indeed but it seems like more of an intellectual idea for him than an emotional one. He wants to be dynamic, to be the adventurer and pioneer in this relationship, while also being honest. He hopes to sweep you off your feet with passion and the spirit of adventure and he wants you to ‘light his fire’ as in the Doors song. This is great if you want adventure and fun because it looks like he is ready for sweeping someone off their feet.

From your perspective, you see this as the start of something valuable but in the very early stages of idea not yet manifest. You see this man as somewhat young, possibly dark hair, sensual and practical but youthful in appearance and mannerisms. Perhaps you feel he is too young for you. You see him as artistic and you see some potential in him for developing into something practical. This is a very practical card of the start of ideas manifesting into reality. It could show that your primary concern at the moment is a practical project that you may be working on, or maybe you see this guy as a way of helping you with this. From the look of this, you may be more intellectually ready for a relationship than emotionally. The king of swords is a very intellectual card with the masculine energy of taking intellectual initiative. It looks like you are staying on the ball with this relationship rather than letting yourself be swept away with the romance and intrigue of such new situations. It can also show that you are keeping your guard up with regards to this guy. That kind of ties into the 9 of swords at the start, the card of the inner anguish of inner fears and worries that ultimately hurts ourselves. With the chariot, you hope for things to move fast and you may try to control the situation to some degree. This card is associated with the planet Mars which represents action and assertiveness. This suggests that you are quite wilful in your hopes and in-fact hope to drive this. With the chariot, there is the danger of wanting to control too much, which also can lead to arguments and emotional aggression. This card in combination with the king of swords shows me that you might have your guard up, be staying emotionally detached and in control of your own emotions, maybe because of a past fear or experience. It is interesting to see that from each of your perspectives, no cup card came up (cups represent emotions) except from the place where he came from. The 4 of cups is a very stabilised emotional state which often leads us to feel stagnation, this is what he appears to be hoping to change through meeting with you. He hopes to sweep you off your feet which is also very bold in his actions. You on the other hand look like you have your defences up slightly, maybe because of past experiences or maybe through this guy’s approach to you.

Possible obstacles is the 9 of cups. After considering the above cards and looking at both your perspectives, maybe the emotional approach is actually missing. The 9 of cups is a card of emotional comfort, wish fulfilment and general happiness and contentedness with life. Some say it is the wish card, that your wish will come true, it could be showing that you both need to examine your wishes for relationships, do these ideals match? The 9 of cups shows that you have travelled a long journey, painful and troubling at times and now you have reached a point of emotional reward for that you have learned. Is this relationship going to give you the emotional fulfilment that matches what you expect for yourself?

Where it is going is the 7 of pentacles. This is a material card that focuses on practical matters and manifestation of ideas. Currently, based on the present circumstances, there is a slowing down. This breathing space could give you both a chance to focus on what it is you need for emotional fulfilment. Now may not be the time to reap the harvest. As much as you want things to move quickly, it looks like there is a slow down time ahead and though this can be frustrating, this is great for assessing your real needs. The harvest is near but something is stopping you in your tracks, asking you to assess the effort that is involved. Maybe a good time to examine if it is your fears that are slowing progress or reality, is this situation worth the effort that will be involved, and what is making you question this in the first place.



Relationship insight for a new relationship

card 1 – situation surrounding your first meeting (the tower)
card 2 – how your potential partner perceives you (2 of pentacles)
card 3 – their readiness for a relationship (queen of wands)
card 4 – their hopes for the relationship (justice)
card 5 – how you perceive them (ace of pentacles)
card 6 – your readiness for a relationship (10 of cups)
card 7 – your hopes for the relationship (the fool)
card 8 – possible obstacles (3 of cups)
card 9 – outcome (based on the current circumstances) (page of swords)

With the tower as the first card, it shows that you came together under possibly shocking, sudden circumstances. Maybe something happened for one or both of you that drove you both together. The tower represents the breaking down of existing structures, ones that were not previously built on a firm foundation, a bit like castles in the sky. Circumstances may have appeared to be quite lovely on the surface but were not based on a solid reality so it was only a matter of time until those pretty structures got blown away by the winds of reality and realisation. This could even show that one or both of you were experiencing a break up of some sort in their lives and that is the basis of where you are coming from. The break up or break down could also be the ending of a job, moving house, moving countries, anything that involves a lot of emotional and/or physical upheaval. This can also show that you feel that you don’t have much of a base from which to work or that you need each other to help you rebuild upon the crumbled remains from the tower of realisation. Whatever the reason for you coming together, there is an energy of upheaval about it which is part of the reason for you being together. This could also be a high octane relationship that brings you both enlightenment and helps you break down your own structures that might have been holding you back from progressing, getting you out of a rut.

How he perceives you the 2 of pentacles shows that he seems to be weighing up the situation. Pentacles are of the material element, not just money but also tangible things in our lives. This card represents change and balancing two different options, balancing the books, or even balancing two people! Things could be in a process of change for him and he now is weighing up the options of entering into a relationship. He could be juggling a lot of things in his life at the moment and may be thinking about where he can fit this relationship in. It is generally a positive card though showing that he is quite a versatile person and well able to find a place for you.

Their readiness for a relationship showing the queen of wands there suggests he is quite enthusiastic about having a relationship. Even though this is a queen, it represents the his inner feminine ability to receive the adventure of a new relationship. It also shows a lot of vitality that he possesses, a love of fun and living for the day. He could also be a bit of a drama queen, or like dramatic displays of affection, poses a warm and loving heart, as well as being quite feisty and passionate both in the bedroom and out of it.

Justice as the card for his hopes for the relationship shows that he hopes for things to be balance, fair and just. The card Justice represents law of all sorts, both literal law as in our courts of law as well as karmic laws. Everything in life seeks balance, homoeostasis even though everything is in a constant state of change. This change is what leads to balance and is one of the certainties of life – that everything changes, nothing ever remains the same. This card can show that this is a karmic meeting, perhaps you have known each other from a past life and have met again to balance some left over karma from the last time.

From your perspective, how you perceive them is shown by the ace of pentacles. What a positive card and bright perspective to have to this new relationship! It shows you being very positive as well as realistic about this new beginning. It is also backed up by the tower at the start of the reading. It shows a promising start that is based in reality rather than castles in the sky which has a promise to actually lead somewhere. Where you take this is up to you but it is off to a good start. It also looks like you are in a good place right now to enter into a relationship with this guy, you seem to have mastered some of the lessons of the past which has given you a sense of renewal and helped create a readiness for entering a meaningful union with another. This card being a pentacle card is the start of something in the material world manifesting. Now is the time to begin. This often comes after much inner turmoil and hard work that started with the seed of an idea in the past. You have managed to work through various trials and grown as a result of them, and are now able to see your idea actually manifest.

Your readiness shows the 10 of cups which is the ultimately of emotional fulfilment which is enjoyed with another person or with family. Happiness abound here! It looks like you are very happy to have met this guy and he just makes you smile from ear to ear. There is promise of very happy times together. You are both separate people and are self contented enough to enjoy each other in your individual wholeness. You are ready for an inter-dependant relationship which comes from a place of inner strength and love, as opposed to a dependant relationship which is based on fear. Again this shows that you have completed a stage of your life, probably have undergone quite a few trials and hard work to get to the place where you are now. Enjoy this time as it is your time to enjoy. Appreciate where you have come from, how far you have come and this will help the good vibes to continue into the future.

The fool card shows your hopes for the relationship. This means that you are approaching this from a somewhat innocent perspective yet also with knowledge from the past. You don’t want to be foolhardy in your approach, you would rather let go of the fears of the past so you can approach life and this relationship from a fresh perspective. The fool is a of a traveller, he has been on a journey and is now taking his next step. He has the optimistic approach of a child coupled with the wisdom of experience. You hope to carry this optimistic approach to your interaction with this guy while also treating it a bit like an adventure. The energy of the fool treats every new experience as something totally new each time, looking at it with fresh eyes which helps keep him young at heart and soul.

Possible obstacles as the 3 of cups could be a warning to not get too lost in all the emotions that could come up. It also could warn against having too much fun and not facing the daily chores that are as necessary as are the great feelings that love can bring. Of course, have fun but don’t forget to do those dishes and answer the bills.

Outcome based on the present circumstances, where it is heading is the page of swords. This is all about communication and exchanging ideas. It balances out the emotional nature of the relationship. Too much emotion and not enough reason can make things unbalanced but here we have the reason, thus, the intellectual ingredient. This also shows a certain intellectual compatibility which goes a long way in a union of two people.

So to sum up from his perspective, it looks like he is quite positive and optimistic about starting this relationship, while being based in reality he is weighing it up and probably also balancing a few other practical things in his life. He is the type of person who can sweep you off your feet in a typical fiery way, shown by the queen of wands. Above all he hopes for things to be equal, balanced and fair. He looks like a real modern man who shares his share of the mundane aspects of life with his partner.

To sum up your perspective on this relationship, altogether you are approaching this from a very positive place based very much in reality. You see a potential that has a lot of promise to blossom into something quite emotionally fulfilling in your togetherness and you are willing to put the past and all associate fears behind you and treat this as something totally new, giving it the freedom that it needs to blossom and grow into whatever it will.

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