Last quarter Moon, Moon conjunct Algol, Sun/Venus opposite Neptune

Last quarter Moon today, Moon conjunct Algol from Taurus squares Sun in Leo. Along with that, Mars is heading towards a square to Saturn with Mercury still retrograde and combust. Mars and Saturn are in mutual reception by detriment and Mars is the dominant planet of the two, being ahead of Saturn in the natural movement of planets in the sky. This looks interesting as Moon forms a temporary t-square to Sun opposition Neptune.

Frustration and tense reactions may rise… breathe, trust that we are guided on the path that is the right way for us at this time. This could be a frustrating time, but also a good time to cut through illusions and let go of ideals that are not serving our higher purpose, while the Moon is in her final quarter preparing for a new cycle to commence. Mars forms a sextile to Jupiter which may help soothe some of the more grizzly moments, giving spiritual/philosophical backup to see beyond the initial appearance of things to the possible soul evolution that can come out of this time.


Mars conjunct Algol (13th to 17th June 2011)

Mars is heading towards conjunction to Algol at the moment, as well as the full Moon forming a quincunx aspect to Mars. Algol is at about 26-27 degrees Taurus and has a firey reputation. It comes from the arabic term Al Ghul, meaning the ‘demon star’. Briefly, Algol represents the severed head of Medusa. It is said to be of a malefic …influence, but can also be seen as a very powerful force. With the energy of a powerful full Moon in effect right now, and with Mars conjuncting the Algol, there is potential for extreme arguments or clashes right now. However this can be directed in a useful way when fully conscious and mindful of our goals. Ordinary things may seem to be amplified, the next few days may seem to be more fast paced than normal. There is a great potential right now to direct our course if we focus on our intentions.

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