Lunar eclipse ~ 18 Gemini (10th Dec 2011)

While full Moon’s tend to bring things to our full and immediate awareness, lunar eclipses have the same energy of full Moons but they are intensified. The energy is ying in nature, in that it is more internal, sensitive, empathic and is in the realm of the senses rather than the active will. What was a vague stirring during the waxing build up phase of the lunar cycle, now comes into full awareness with the full Moon. It is like an “ah ha” moment of realisation. The energy brought about by a full Moon/lunar eclipse can be felt and sensed first, prior to action being (or not) taken. It is what matters internally which the light of this Moon luminates.

 This eclipse is in the sign of Gemini which is all about communication, movement, impartially collecting and imparting information, flexibility and adaptibility as well as duality. Along with that, there is a ‘fist of God’ or ‘hammer of God’ aspect which is as powerful as it sounds. It involves the square of Sun and Mars both in sesquiquadrates towards Jupiter/Lilith, indicating that the solution to the potential for challenges and conflicts can be found in looking deeply into our beliefs, faiths, not getting pulled this way and that by external influences, by other people’s moods, pulling on our own inner resources of wisdom and faith.

This ‘hammer’ aspect more tightly involves the North Node square Mars both pointing towards Lilith/Jupiter which looks like an interesting outlet for that stressful Mars square Nodes, also happening now. It’s not an easy going energy associated with this eclipse but there are solutions and outlets to be found. Eclipses can also bring endings with a certain finality about them. Often, these endings are for our own higher good as we let go of situations that no longer help our soul development. Mars rules action, sex, passion, war as well as cutting, so this ‘hammer’ aspect may help some to break out and cut out a few bad or damaging habits. Ceres, the ruler of nurturance, motherhood, food, loss, the seasons as well as the cycles of nature, also involved by a square to the eclipse may show us where we need to change the way we nurture and care for ourselves. This may involve loss as we let things go, change our daily habits and routines to better take care of what is most important – our soul and heart. Letting stressful situations and people go may be what our soul’s health is craving and a lunar eclipse may help to bring about the start of such changes.

The ruler of the eclipse, Mercury, is still retrograde which may bring a few delays still, at least until Mercury is out of its retrograde shadow towards the end of the month. Mars will also be re-tracing his steps when he begins his retrograde transit from 24th January to 14th April 2012, going back through Virgo, so issues that come up now may resurface in the next four months in some way. A planets retrograde motion may be the cosmos’ way of bringing extra special attention to the areas of our lives that they are highlighting. It gives us the chance to take some extra time over those parts of our lives, understanding ourselves and where we are going much better as a result.

All in all, this seems like a pretty potent lunar eclipse. With oppositions, we do have a choice in how we behave or how we choose to react to external events. As my meditation guru always says, “just observe”, your internal reactions first before acting ~ is Mars’ fire and passion to win, or, Venus’ diplomacy and harmony in the forefront, are they in balance and working together to achieve the results you really desire?


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