Fists of God (25/8/2011) – dynamic energy

Included in the Mars/Saturn square over the next few days, 24th to 25th August, a pattern known as the Fist/Hammer of God. There are in fact two Fists being formed in the skies, adding alot of energy to the air. Fists are Mars/Saturn to Neptune, and, Uranus/Pluto to Mercury.


The first contains Mars square Saturn, both form sesquiquadrates towards Neptune at 29 degrees Aquarius. The planet that the fist points towards, in this case Neptune, is thought of by some astrologers as the planet that we can use to find creative solutions to the tensions formed by the two planets in square (Mars/Saturn). In this case, with Neptune, maybe we can find creative inspiration as an outlet for the all the work focused energy. Real structure can be found with the help of tapping into the intuition and letting it guide you. Neptune can also be about surrendering, and with Sun just movnig out of opposition with Neptune, this can be surrendering the ego and the need for instant results. This Neptune in Aquaruis and Sun in Virgo energy suggests the focus is on serving others in society as an outlet, as we are all linked together in some way.

The other fist is formed from Uranus square to Pluto, both sesquiquadrate to Mercury (19/18 degrees Leo, about to turn direct). Interestingly, Mercury is also at the midpoint of Mars/Sun which means this is tied into the Mars/Saturn fist. Uranus and Pluto in square, sending stressful aspects towards Mercury could make communications tense to say the least! Especially today as Moon joins Mars by conjunction for a few hours. With such tensions in the air, some may be triggered to react to the stress they feel building inside, maybe expressing this through Mercury (communications, thoughts). But, also with the vibrations of Uranus/Pluto, many old habits may be recognised and transformed into something much healthier. As the ego softens, a connection with something much more vast can be felt as the heart opens.

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