New Moon in Scorpio (26th Oct 2011) – renewal and transformation

New Moon in Scorpio! There is an instinctual depth to this phase and this new Moon as we are able to tune into our inner truth. With so many planets in Scorpio (Venus/Mercury/Juno as well as Sun/Moon), as well as Moon sextile Pluto, trine Chiron, the energy of transformation, healing and renewal is opening up to us. We have a potent opportunity to bring integration and healing to issues that may be left over and hidden beneath the surface of our awareness. A chance to truly feel alive as a deeping sense of self understanding is possible.

Pluto, also known as Hades, the ruler of Scorpio wants us to be completely honest, primarily with ourselves. Truth is not always beautiful, harmonious or in line with what we expect. With Pluto, we are able to go deeper, looking into our motivations and maybe understanding ourselves a bit better – discovering our inner truth. When we take the journey into Hades’ world of transformation, renewal and re-birth, we need to be completely naked, metaphorically, releasing all pretence, self-deceptions, harmful situations or people, false hopes – releasing all the things we may carry that may not be the best for our soul’s evolution. During Pluto transits, situations and people may be released from our lives, either through our own will or from outside influences. These people or situations may be harmful to us, no longer in tune with our path, we may have completed our karmic lessons in this lifetime with them. We may find a need to release a vision or dream that, at this time, is not able to manifest. With Pluto releases, the release can help us to truly confront ourselves, completely naked and in a sense, feeling the truth of the soul. From here, re-birth gradually develops as a new chapter now has the space to enter our lives.

Venus/Mercury are also in a challenging square to Mars, bringing focus on finding common ground between the masculine drive for invidual expression and the feminine sensual needs. Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, or in aspect with Pluto, can lead to a fear of loss as well as a need to journey to the utter truth of a matter, past and beyond anything superficial. With all the Scorpio energy, this aspect can lead to intense feelings, iniative to take action, passion or arguments depending on how we express the energies, as we seek to resolve differences and be in tune with the truth of our heart and soul.

Pluto, or Hades, the energy of transformation/re-birth is sometimes feared, a bit like death, the ultimate transformation, is feared. I find it interesting, in scientific terms viewing the demotion of Pluto to a dwarf planet, could this metaphorically represent our unconscious fear of death and change? The energy of Pluto does however bring with it release, transformation, and re-birth and enables us to be completely honest and true to ourselves. The process is so symbolic of a caterpillar emerging from a crysalis into a beautiful butterfly. The process of release gives us the chance to choose how to release as well, either painfully or with love, it is up to us how we choose to go through the process. Coming through a Plutonian transit, or lunar phaes, enables us to ultimatly get in touch and feel our hearts and souls – one of the most empowering things we can do for ourselves.


New Moon in Libra ~ balance and inner beauty (26th Sept 2011)

A lovely Libra new Moon, with Venus, Mercury and Saturn all in the sign of balance and harmony. This brings strong focus on all our relationships both with ourselves and with others, focus on creating balance within ourselves which is reflected outwards, on being fair with ourselves rather than being too hard or judgemental. Communications, thoughts and verbal expressions will feature strongly as Mercury is closely conjunct this lunation. Mercury in Libra has a feel of diplomacy to it which can help to bring both sides of an issue into balance, as well as being beautifully poetic in its own way.

However, this is a new Moon with a bit of ‘oomph’ thanks to the potent Uranus/Pluto square at early degrees Aries and Capricorn, making this lunation create a t-square aspect to Pluto. Its almost like a doorway to transformation is opened, though with the new Moon, its at a very early stage. This may help us to discover the real roots to inner harmony. It is like an overhaul of those little things that keep us from having balance within our souls. Dare we be different, be bold and venture into new territory, take the initative and bring some new energy into our lives that makes us feel beautiful inside? Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn all in Libra – how are we taking responsibility for allowing the beautiful things in life into our lives to give colour, vibrancy and beauty in their own unique ways? These can be so simple, like noticing the dew on the grass on the misty mornings, hearing the birds singing, seeing and taking in the splendour of the shadows falling through the trees in the sunset, really hearing and listening to your favourite music… drawing, writing or making something that comes from deep within your heart and allowing it the freedom and vitality of expression, singing and dancing in a way that we really feel alive – allowing these things to touch and awaken our hearts.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree of Moon is, “A Man Revealing To His Students The Foundation Of An Inner Knowledge Upon Which A “New World” Could Be Built”. This is so reflective of the energy of this lunation, I feel. There is alot of change happening, with Uranus and Pluto saying, ‘come on, now is the time’ and Neptune soon moving into Pisces opening our eyes to experiences previously hidden, maybe, from conscious awareness. Right now though the seeds to discovery are planted at the lunation and we are challenged to discovery what really gives us harmony within our souls.

Life is stressful enough and we are bombarded with heavy news, financial worries on one side while being sold various things on the other side. In the middle of this, is us, and it is vital to our wellbeing to tune into our centre, our core, our truth, our soul and spirit that is our foundation and our life source. Pluto will not let go until a transformation is made, whether it is internally or externally, and healing results as we become more real and let go of illusions and fears that hold us back. This is where the obsessional side of Pluto can be seen, but this energy really just wants to get real so we can truly see ourselves looking back at us when in front of a mirror. This is where we find a true strength. The stock markets may crash and crash again, double dipping like a roller coaster, but this is the changing nature of life and is not something we can cling onto, as we are learning, however painfully, in these amazing changing times. However, our beautiful inner truth is waiting to be discovered and held dear within the heart.

I drew one card from the tarot deck in association with this lunation: the 9 of cups which shows the smiling man with all his cups, full and surrounding him. He can look at all his cups, his emotional achievements, with satisfaction and fulfillment. He has worked hard and can quite rightly look and enjoy the place where he is. He is not ashamed to enjoy this moment, he has been through an emotional journey and reached a point of understanding. Linking this in with the lunation, perhaps we can allow ourselves to enjoy this moment, relax and release all the worries of past and future and allow that sunshine and balance into our lives.

Solar return year 2010 – eclipse conjunct natal Sun

Leo rising, solar eclipse conjunct Venus

The ascendant falls in the 8th house in Leo This is a year of complete transformation, the Ascendant falls in my natal house of transformation and other people’s money and things of true spiritual value. I started the year as an unemployed person, and nearly without a place to live. Through a fortunate stroke of luck, my employers laid me off unfairly, so I decided to take them to task, primarily to teach them not to treat people in that way, but as I got advice it turned out that I could get a fair sum of money from them. I got this money some months later.

A few things happened in this solar return – there was a north node solar eclipse on my natal Sun. When a solar eclipse conjuncts our natal Sun, this usually brings big changes to the areas ruled by the natal Sun, as well as the house the natal Sun falls in and any relating aspects to the Sun. My Sun is in the 2nd house, and rules the 8th. The 2nd house rules money, our valuables, self worth, while the 8th rules other people’s money, spouse’s money, inheritance and tax, sex, loans and transformation, Scorpionic issues. At the start of the year, I received a sum of money from ‘other’ people, (more on the effect of eclipses in the eclipse section). Another indicator of the money that shows in the Solar Return chart is Venus conjunct Sun, this is because transiting Venus was conjunct the Solar eclipse, therefore conjunct my natal Sun. Venus is also the traditional ruler of money, luxuries, as well as love, relationships and harmony. These also fall in the SR 6th house of day to day work, general chores, health and service.

Another 6th house relationship that manifested in my life at the start of the year was a complete new outlook on my own health and habits, I dropped all the unhealthy habits that I had, I stopped smoking and even stopped the one glass of wine per week that I used to have. I just felt like feeling healthy and fresh, and found the bad habits very easy to drop.

Sun conjunct Venus in my solar return can represent a romance. Sun is the traditional ruler of males; the man in a woman’s chart. Venus rules females and love. Another clue for romance is the Descendant in the SR chart falls on my natal Venus/Mercury – these rule my natal 5th and 7th houses, and the SR Sun/Venus is also quite close to the SR Descendant angle. I have had romance this year, one happening shortly after my birthday, nothing long lasting though.

The start of the year gave me a feeling of a complete new, fresh start in my life. The song, ‘Dog Days’ by Florence and the Machine was playing which was very appropriate for the energy that I have been feeling throughout this whole year. It felt like things could finally start to move in a positive direction for me, like the light at the end of a long tunnel. Mars in the SR chart was also in the first house, trine the Midheaven. This can suggest that I would be very action orientated and assertive. This action orientated behaviour is directed to my career, career goals, and how I present myself in public. The Leo rising also suggests a year in which I am ‘on show’ somehow, almost like being famous as Leo rules showmanship. It can also mean this year I will find it easier to express myself and my inner creativity. I was given a position of Moderator for an Astrology forum that I visit, which brought me more into the ‘limelight’ at the start of the year. Towards the end of the year, about September time, I started to really have solid ideas to start up my own business giving astrology and tarot readings online and face to face. Never before had I had as much drive as I got this year, especially towards the last third of the year. The fixed ascendant quality does suggest things starting off slow, but with all the other activity in the chart, things picked up greatly towards the end of the year.

The SR Mercury conjunct Pluto could show an intense thought process, or a theme of looking deep within, doing self analysis and depth analysis, deep thinking. This combines with the SR Ascendant falling in the natal 8th house of transformation and depth analysis. It has indeed been a year of focus on transformation and self analysis. A recognition of many things that may have been unconscious, emerging into awareness for understanding, change and healing. With my natal chart, spirituality and philosophy is a major part of my life, so my self analysis during this year has deeply involved yoga and meditation. I took my first 10 day silent meditation retreat in September, when the Sun was trine to the SR Sun. This has been a major part of my transformation.

An interesting occurrence is the swapping of the Midheaven and Nadir. Natal Nadir is conjunct the SR Midheaven. My natal 9th house Pluto conjuncting the SR Nadir could show the transformation of my core values. The 4th house rules the home, innermost self, our roots, where we come from literally and metaphorically, and our early home life. Pluto rules transformation by showing us to our subconscious, clearing away old debris that no longer serves us, to make way for new energy and healing. I also worked from home on my Midheaven projects, of creating my own business and working for myself. An inner transformation (Pluto conjunct SR Nadir) has enabled me to believe in myself enough to work solidly on my goals.



New Moon in Virgo (5,27 degree Virgo) 29th August 2011 3am GMT – renewal of faith

This is a beautiful new Moon in Virgo, conjunct Venus and forming a grand trine to Jupiter and Pluto. A very earthy and grounding new Moon easing the bite of last weeks Mars/Moon/Saturn square with Mercury retrograde. This is a lovely time to get things in order, releasing old routines, habits and beliefs that are not in our best interests. How often do we actually stop to listen to and hear our inner dialogue – is it helping us and nurturing us, or degrading and hurting us? Are we aware of how our thoughts and beliefs do affect our health? This combination of new Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto in trine, as well as Mercury newly direct looks like a doorway to a renewal of faith based in grounded wisdom. Taking what we have learned so far, letting go of what needs to be released and moving forwards empowered with the wisdom of experiences had.

Experiences with Pluto take us into our unconscious or make us aware and awake to the true nature of life, not always pleasent but necessary if we want to be true to ourselves and more complete as individuals. Pluto helps us to confront ourselves, he doesn’t mess around with superficialities, he gets straight to the point. Pluto’s ‘darker’ side also involves obsession, manipulation, domination, power plays, maybe through being unconscious to the motivations behind the outer behaviour. Through facing our fears with patience/love, we are empowered as we become more whole, making the aura strengthened.

Chiron, the healer and integrator is also involved by opposition to the lunation. Chiron has been around alot of these lunations lately, helping us assimilate the vibrational changes of this time, helping us on our journeys to wholeness. This is a truly transformational time.

The ‘greater benefic’ Jupiter is involved, lending generous support, faith and optimism. Good to have Jupiter around on a journey to Pluto’s ‘underworld’, giving a light of inner hope and faith in the unknown, a bit like the Star card of the tarot deck. This gives a nurturing kind of feel in a Jupitarian way and thoroughly grounded in earthly and senual Taurus. We are getting in touch with nature here, the cycles of nature, the healing peaceful way it brings us back to Earth from the modern high-tech fast-paced world, reminding us to breath, be still and be one with ourselves which is the most natural way to nurture ourselves as we get back in touch with our own true nature.

This lunation looks interesting also as the full Moon culminating this new Moon is square the lunar nodes – fated events happening, things temporarily out of our hands as powers greater than us make themselves clear. Unusual things happen. It should be interesting to see how that plays out. That lunation also includes the Venus sextile to Mars with an equal mutual reception. More on that later.

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