Mercury slowing down ~ clear messages and intentions (Nov 2011)

Mercury is slowing down now, it actually turns retrograde on the 24th November but the motion is already in effect. Communications, transport and travel are among the areas that can be affected, slowing things down, delaying communications, sending the wrong messages out or hearing something different to what was actually conveyed. It is not all bad however…

During this period, we may have a chance to cultivate the art of listening. With a retrograde Mercury, we may hear what we want to hear, rather than what is being said. The energy of Mercury is turned inwards and can cause crossed wires, but this may be due in part to only hearing what resonates with our wishes. A bit like two people talking at the same time, saying what each one wants to say but only hearing a fraction of what the other means.

Communication involves body language, intuition as well as words, and through really listening to someone, we tune into all those aspects to get a complete picture. If we say one thing, but mean another, the body language is more likely to reveal what the true intention is, then our intuition will start to whisper in our ear and we get a ‘feeling’, a ‘sensation’, or a ‘hunch’. A Mercury retrograde may encourage us to utilise all the senses that we have in our communications with our world.

Words and thoughts also carry energy, along with intention. What message do we want to get out into the Universe to manifest in our lives? How clear are our intentions for what we want to achieve? Do we ask the Universe to help us, or guide us? Do we pay attention to the messages and signs that we recieve in our lives that help to point us in the right direction? All these come under the message carrying energy of Mercury, and a retrograde period may be a good time to assess how clear we are in all our intentions, to recieve the quality of life that we wish to see reflected back to us in our daily lives.

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