About me

I picked up my first yoga book from the local second hand shop when I was 16 and proceeded to teach myself yoga and meditation. The relief from a bad back and pleasant overall feeling that it gave encouraged me to continue regularly practising it by myself. I also became interested in basic astrology (Sun signs as well as Chinese astrology), and practising tarot at the same time of my life. The first yoga class I ever attended wasn’t until 15 years later and came about through a chance meeting. I took these classes at the Sivananda yoga school in Putney, UK, for a year, then took and passed a Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course in Austria, September 2004. During this year I also made a contact who inspired me to study the tarot and astrology in much more depth, an enquiring mind led me to seeking the answers for myself. Upon my return from Austria, I took a Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 course out of interest in my exploration of Universal energy. I continued to study astrology and practice the tarot on a daily basis as a catalyst for understanding a deeper meaning to life experiences, as well as reading for friends and family.

Some six years later, though regularly practising yoga, I realised there was something missing from my practice but wasn’t sure quite what. I came across Godfrey Devereux’s Dynamic Yoga Teacher Training course in January 2010 and knew immediately that was the missing ingredient, so booked myself onto a course. This experience provided the firm foundation and completeness that I had been missing. Later in the year I took a Vipassana ten day silent meditation course in Hereford, learning a very pure, simple and yet extremely effective meditation technique. Since then, I have managed to incorporate all that I have learned over the years into a relaxing, safe, inspiring and effective yoga practice, believing the practice of returning to oneself is never ending both on the yoga mat and in daily life . In my yoga teaching I hope to share the valuable gift that I’ve been lucky enough to experience. In my astrology and tarot readings, I use compassion and patience in helping all of us to understand the higher meaning of the life experiences that we journey through and with.

May all beings be happy.

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