Venus square Pluto – “thank you” and release (18th Sept 2011)

Venus in Libra opposing Uranus now moves onto square to Pluto, while the Moon wanes as it approaches its final quarter in this cycle. Another aspect of this transit, especially with the waning Moon now, can be letting go and surrender. Venus in Libra wants us to find harmonious balance in our lives and in the way we relate to others and to ourselves. Combined with the ‘heavy’ outer planets Uranus and Pluto, some deep exploration is required in this cycle in these areas of our lives. It can be painful to make the discovery of what we have hidden from ourselves all this time, but also so liberating to be able to let that go and understand ourselves a bit deeper. Waning Moon is also about release and let-go, Venus/Pluto wants a deep examination of what needs to be released, whether its an attitude, a feeling, or an actual person or situation. Through releasing what is no longer useful or helpful to our evolution, releasing something that we have learned all we can from, helps to free us up for new energies to enter our lives that are more intune with where we are presently.

As I personally find myself confronted with relationships that I know need to be released, lovingly, I realise it is time to re-empower myself (Pluto) and establish some balance (Venus in Libra) in these areas. The most powerful way of releasing, I find, is to simply and lovingly say “thank you”, to them and to myself for having the learning experience and now being able to release it and move on. No anguish, no pain, no bitterness, no malice… a lovely nurturing way of releasing and closure, simply to say “thank you”. The energy/vibration of these words and their meaning resonates throughout every cell in the body, releasing supressed pain that can result in subtle stiffness in limbs, movements and primarly in the mind. The loving energy of ‘thank you’, I sense, acts as a healing balm over the past, grounding the painful vibrations and transforming them into something that grounds and enshrouds us with love and acceptance. The pain is transformed into acceptance and relief, the weight is lifted. More energetic space is created for a new cycle in life to begin in its own time.


Venus opposite Uranus – awakening love! (16th Sept 2011)

Venus opposite Uranus can manifest in so many ways, we could be reaching to find new, original ways to express love, we may suddenly fall in love, or even out of love! Our love nature may suddenly be awakened as our eyes open to the beauty that is all around us – maybe suddenly recognising the delicate, full bodied beauty of the autumn leaves maturing and ready let go… Opening the heart wide to embrace the healing power of nature and power of love.

Venus comes opposite Uranus, close to square Pluto now for a reason, its like a double whammy of exploration, release and transformation of the way we love, relate to ourselves and the world around us, something we cannot ignore. In the modern world where we have everything at our finger tips, the very basic nature of life can be so easily overlooked. We are overstimulated in this information age with internet, mobile internet, mobile phones, text, email, tv, always wired up to something – the most natural essence of life, LOVE, needs to be awakened at this time as this is the most healing and grounding way we can be – in the vibration of love.


Venus t-square Uranus and Pluto – being true to our values (15th Sept 2011)

Venus is about to enter Libra, one of her home signs where she is comfortable and at ease expressing herself. This happens 15th Sept, 02.44GMT. Themes of balance, harmony, fairness, our values and possessions, relationships and relating will be a strong focus. What areas of life are out of balance currently, how can we smooth over areas of disharmony, has everyone’s opinion been considered, are we being fair to ourselves and to others, how much love do we allow ourselves to feel…

First off, the Goddess’ adventure in Libra begins on the 16th with a quincunx to Chiron, the wounded healer, teacher and the bridge to the outer planets and our higher minds. It can be a chance to let go of past hurts, with the loving energy of Venus. With the energy of love and forgiveness, we are opening our own hearts to recieve love as it flows in from a Universal source. Venus then flows into a t-square with the Uranus/Pluto square, opposing Uranus then squaring Pluto. Realisations can be made regarding the things that we value, our relationships, our manner of relating, how we relate to ourselves, how much love we feel in ourselves. Uranus is the awakener and the planet of change, though the change can be big or small depending on what else is going on at the time. There may be urges to be more independant, rejection of freedom, need to try something new, to break out of a rut, to revitalise and re-energise.

Uranus wants us to be honest with ourselves, do we really feel free to enjoy life and all it’s beauty, or do we feel hemmed in and confined by some external, or internal, belief or system? It could be a time to re-assess our values and what is most important to us. Pluto deepens and takes us into our unconscious, healing through transforming, letting go of what no longer belongs on our path. This seems to be asking us to be really true to our core values, at this point in time, to see with open eyes what matters most to us.

As Uranus and Pluto square over the next few years, we will all be undergoing alot of inner change and on a societal level. The inner planets will all interact with this square during their cyclic journey around the horoscope giving us a wonderful time of truth and self-discovery. When we are hemmed in by outworn values, hold onto past hurts, unforgiving and cynical, tied up by too much convention, we cannot experience and enjoy the whole spectrum of life, freely and truly. Uranus and Pluto want to take us past the things that limit us, hold us back, dampen us down and into a richer world of self-acceptance, truth and freedom.


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Pluto stations direct & Mercury/Jupiter/Pluto grand trine (12/13 Sept 2011)

Mercury is forming a grand trine with Jupiter and Pluto in the earth element now, its not exact but strong enough to have an effect – thoughts, ideas and communications all have the benefit of Pluto’s depth and truth seeking and Jupiter’s wisdom and optimistic expansion. Moon today brings a Uranian energy  joining the grand trine through a square to Pluto while conjunct Uranus which can reveal a need to make any necessary changes to outworn ways of doing things.

Thoughts and communications have a certain depth and ability to penetrate to the truth past all surface periphery, while some gentle guidance along this path comes from Jupiter inspiring wisdom, faith and self-belief. It may become clear what works for us, what doesn’t and why. The Mercury/Pluto aspect is a bit of a detective and with wise old Jupiter along side, no stone can be left unturned in the search for the truth behind the motivation; great for analysis, detective work, accounting, anything that you can put your mind to with the intention of seeing it through to the end. It is good for seeing to our own truth, it can be a great aspect to see if we have been deceiving ourselves about something in our lives, then releasing this with an energy of love/faith/trust/acceptance. It can help us to see the truth in situations around us as we find it in ourselves.

Uncannily, I drew the tarot card Death as I meditate on this astro aspect. The ruler of this card, Pluto, is also stationing direct as we speak at 4,53 Capricorn. This gives him a potency, more than he already has! It looks like it is time to make the changes in our lives that may have been brewing in the mind since April this year when Pluto turned retrograde. Pluto rules transformation, release, power and empowerment in its higher manifestation, in its lower it rules manipulation, domination and secrecy.

It could be a time to transform an area of your life that you’ve been thinking of for sometime, it could be a time to move on and release something or someone that has been harmful in some way in your life. Pluto, I feel can be associated with an alchemist in his work with the unconscious. The energy of the planet has the ability to see into the unconscious in it’s rawest and basest forms, pure truth with no holes barred and through seeing the root of our motivations with acceptance, understanding, patience and love, we are able to gain greater self understanding and self empowerment, turning a previous area of darkness into pure gold. Look to where Pluto sits in your natal chart, when he is transiting and the house he rules plus aspects he makes to see where these changes can now be brought into the light of day.

Full Moon in Pisces at 19, 17 degrees Pisces (12th Sept 2011) – Harvest Moon

With full Moons, realisations are often made and with a Piscean full Moon the realisations may just start to flood into consciousness in a very Neptunian way – intuitive and ethereal, maybe sublime, very real nonetheless. The areas of life and area of the chart that was touched two weeks ago at the new Moon, the very early seeds that were planted then, will now start to come into full awareness. What was unconscious (Moon) now becomes conscious (Sun) and we need to find a way to integrate the two.

In some parts of Polynesia, the thirteenth day Moon, just before full, is known as ‘the egg’ – the Moon is almost at full bloom, ready to release all the creative potential that is carried up to this point in the lunar cycle, it is a very fertile time, full of ideas, notions, movements and actions. Messages may themselves known, we may see signs coming into our sights that confirm what we’ve been pondering on, people may say things that correlate with what we are feeling inside but needed confirmation of. If we had a plan formulating a few weeks ago, now is the time we start to see where and if it’s going.

This full Moon is known as a Harvest Moon, which is the first full Moon to occur before the Autumnal Equinox (this year falling on 23rd September 2011). Day and night become more or less equal at the time of equinox. The Harvest Moon greatly aids the harvesters, giving them more time to gather their harvest. This is due to the difference between sunset and moonrise at this time of year being much shorter, in a way, prolonging the light of day somewhat.

As the seasons start to change from summer to autumn at the equinoxs, I sense the perfect balance as day and night become equal, very tranquil for meditation or any spiritual pursiut. There is a ripeness in the air, the trees start to change colour as they reach full maturity, the mornings contain a fresh dew and a misty sun, shadows start to draw longer in the late afternoons. This lunation contains a Venus Mars sextile in each other’s terms, brings the masculine and feminine side of ourselves into harmony as we balance out the unconscious and conscious of the Moon/Sun. The Moon in Pisces is conjunct asteroid Ceres which is also opposing Venus, another balancing energy but this time balancing our needs to nurture ourselves, feeling what we instinctively need as opposed to our duties in relationships with others. We may be completely aware of other’s needs but do we pay attention to what is inside us also? An empty cup cannot quench another’s thirst – we have to replenish our own inner needs, nurture and care for ourselves before we can truly do this with another. With the quincunx to Saturn and Juno, we may need to make some adjustments to our duties and commitments with others. Pisces vs Virgo show us to balance out our intuition, inspiration with logic and facts. The two can combine beautifully and bring visions into reality, with the right balance.

The Moon also falls 3 degrees short of the midpoint of Uranus and Neptune. This concerns the archetypal, unconscious energy of the collective. Uranus and Neptune together, according to Liz Greene in The Outer Planets and Their Cycles’ says that these two planets in conjunction can bring “mystical or religious vision, coupled with a political ideology”. Karl Marx had Uranus and Neptune conjunct in his 10th house. This full Moon, also square the nodes, could bring into awareness a political vision, rooted in an unconscious spiritual ideal that is felt within society on a rather unconscious level, that will have an effect on society in some way.

The lunation, on a more individual level, the Uranus/Neptune midpoint may help shift old realisations into new ones. We are constantly evolving, changing, as do the seasons, this could be a time of spiritual shift highlighted by the light of unconscious (dark Moon) becoming conscious (full Moon). The Moon quincunx Saturn and the Pisces/Virgo energy of the Sun and Moon, there may need to be adjustments as we sort out fact from fanatasy, or, find the reality inside the visions and goals that come to mind as we bring these visions down to earth. What can realistically be achieved and what needs to remain as an idea/fantasty… The trine from Moon to Mars will spur us on to get real and get moving on our realisations at this time, helping to cut through to the structure and logical reality of what can actually be achieved. The trine from Ceres to Mars, all the while we intuitively focus on what is the best for our highest good, how our soul can be nurtured in the actions that we take, while releasing, mourning and letting go, with the waning of the Moon, of what is no good for us. Chiron is also involved, Moon being midpoint of Chiron and Uranus. This could bring sudden insight into the nature of our wounds, give us a creative reason to express our individuality, trust our insights through and beyond the safe ‘box’ that convention uses to quell intuitions, senses and feelings. It is ok to explore and trust the intuition, its the most natural thing in the world and helps to keep us safe. Trusting our intuition, what we have inside, our senses, is one of the best ways we can nurture ourselves. It is not to ignore the logical, rather, to balance the two aspects in our lives, creating inner and outer balance in ourselves and in the world.

Mars/Uranus/Pluto – beyond the riots and looting

As Mars finishes opposition to Pluto, the violent activity has dimished across the UK, unfortunately with some deaths resulting. Violence is never good, especially when it harms others in my view, we do have a choice in how we react, however, looking deeper here are some quotes from the looters, one wearing a pair of Nike trainers that he had stolen, said: “Right now it looks like there isn’t a future for young people, that’s how I see it.” He added: “We are not doing it for the fun of it, we are doing it for money to survive.” ‘

It looks like the people who have been hit by the various cuts, joblessness are the ones doing the looting, amongst them are what could be considered ‘normal’ or ‘average’ citizens who saw an opportunity to grab things they could not afford either for personal use or to sell.

Some say its the lack of family values in this modern society. Family is the roots, the 4th house, Nadir. Our intsinctual base, deeply held habits, our inheritance from parents and home. The actions of Mars/Pluto/Uranus are very much instinctual and reactive to an inner urge. An anger was stirring in the collective, like a mass hysteria and spread like wild fire across various parts of the country.

We also live in a materialistic society, or at least it has been up to now. Advertising and media use various hypnotic methods to make sure we buy their products, otherwise we will feel a bit less valuable unless we have that lipstick, Manolo shoes, latest model mobile phone and accompanying Ap, the newest super duper plasma hi-tech wall mounting TV. This is the crazyness that leads to a deep dissatisfaction that has been fed to us for years. We have been sold and now think these things are essential. In a recession, there are some people who now cannot afford this and that, but have no idea how to quell the dissatisfaction of not having the necessary resources. The need to ‘buy, buy, buy’ cannot be satisfied, but what replaces it? Various charities are also being cut and closed that helps the poorer members of society, and where do they turn? Sure we do need various technologies such as mobiles and internet to keep in touch, and even to help us learn and grow through the endless source of information out there, but keeping these wants in balance is vitally important to our soul’s well-being. Internet withdrawal symptons have been identified including,

“…feelings of anger, tension and/or depression when the computer is inaccessible;

· The need for better computers, more software, or more hours of use;

· Negative repercussions, including arguments, lying, poor achievement, social isolation and fatigue”

Can the Uranian realisation be that we are perfect just the way we are? We don’t need all the consumer extras to make us feel truly whole inside and out? They are useful in their place but we have to remember who we really are and where our true home is, within. Can we start to percieve that our world (inner and outer) is absolutely fine just the way it is? And can we find the way to our hearts and start to love and value ourselves in our most natural and real state, without the need for an Ap?


‘the most beautiful music coming from the saxophonist as he becomes one with his music on a hazy summer evening’

August UK riots 2011

The August London riots, said to be similar to the violence of the 1980’s riots in London, was triggered by the fatal and unfortunate shooting by police of a passenger in a cab on 4th August. On 6th August, about 300 people were gathering outside Tottenham police station demonstrating for justice. The demonstration that started peacefully ended in violence. Looking at the July ingress chart for London, a few things leap out that immediately describes the violence that has suddenly erputed. Scorpio rising, that is intense in itself. Mars is just near the descendant, at 0 degrees Gemini also still very near the prominent Algol. Algol is the fixed star with a terrible reputation, representing the severed head of Medusa. Amongst other things, Algol represents mob violence. This could have been, beneath the surface, an expression of the people rising up against the thing they fear and fighting for justice. Also symbolic maybe of the underlying tensions building up in society in general. Mars is also in square with Neptune (could that be representative of the petrol bombs that were used…?) and heading to a square with Chiron, maybe bringing out the collective wounding into the open though the violence in order for long term healing to happen.

Mars square the Neptune maybe be influencing the misinformation reported by BBC news: “Rachel Cerfontyne, commissioner with the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) which is investigating Mr Duggan’s death, said the 29-year-old had not been “assassinated in an execution style” and that there was “misinformation” about the death on Thursday”. Certainly, with Mercury now retrograde and opposing Neptune, the issue may well have been unclear.

The ingress chart has a cardinal grand cross – Sun opposing Pluto, square to Uranus and square to Saturn, and right now transiting Mars is rossing that same Sun degree, triggering that grand cross. Sudden, explosive changes as the collective anger is expressed. Pluto is also opposite the Sun/Mercury midpoint and Mars is now conjuncting that midpoint – angry voices seeking outlet, use of power, power struggles, expression of ego and a deeply held need for catharsis and change.

Saturn is also conjunct fixed star Vindemiatrix, ‘The Widow Maker’, and when tied up with Saturn, is associated with ‘depressive moods, skepticism a distrustful nature’. When tied up with Mercury as here Mercury is in tight square to Saturn/Vindemiatrix, ‘tied up with Mercury, this star, if otherwise badly place, will lead to nervous irritability’.* Depressed and irritable, possibly weary of the constant news informing us of various limitations due to funding and lack of money, while gas/electric companies and banks keep reporting their massive profits, the anger and frustration bubbling below the surface in society just needed a catalyst to trigger it’s expression – and along comes an ecplise and Mars.

In mundane charts, the Moon represents the people, crowds, women, the public. Venus is peacfeul resolutions. Moon is however square to Venus, the people are not easily going to remain peaceful when demonstrating and expressing their points. Mars also represents the police, and here conjunct Algol is significant of their misfortune.

Mercury and Lilith are also part of the grand cross – Saturn is opposing Lilith, this could show an attempt at repressing wild instinctual feminine energies. But Lilith is a rebel, and along with Uranus there seems to be the power and urge to break free and express what is deep within. Mercury joins them forming t-square to both – the expression of the repression perhaps, channelled by trine through communications (Moon in 3rd house) of the people/Moon. Mercury also represents young people, and it seems the crowd is made up of a large number of young people.

There has since been further violence in another part of London, Enfield, with raids, looting and fires. Transiting Mars is now squaring Uranus and opposing the Pluto in the ingress chart, hopefully the flare ups of anger will not last much longer as the Mars influence fades. This is an unfortunate expression of very angry energies, with one fatality and many injuries. Thankfully also the Saturn/Vindemiatrix is not prominent on an angle, otherwise there may have been more deaths. On the surface, it does look like world war III, but beneath it may be showing the start of long term changes coming about in society. People are frustrated and angry and directing their anger at the front line of authority, the police, in this case.

*Vindemiatrix –

*Algol –

Moon trine Sun, Sun square Jupiter/Uranus (16/12/2010)

Moon trine Sun to start the day today – we are more in tune with ourselves after the recent excitement and stresses of Pluto/Mars/Mercury. It’s a bit like the calm after the storm where we are able to assess the damage and begin the clear-up operation. After this, Sun today and tomorrow in square to Jupiter (24 degree……s) and Uranus (26 degrees). Some feelings of extravagence and erratic or unusual situations can happen today including sudden, grand gestures or even moral ego clashes or dogmatic approaches. Although, also today Moon sextile Neptune and Chiron in humanitarian Aquaruis might ease our emotions, lending their inspirational and healing energies to us. Maybe we will be able to bend a little bit during any ego battles.

There is also an interesting yod being formed to the Goddess asteriod Juno (the (usually faithfull) wife of Jupiter). Moon sextile Neptune/Chiron is forming the base, pointing towards Juno. This only happens for a brief few hours around midday GMT. During this time, our awareness may be brought into focus on our committments and any vows we have taken to our beloved. Perhaps asking us to assess them, examine them and see what might need healing and where we might need to sacrifice. Or, we could be examining our committment to ourselves, seeing how we inspire ourselves or find inspiration for ourselves, where we sacrifice and how we heal ourselves.

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