Full Moon in Pisces at 19, 17 degrees Pisces (12th Sept 2011) – Harvest Moon

With full Moons, realisations are often made and with a Piscean full Moon the realisations may just start to flood into consciousness in a very Neptunian way – intuitive and ethereal, maybe sublime, very real nonetheless. The areas of life and area of the chart that was touched two weeks ago at the new Moon, the very early seeds that were planted then, will now start to come into full awareness. What was unconscious (Moon) now becomes conscious (Sun) and we need to find a way to integrate the two.

In some parts of Polynesia, the thirteenth day Moon, just before full, is known as ‘the egg’ – the Moon is almost at full bloom, ready to release all the creative potential that is carried up to this point in the lunar cycle, it is a very fertile time, full of ideas, notions, movements and actions. Messages may themselves known, we may see signs coming into our sights that confirm what we’ve been pondering on, people may say things that correlate with what we are feeling inside but needed confirmation of. If we had a plan formulating a few weeks ago, now is the time we start to see where and if it’s going.

This full Moon is known as a Harvest Moon, which is the first full Moon to occur before the Autumnal Equinox (this year falling on 23rd September 2011). Day and night become more or less equal at the time of equinox. The Harvest Moon greatly aids the harvesters, giving them more time to gather their harvest. This is due to the difference between sunset and moonrise at this time of year being much shorter, in a way, prolonging the light of day somewhat.

As the seasons start to change from summer to autumn at the equinoxs, I sense the perfect balance as day and night become equal, very tranquil for meditation or any spiritual pursiut. There is a ripeness in the air, the trees start to change colour as they reach full maturity, the mornings contain a fresh dew and a misty sun, shadows start to draw longer in the late afternoons. This lunation contains a Venus Mars sextile in each other’s terms, brings the masculine and feminine side of ourselves into harmony as we balance out the unconscious and conscious of the Moon/Sun. The Moon in Pisces is conjunct asteroid Ceres which is also opposing Venus, another balancing energy but this time balancing our needs to nurture ourselves, feeling what we instinctively need as opposed to our duties in relationships with others. We may be completely aware of other’s needs but do we pay attention to what is inside us also? An empty cup cannot quench another’s thirst – we have to replenish our own inner needs, nurture and care for ourselves before we can truly do this with another. With the quincunx to Saturn and Juno, we may need to make some adjustments to our duties and commitments with others. Pisces vs Virgo show us to balance out our intuition, inspiration with logic and facts. The two can combine beautifully and bring visions into reality, with the right balance.

The Moon also falls 3 degrees short of the midpoint of Uranus and Neptune. This concerns the archetypal, unconscious energy of the collective. Uranus and Neptune together, according to Liz Greene in The Outer Planets and Their Cycles’ says that these two planets in conjunction can bring “mystical or religious vision, coupled with a political ideology”. Karl Marx had Uranus and Neptune conjunct in his 10th house. This full Moon, also square the nodes, could bring into awareness a political vision, rooted in an unconscious spiritual ideal that is felt within society on a rather unconscious level, that will have an effect on society in some way.

The lunation, on a more individual level, the Uranus/Neptune midpoint may help shift old realisations into new ones. We are constantly evolving, changing, as do the seasons, this could be a time of spiritual shift highlighted by the light of unconscious (dark Moon) becoming conscious (full Moon). The Moon quincunx Saturn and the Pisces/Virgo energy of the Sun and Moon, there may need to be adjustments as we sort out fact from fanatasy, or, find the reality inside the visions and goals that come to mind as we bring these visions down to earth. What can realistically be achieved and what needs to remain as an idea/fantasty… The trine from Moon to Mars will spur us on to get real and get moving on our realisations at this time, helping to cut through to the structure and logical reality of what can actually be achieved. The trine from Ceres to Mars, all the while we intuitively focus on what is the best for our highest good, how our soul can be nurtured in the actions that we take, while releasing, mourning and letting go, with the waning of the Moon, of what is no good for us. Chiron is also involved, Moon being midpoint of Chiron and Uranus. This could bring sudden insight into the nature of our wounds, give us a creative reason to express our individuality, trust our insights through and beyond the safe ‘box’ that convention uses to quell intuitions, senses and feelings. It is ok to explore and trust the intuition, its the most natural thing in the world and helps to keep us safe. Trusting our intuition, what we have inside, our senses, is one of the best ways we can nurture ourselves. It is not to ignore the logical, rather, to balance the two aspects in our lives, creating inner and outer balance in ourselves and in the world.


New Moon in Virgo (5,27 degree Virgo) 29th August 2011 3am GMT – renewal of faith

This is a beautiful new Moon in Virgo, conjunct Venus and forming a grand trine to Jupiter and Pluto. A very earthy and grounding new Moon easing the bite of last weeks Mars/Moon/Saturn square with Mercury retrograde. This is a lovely time to get things in order, releasing old routines, habits and beliefs that are not in our best interests. How often do we actually stop to listen to and hear our inner dialogue – is it helping us and nurturing us, or degrading and hurting us? Are we aware of how our thoughts and beliefs do affect our health? This combination of new Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto in trine, as well as Mercury newly direct looks like a doorway to a renewal of faith based in grounded wisdom. Taking what we have learned so far, letting go of what needs to be released and moving forwards empowered with the wisdom of experiences had.

Experiences with Pluto take us into our unconscious or make us aware and awake to the true nature of life, not always pleasent but necessary if we want to be true to ourselves and more complete as individuals. Pluto helps us to confront ourselves, he doesn’t mess around with superficialities, he gets straight to the point. Pluto’s ‘darker’ side also involves obsession, manipulation, domination, power plays, maybe through being unconscious to the motivations behind the outer behaviour. Through facing our fears with patience/love, we are empowered as we become more whole, making the aura strengthened.

Chiron, the healer and integrator is also involved by opposition to the lunation. Chiron has been around alot of these lunations lately, helping us assimilate the vibrational changes of this time, helping us on our journeys to wholeness. This is a truly transformational time.

The ‘greater benefic’ Jupiter is involved, lending generous support, faith and optimism. Good to have Jupiter around on a journey to Pluto’s ‘underworld’, giving a light of inner hope and faith in the unknown, a bit like the Star card of the tarot deck. This gives a nurturing kind of feel in a Jupitarian way and thoroughly grounded in earthly and senual Taurus. We are getting in touch with nature here, the cycles of nature, the healing peaceful way it brings us back to Earth from the modern high-tech fast-paced world, reminding us to breath, be still and be one with ourselves which is the most natural way to nurture ourselves as we get back in touch with our own true nature.

This lunation looks interesting also as the full Moon culminating this new Moon is square the lunar nodes – fated events happening, things temporarily out of our hands as powers greater than us make themselves clear. Unusual things happen. It should be interesting to see how that plays out. That lunation also includes the Venus sextile to Mars with an equal mutual reception. More on that later.

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Venus and Sun in Virgo, trine Pluto, Mercury rx and Moon waning (23/8/2011)

Sun and Venus now in Virgo, bringing focus on health, service and getting some organisation into one’s life. Bringing things together in a grounded way in the life creates space to pursue dreams and goals. Venus and Sun both forming an ingoing trine to Pluto in Cap and then trine to Jupiter in Taurus, while Moon still waning and Mercury retrograde… definately feels like a good time to get down to earth, clear out all those things either externally or internally that clog up our paths, creating space to make way for a new cycle to commence.

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