Full Moon in Aquarius, opposite Pandora (13/8/2011)

Full Moon today at 20,14 degree Aquarius opposing three objects – Venus, Mercury retrograde and the asteroid Pandora. It looks like a rather interesting combination of energies being brought to our full focus. Full Moons bring things to our full attention – lighting up what was previously obscured. Through this, we are given options to decide what to do with the revelations that come to us.

From Leo, we have Mercury, Pandora, Sun and Venus all in contact with this lunation. Leo is about bold expression, making a statement and making themselves known, shining in their own creative and regal way. Leo is also about the individual ego expression. In Leo, Venus loves dramatic or warm hearted and bold shows of affection, glamour and show. Mercury in Leo likes to make a verbal statement and is very confident and creative in their expressions. Another side of this energy is thinking that their way is the best and only way, being a fixed sign. This lunation is highlighting how we express ourselves in a bold and creative way, with the Moon in Aquarius showing us the need to balance this expression with a certain detachment from the individual ego, maybe balancing our own needs with those of the society or the groups and people around us. Or, to be more unattached to the actual outcome.

Pandora is an interesting asteriod that represents the mythic Pandora who was given a box by the Gods and told not to open it. But her curiosity compelled her to open it, only to unleash all the ills, evils and curses onto humanity, including greed, lies, disease, hatred, jealousy. By the time Pandora managed to close the lid of the box, there was only one thing left inside – ‘hope’. In natal charts, Pandora can represent an insatiable curiosity where we seek to explore and discover, through and beyond all the more undesirable traits, the hidden gem of truth and reality. It can also represent the scapegoat of society where all the ills and negative traits are projected onto the Pandora person. An example can be the person who makes the newspapers through some bad behaviour such as an outburst of anger, with the public expressing their disgust for them and their behaviour, yet deep inside, we all probably contain, have felt or accepted some element of their behaviour.

It’s interesting that Pandora is conjunct the Mercury, which is also opposed to Neptune and with the full Moon highlighting all of those, it seems to be unravelling and revealing the ‘Pandora’s Box’ within society at this time. What is it in our external world that we see at this time that we deny exists within us to some degree? Do we project outward something we deny in ourselves? Do we place blame on others for their misgivings when really we need to look inside… When the very thing we hate in another person triggers such a strong emotion in us, there is a reason.. is there a resonance on some level inside of us? Are we really being real with ourselves, or portraying an image that is not true to who we really are…

The full Moon may be highlighting areas where we need to put our hidden things out and face them with full awareness and acceptance. Only through truly accepting ourselves and our Pandora’s boxes, can we live a geniune and wholehearted life, no need to hide or be something that we are not. The gem of hope, inner light, is found beyond all the less easy-to-swallow traits. Understanding of these can lead to such a wonderful gem of inner peace and acceptance.

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