Relationship astrology

Relationships are amongst the most transformative experiences of our lives. They can teach us lessons about ourselves that we might not easily be able to access without interaction with another. The other person can act as our mirror, to the traits we love about ourselves as well as the traits we deny that we have. Through this mirroring, we have the opportunity to transform our behaviours, beliefs and habitual responses into more constructive ways of being.

Relational astrology show us what we bring to each other, how we relate to each other or how we may have problems relating, where we understand or misunderstand each other as well as where we motivate each other or hold each other back. It can reveal any inherent power struggles, power structure, emotional support, sexual interaction as well as karmic ties that are all a part of what draws two people together in the act of relationship.

Relationships can be analysed through astrology using synastry charts which overlays one person’s natal chart on top of the other person’s. This shows how both people relate to and interact with each other, in which area of our lives the other person influences us, how and in what way this happens, as well as how we influence them, where and why. The relationship as a whole can be looked at using what is known as a composite chart which is a chart that is made up of the midpoints of both people’s natal planets. This shows general trends of the relationship as a stand alone entity.

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