Tarot reading services

Below is a selection of tarot spreads that can be  used to provide guidance and reassurance in times of stress, show you where you are going wrong, can help guide you in the right direction and provide a catalyst for a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships with others.

Jo uses the Morgan Greer tarot deck in combination with Oracle cards usually for readings. Other tarot decks include the Psychic Tarot, Osho Zen, Thoth deck, and oracle decks. Jo takes a patient, honest and compassionate approach to your situation and uses an innate intuitive ability and experience to interpret the cards. Upon receiving your question, Jo focuses on the question and lays the cards to see the guidance. Your reading will then be sent to you via email or post, as you prefer. Just specify the email or postal address you would like it sent to. All readings are completely personalised which means no automated systems are used, it’s all done by hand (typed). Waiting times for readings are about one to two weeks.

If you would like a reading, please choose from the selection below. Put the name of the reading, the nature of your question with a bit of history leading up to it, your name, full date and place of birth in an email to info@at-jo.com and use the PayPal button to make the payment. Please specify if you would like a particular tarot deck from those listed above to be used. Omission of details can lead to inaccurate readings.

All information provided by yourself is held in the strictest confidence and will not be shared with any third party.


Relationship Readings

Relationship potential for new relationships (9 cards)  – £31.50                              

A useful spread when you have just met someone special and would like to know what the potential is for romance, whether the other person is open to something more and whether you are too. 

  • card 1 – situation surrounding your first meeting
  • card 2 – how your potential partner perceives you
  • card 3 – their readiness for a relationship
  • card 4 – their hopes for the relationship
  • card 5 – how you perceive them
  • card 6 – your readiness for a relationship
  • card 7 – your hopes for the relationship
  • card 8 – possible obstacles
  • card 9 – outcome (based on the current circumstances) 


Relationship insight for established relationships (10 cards)  –  £35

For a deeper look into established relationships, hopes and needs for each partner, what you teach each other, any obstacles and how you can overcome them.

  • card 1 – current situation
  • card 2 – what your partner teaches you
  • card 3 – their needs in the relationship
  • card 4 – their hopes for the relationship
  • card 5 – what you teach them
  • card 6 – your needs in the relationship
  • card 7 – your hopes in the relationship
  • card 8 – possible obstacles
  • card 9 – approach to take to overcome possible obstacles
  • card 10 – outcome (where it is heading based on the present circumstances)


Vocational Readings

My career goals and how I can achieve them (10 cards)  –  £35     

For practical help in achieving your career goals, what may be holding you back and how to resolve any blockages. 

  • card 1 – current situation
  • card 2 – are you on the right path currently
  • card 3 – the way in which you apply myself to your goals
  • card 4 –  the type of work that would be for your highest good
  • card 5 – skills and talents that you currently have
  • card 6 – skills and talents that you need to develop
  • card 7 – attitude that is holding you back
  • card 8 – attitude that you need to cultivate
  • card 9 – best way to go about achieving your career goals
  • card 10 – outcome (based on the present circumstances)


Inner qualities I need to develop to achieve my career goals (7 cards)  –  £24.50

A deeper look at the spiritual components to achieving your career goals and how you interact with society through your chosen vocation.

  • card 1 – current situation
  • card 2 – where you are heading in your career aspirations
  • card 3 – the nature of work that would be for your highest good
  • card 4 – quality that you need to develop in yourself
  • card 5 – quality that you can give to society
  • card 6 – spiritual lesson that you will learn through career interaction with society
  • card 7 – outcome  


Well-being Readings

Spiritual insight reading (7 cards)  –  £28.00

 Great spread for looking at your present spiritual state, things that may be blocking your progress or causing you inner crisis and how to go about resolving them.

  • card 1 – where I am now spiritually
  • card 2 – how others perceive me
  • card 3 – how I perceive myself
  • card 4 – behaviour that I am unconscious of
  • card 5 – behaviour that I am aware of
  •   card 6 – barrier to spiritual development
  • card 7 – how to overcome current spiritual blockages
  • card 8 – next stage of evolution


Material well-being spread (7 cards)  –  £24.50

A practical look at your material health, the source of any problems and how to gain understanding about this, helping you to set it right again.

  • card 1 – current situation
  • card 2 – source of the problem
  • card 3 – recently passed influence
  • card 4 – lesson to be gained from the situation
  • card 5 – how I need to turn things around for the better
  • card 6 – inner behaviour that could be blocking my progress
  • card 7 – next step in the process of change


General Readings

Three Card Lay  –  £10.50                                   

A simple short spread for quick overviews

  • card 1 – past
  • card 2 – present
  • card 3 – future


Pyramid Spread (6 cards)  –  £21

For simple questions, slightly more in-depth

  • card 1 – past
  • card 2 – present
  • card 3 – future
  • card 4 – hidden influences
  • card 5 – known influences
  • card 6 – outcome


Celtic Cross (10 cards)  –  £35

A useful spread for looking at specific or general questions, giving a broad overview of your current situation from the root of the situation to direction it is taking.

  • card 1 – current situation in relation to the question
  • card 2 – crossing influence, something that may be influencing matters
  • card 3 – above you, your thoughts and awareness of the situation
  • card 4 – below you, root of the situation, where you are coming from
  • card 5 – passing influence of importance to the question
  • card 6 – influence coming next
  • card 7 – how you see yourself in relation to the situation
  • card 8 – how the environment is influencing you
  • card 9 – hopes and fears
  • card 10 – outcome based on the present circumstances


Yearly spreads

One year overview (14 cards) – £42

A look at the year ahead using one card for each month as well as two cards for a general overview of the whole year. This reading gives a general feel for the main theme of each month as well as the whole year. Lots of things occur during our month and year, but only a few marks are left with us through these experiences. These experiences can be essential catalysts for self-discovery which help us along our life journey.


One year overview (26 cards) – £60

Same as ‘One year overview’: a look at the year ahead using two cards for each month as well as two cards for a general overview of the whole year.

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  1. myriam

     /  December 24, 2010

    Jo thank you for the Celtic cross and yearly tarot readings, you have a wonderfull way with words and the way you tell the story makes me realise very well what could happen. I also love how you are able to balance negative versus postive outcomes and provide tips on how to handle best both energies. It’s all inspiring to me and I feel better equipped with what will come my way. Merry Christmas to you!


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