Mercury slowing down ~ clear messages and intentions (Nov 2011)

Mercury is slowing down now, it actually turns retrograde on the 24th November but the motion is already in effect. Communications, transport and travel are among the areas that can be affected, slowing things down, delaying communications, sending the wrong messages out or hearing something different to what was actually conveyed. It is not all bad however…

During this period, we may have a chance to cultivate the art of listening. With a retrograde Mercury, we may hear what we want to hear, rather than what is being said. The energy of Mercury is turned inwards and can cause crossed wires, but this may be due in part to only hearing what resonates with our wishes. A bit like two people talking at the same time, saying what each one wants to say but only hearing a fraction of what the other means.

Communication involves body language, intuition as well as words, and through really listening to someone, we tune into all those aspects to get a complete picture. If we say one thing, but mean another, the body language is more likely to reveal what the true intention is, then our intuition will start to whisper in our ear and we get a ‘feeling’, a ‘sensation’, or a ‘hunch’. A Mercury retrograde may encourage us to utilise all the senses that we have in our communications with our world.

Words and thoughts also carry energy, along with intention. What message do we want to get out into the Universe to manifest in our lives? How clear are our intentions for what we want to achieve? Do we ask the Universe to help us, or guide us? Do we pay attention to the messages and signs that we recieve in our lives that help to point us in the right direction? All these come under the message carrying energy of Mercury, and a retrograde period may be a good time to assess how clear we are in all our intentions, to recieve the quality of life that we wish to see reflected back to us in our daily lives.


Mercury retrograde ~ 24th November to 14th December 2011

Mercury retrograde period starts on 24th November at 20 degrees Sagittarius – this is when Mercury starts its apparent retrograde motion in the sky, appearing to go backwards. However, the ‘shadow period’ has already begun. This starts at the final degree that Mercury reaches on its retrograde motion and from the first degree that the retrograde motion started – this time it is 3 degrees Sagittarius (final degree of retro) and 20 Sagittarius (first degree of retro). Meaning, from 5th November until 1st January 2012. The actual retrograde motion period is from 24th November until 14th December.

During Mercury retrograde periods, it is advisable to try and delay signing documents, doing tax returns, buying electrical equipment, computers, cameras, getting internet or phone connection, publishing books or starting anything new because the usually clear perception of Mercury is introverted, somewhat altered or unclear. Things begun or purchased during this period have a higher chance of going wrong, having to be returned, having to be re-done or continually having to be changed over time. The energy of Mercury which includes communications, thoughts, business and commerce, trips, car journeys, paperwork and messages is turned inwards and maybe backwards. Delays may also occur during this time. If you really need to sign a contract, take time to double check it with a fine tooth combe, just to be on the safe side. All these things can be disturbed, delayed or distorted during the actual retrograde period, but also during the shadow period while Mercury is retracing his steps, going over old ground.

Mercury retrograde can also bring things, thoughts, ideas and maybe people from the past back into the present. In this sense, this time can be good to finish any unfinished business, return to plans that were put aside and re-think them, re-organise filing that has been piling up over time. However, if new ideas come out of old ones, it’s best to wait until Mercury has gone direct and out of the ‘shadow area’ before actually implementing them. If an issue has been left aside or things left unsaid, this retrograde can enable this to be addressed and maybe resolved.

It can be interesting to look back to the previous retrograde period, in this case the last retrograde was back in August 2011, but including the shadow period was from 16th July until 10th September. The actual retrograde was from 3rd August at 1 Virgo until 27th Aug at 18 Leo. Anything started then, any people met then, any ideas that were forumlating back then may come back now to play their parts in our lives. Mercury does like logic, however, while in Sagittarius, it is in a sign that is more intuitive and while the energy of Mercury becomes introverted and somewhat slowed down, there may be internal sources of inspiration that we can tap into that help to expand our minds. It is interesting to see what Mercury was aspecting in the chart during that retrograde and also what the new Moon was aspecting to get a hint of what area of life may be brought to attention at this time…

Venus and Sun in Virgo, trine Pluto, Mercury rx and Moon waning (23/8/2011)

Sun and Venus now in Virgo, bringing focus on health, service and getting some organisation into one’s life. Bringing things together in a grounded way in the life creates space to pursue dreams and goals. Venus and Sun both forming an ingoing trine to Pluto in Cap and then trine to Jupiter in Taurus, while Moon still waning and Mercury retrograde… definately feels like a good time to get down to earth, clear out all those things either externally or internally that clog up our paths, creating space to make way for a new cycle to commence.

Moon trine Mercury rx, Moon opposite Neptune/Chiron – boomerang aspect (23-27/12/2010)

Moon enters Leo midday (GMT) on 23rd, bringing a showy and grand kind of emotional feel where we need to feel that we are the best. Leo is the sign of the showman/woman being ruled Sun, the brightest object in our solar system. With Moon in Leo, gestures may be grand, almost Kingly and even bossy as we want to be the centre of attention and so a few ego challenges may arise along the way as we fight for the centre stage. The Moon also offers the subject of its affection incredible warmth, sharing its life giving rays of light and love – a bit like the feeling of sitting in front of a warm, crackling fire place in the winter.

Towards the early hours of Christmas day, at about 1am (GMT) just as Santa dashes past with his reindeer, the Moon still travelling through the sign of Leo forms a trine to the retrograde Mercury. This might help us by forming an emotional bridge to any troubled communication, with the Moon lending her emotional support to the typical communication problems that a retrograde can bring. Communications could be warm, lively, grand as well as having a showy  or even take charge feel to them.

Later in the day, from 7-9am (GMT), the Moon forms an opposition to the Neptune/Chiron duo while inconjuncting Ceres at the same time as an inconjunct to Jupiter/Uranus. This give us an emotional aspect known as a boomerang for those few hours on Christmas day. The focus, or action point becomes our emotions and the reaction point is Neptune/Chiron with Ceres and Jupiter supporting. This could bring focus to our emotional needs where we need to find emotional outlets for our self-expression. The reaction point being Neptune and Chiron could lead us to explore inspirational, spiritual and healing ways to express our emotional needs, or, we could explore where we may be deceiving ourselves and thus wounding ourselves. This aspect could help to show us how to sacrifice our own emotional needs to be the best in favour giving inspiration, nurturing and maybe even a level of teaching to others, or it could help us find a way to combine our needs with the needs of others.

Coming up towards the 27th December is Sun conjunct Pluto as well as Mars squaring Saturn. Two very hard working and focused aspects, there is alot of power there just waiting to be expressed. We may feel the urge to work hard, or we could be feeling a sense of frustration. More on these after Christmas.

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