Professional readings

Astrology is a wonderful tool to help gain clarity on many areas of life. Each of the professional readings below is tailored specifically for you and your question. Send in your question with a bit of history leading up to it,  your name, full date of birth and place of birth in the comment box and send. If it helps, you can choose a reading from the list below. If you have trouble choosing from the list below, send in your question and I will personalise a reading designed around the nature of your question. For relational astrology questions please provide both names and full birth details.

Waiting times for readings are about one to two weeks. All readings are completely personalised which means no automated systems are used, it’s all done lovingly by hand (typed).

All information provided by yourself is held in the strictest confidence and will not be shared with any third party.


Natal astrology

Natal chart – £40

This is an analysis of the birth chart.  For this reading please provide your date, exact time and place (town and country) of birth.  We look at major themes in the natal chart using the planets as well as asteroids Juno, Ceres, astrological points Black Moon Lilith, Part of Fortune and the Vertex.  We also used lesser used asteroids such as Persephone, Psyche and Eros if they are prominent in the chart for added insight.

For specific questions on career areas – £25

This analysis looks at the type of career that would best suit utilise your natural skills, the type of fields that you are drawn to and how your career manifests in actuality.

For specific questions on love and romance areas – £25

This looks at the type of person that you tend to attract and the type of person you are likely to commit to, any differences or similarities between the two and how they relate to your life.


Predictive astrology

Transits to natal chart for the next 6 months – £30

This is a look at the themes occurring in your life for the next six months by looking at the current and future movements of the planets in the sky as well as looking at the recent and upcoming eclipses and lunations. The progressed chart is looked at in order to give more understanding to the themes currently playing out in your life. We analyse the outer planets to see how they are influencing any major areas of transformation as well as the inner planets for the day to day effects of that may trigger the learning of the outer planets.

Transits to natal chart for the next 1 year – 50

This is an analysis of the themes currently occurring in your life through studying the current and future movement of the planets in the sky, as well as looking at coming and recent eclipses and lunations.  The solar return is analysed as well as current progressions to see current underlying themes.  The outer planets are examined first to view areas of major transformation and life changes, lunar nodes are also looked at which also involve the path of the eclipses to see what areas are being highlighted and to assess how the energies might play out in the areas of your life.


Relationship astrology

Synastry chart analysis – £40

This looks at how the two of you interact together, how your energies bounce off each other, where there is understanding, support or where and how there could be misunderstanding and lack of support.  Major themes of both natal charts are considered, then overlayed to see how the two charts play with each other.

Composite chart – £30

This is the astrological chart of the relationship as a whole. It looks at the midpoints of both people in a stand alone chart. This chart is also compared to both people’s birth charts to see how the relationship influences both individuals.

Synastry and composite charts – £50

This is a combination of synastry and composite chart analysis for a very in-depth view of the relationship and the interaction of you both.

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