Planning events with astrology – how much is free will vs fate

Astrology doesn’t dictate our lives. However, it can provide guidance for the best times to implement our plans. This can be invaluable for making our lives successful and giving us better oppertunities for achieving good results.  For example, applying for a job during a void of course Moon will usually go nowhere.  This is because actions taken during a void Moon usually come to nothing, as no more aspects = no more action.    Or, applying when the Moon, or other relevant planets in the chart are making stressful aspects can just lead to frustration and lack of results, but not necessarily deny us the new job.  The same principle applies to activities such as starting a new romance, buying a car, getting married, launching a business getting a haircut, starting a job and many others.

On the other hand, there are certain times where implementing a plan can lead to success.  For example, applying for a new job when you have a lunation in the 10th house, and/or in a helpful aspect to the ruler of our 10th house, or ruler of 6th house, will quite likely lead to a new job materializing.  Especially if natal transits or progressions, or solar/lunar returns support that.  Launching a business on a waxing Moon which makes favourable aspects to specific significators is more likely to lead to success.

If we have a lunation in our 7th house (house of relationships and others), or aspecting the ruler of our 7th house, a relationship choice may be presented to us.  Free will comes in when we consider our options, we do not have to take the relationship on offer even though astrology may have predicted it’s appearance.  The same applies for a job which may fall into our laps during a 10th house (career) house lunation.  The option is there but we can say no.  So


Astrology chart of aircrash – Airblue flight 202 from Karachi

There was an awful plane crash today in the hills of Pakistan.  Apparently the weather was very foggy at the time of the crash, and it’s been reported that there are no survivors.  I thought I would take a look at time of the take-off, to see if I could learn anything about the crash and how astrology may symbolically relate to it.  Take-off time was 7.50am from Karachi, 28th July 2010.

The very first thing that strikes me is Algol sitting at the Midheaven. Typically a very malefic star ruling catastrophy, beheading, violence, the ‘Demon Star’.  The Peiades is also close to the MC, this is known as the ‘Weeping Sisters’, also of an unfortunate influence, ruling amongst other things, accidents.

Regulus was rising. This is ‘the royal star’, its said to be very beneficial, but also rules accidents. Regulus does rule success, and also sudden downfall after the success. I’m wondering whether that is symbolic in the flight crashing.

Mercury, natural ruler of flights is conjunct star Phecda and Praecipua, two fortuante stars. The 2nd star also rules bloodbaths.

Uranus and Jupiter are on the cusp of the 8th house of death and transformation, and Mercury is approaching a quincunx with these. I am growing very sure that the quincunx energy is very reactive in triggering events that seem to come out of nowhere. Jupiter rules expansion, Uranus rules sudden shocks, break ups.  So Jupiter is adding expansiveness to Uranus’ sudden shocks, giving extra oomph.  I think Mercury is important in this chart, with its traditional rulership of flights as well as it being prominently place on the Ascendant axis.  It also forms a square to the MC/IC axis, and with the MC having the unfortunate stars there, it looks like an unfortunate square, triggering a tragic event.

The Moon is about to oppose Mercury, but it has two more aspects to make in Aquarius; a conjunction to the illusive Neptune, definately significant in the foggy weather conditions possibly having something to do with the crash, obscuring the view, also conjunct to Chiron, the wounded healer.  Both of these planets are in the sign of the collective, Aquarius, and Moon rules the people in event charts, so the chart is saying the wound to the people was caused by the fog.

The Moon, while opposing Mercury, is setting off the quincunx energy of Mercury to Uranus/Jupiter.  Already unstable, Moon opposing across the cardinal axis spelt sudden disaster of a Neptunian nature.  Perhaps the Jupiter expansion involved added to the death toll of no survivors.
Mars is quincunx with the Neptune/Chiron with the Moon coming along, triggering that energy.  Neptune/Mars aspects indicate hidden or covert actions.  Mars/Neptune here shows to me an inability to see the direct action, Neptune being the illusive planet in a dance with Mars the action planet, also the God of War. The plane couldn’t see where it was going, perhaps, thus causing the crash, along with Mercury’s sight being ‘fogged over’ by an opposition to Neptune.

An awful tragedy, my prayers go out to everyone involved.

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