Mars in Leo – expressing the joy of the inner child (21 Sept 2011)

Mars is now in Leo, the sign that rules the Sun, giving possibilities to creatively express our own inner light and to shine in our own individual ways, to draw out and be proud of what makes each and every one of us unique and special.

There is an interesting yod also formed when Mars quincunxs both Chiron and Pluto from 2/3 degrees Leo this Friday/Saturday. This may help us to root out hidden issues that hold us back from fully expressing and believing in ourselves. We may have forgotten that we are each special – with so much stress in society its easy to loose the specialness and innocence that we were born with. Burdens, worries, thinking of past and worrying about future in these materially uncertain times can cast a shadow over our vitality and weigh us down. There may be deeper seated issues that cause the light to dim and then we get stuck in these patterns, unaware. This yod aspect in the early degrees of Leo may provide a little catalyst to help us re-tune into our inner child.

At the same time, Mars is forming a trine to Uranus in Aries, supporting the need to be unique. The Sun in our charts is where we have the potential to shine, to express the inner child, to play and create… if there is something stiffling us, draining us, withholding us, our vitality will suffer which may express itself in our health and bodies. Mars/Pluto/Chiron can help penetrate to what this may be, and with a bit of help from Uranus gain insight to help us accept and move beyond our blocks.

Mars in Leo – can be a great time to make time to play, take the inner child out for a dance, paint something, draw something, doodle something, make something, laugh, joke, hula hoop, jump up and down, do anything from the heart that brings a smile to the face! ~ the freeness and joy of self expression ~ With Venus in Libra as well as Saturn, we are given the chance to find a balance between the responsibliities that we all need to take on in order to function in society, with creative self expression and giving freedom and acknowledgement to the inner child that needs to smile and have fun.



Venus/Mars yod to Moon/Neptune

Venus now forming a sextile aspect to Mars looks lovely for all matters of relating, however there is a yod now forming from Venus/Mars to Moon, then to Neptune. This seems to be bringing unavoidable awareness to the areas of relating, love and relationships, with other and with ourselves, that we may be deceiving ourselves or others about. There could be a side to ourselves that needs to be faced and transcended in order to get the best out of our relationships with ourselves and with others.

Quincunx are aspects that are ‘out of sight’ and need conscious adjustment, and with two very receptive planets, (well one of them being the Moon) forming quincunxs to this Venus Mars sextile, we may instinctively feel inside what needs adjusting, what needs releasing and changing as the awareness seeps gradually into consciousness. It could be a good time to break out of habitual pattens of relating, if they are doing us or other harm, and try new and heart centered ways. A good time to reconnect and feel at one with ourselves, centered and complete.


Ceres/Pallas Athene yod to Mercury (7th Sept 2011) – nurturance

A yod being formed now from Ceres sextile Pallas Athene, both pointing towards Mercury in Leo. Ceres is the nurturer and rules the cycles of nature, while Pallas represents divine feminine wisdom, Mercury is our thought process and communications/messages/movements. This subtle energy brings awareness to balance in our lives, balancing the way we nurture ourselves, bringing us back in touch with the cycles of nature, helping us listen to the inner voice and needs of the body, needs of the soul. The Mercury opposition to retrograde Neptune may help to internalise the lessons of the Goddesses.

Drawing a card from the Zen deck, ‘Postponement’ shows the person looking from a black and while frame at a colourful and luscious countryside. We mustn’t postpone loving and caring for ourselves, being fair and patient towards ourselves. A busy work life can so easily take us away from ourselves while we loose touch with nature and our own inner cycles and the inner needs of the body. Now is the perfect time to listen to the inner voice, rest if its needed, have fun if there has been too much work, walk in the park or countryside and absorb the energy and sounds of nature, sit in stillness in meditation or contemplation, make a delicious and healthful meal and celebrate it’s goodness.


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