Mercury conjunct Venus in Sagittarius & retrograde (Nov 2011)

Mercury and Venus are travelling together in the sign of Sagittarius until about the 16th December. This unusually long conjunction is due to Mercury slowing down while about to go turn retrograde in motion. A good time to back up all those information holding devices like computers, cameras. While now may not be the best time to sign contracts, buy computers, cameras or any electrical equipment, it is a good time to smooth over long standing problems, tidy up old paperwork or chores that have been left, find more organisation in our lives and in our minds. Mercury/Venus together in harmony is the energy of the diplomat – its a good time to negotiate a fair deal that takes account of all sides involved.

Sagittarius is the sign of the adventurer, this sign loves to dive into the freedom of exploration without thinking too much about the details. This Mercury retrograde period may encourage us to tackle those things that have been put aside for a rainy day. Maybe time to encounter and tidy up that pile of paperwork that has been sitting patiently in the corner. Tying up loose ends at this time frees us up to explore our playful spirit of adventure and broaden our horizons, whether that is through literal travel, study or exploring our philosophy.


New Moon in Scorpio (26th Oct 2011) – renewal and transformation

New Moon in Scorpio! There is an instinctual depth to this phase and this new Moon as we are able to tune into our inner truth. With so many planets in Scorpio (Venus/Mercury/Juno as well as Sun/Moon), as well as Moon sextile Pluto, trine Chiron, the energy of transformation, healing and renewal is opening up to us. We have a potent opportunity to bring integration and healing to issues that may be left over and hidden beneath the surface of our awareness. A chance to truly feel alive as a deeping sense of self understanding is possible.

Pluto, also known as Hades, the ruler of Scorpio wants us to be completely honest, primarily with ourselves. Truth is not always beautiful, harmonious or in line with what we expect. With Pluto, we are able to go deeper, looking into our motivations and maybe understanding ourselves a bit better – discovering our inner truth. When we take the journey into Hades’ world of transformation, renewal and re-birth, we need to be completely naked, metaphorically, releasing all pretence, self-deceptions, harmful situations or people, false hopes – releasing all the things we may carry that may not be the best for our soul’s evolution. During Pluto transits, situations and people may be released from our lives, either through our own will or from outside influences. These people or situations may be harmful to us, no longer in tune with our path, we may have completed our karmic lessons in this lifetime with them. We may find a need to release a vision or dream that, at this time, is not able to manifest. With Pluto releases, the release can help us to truly confront ourselves, completely naked and in a sense, feeling the truth of the soul. From here, re-birth gradually develops as a new chapter now has the space to enter our lives.

Venus/Mercury are also in a challenging square to Mars, bringing focus on finding common ground between the masculine drive for invidual expression and the feminine sensual needs. Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, or in aspect with Pluto, can lead to a fear of loss as well as a need to journey to the utter truth of a matter, past and beyond anything superficial. With all the Scorpio energy, this aspect can lead to intense feelings, iniative to take action, passion or arguments depending on how we express the energies, as we seek to resolve differences and be in tune with the truth of our heart and soul.

Pluto, or Hades, the energy of transformation/re-birth is sometimes feared, a bit like death, the ultimate transformation, is feared. I find it interesting, in scientific terms viewing the demotion of Pluto to a dwarf planet, could this metaphorically represent our unconscious fear of death and change? The energy of Pluto does however bring with it release, transformation, and re-birth and enables us to be completely honest and true to ourselves. The process is so symbolic of a caterpillar emerging from a crysalis into a beautiful butterfly. The process of release gives us the chance to choose how to release as well, either painfully or with love, it is up to us how we choose to go through the process. Coming through a Plutonian transit, or lunar phaes, enables us to ultimatly get in touch and feel our hearts and souls – one of the most empowering things we can do for ourselves.

Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, trine Chiron ~ healing journey (Oct 13th 2011)

There is a certain intensity today and over the next month with a lot of Scorpionic energies in the air! Relationships and communications take on a deeper tone as we get closer to our truth and understanding ourselves and each other. Words and thoughts have an impact, intuition is hightened. Venus and Mercury both in Scorpio forming a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn – double Pluto whammy over the next few days!

It is possible to bring the knowledge from the unconscious or the intuition into a workable form with the ruler of Scorpio in grounded Capricorn. It is a great aspect for seeing and sensing what really matters to us and great for helping sift out and releasing the things that are not intended for us on our journeys. With Pluto, letting go brings inner cleansing and strength as the door is opened for new opportunities organically enter.

I liken Pluto quite a lot to the yoga that I teach, I often say ‘let go’ while holding a yoga posture as we all hold onto so much in the mind which stiffens up the body. Letting go helps the body release inbuild tensions, helping it to open up and become more fluid in the postures. The same applies for life, when we let go, we allow the Universe to bring what is naturally for our highest good.

It’s interesting that both Venus and Mercury passed through, by trine, the healing hands of Chiron before their journey through Scorpio. It feels almost like an initiation and cleansing of the wounds just prior to the detoxifying and transforming journey through Scorpio, to emerge at the other end like a phoenix.


Healing the heart – Venus trine Chiron (10th Oct 2011)

Healing and understanding in our relationships with ourselves, on a soul level, with Venus in aspect with Chiron. A watery element is present with Pisces and Scorpio, allowing us to intuitively feel, sense and know as we touch upon areas that may cause us wounding. A deeper understanding love, relationships and what makes us feel harmony and love in our lives may be found, starting with our relationship with ourselves and our own hearts. Though there is no real seperation from our own heart, to the Universal heart that connects us all in the ethereal plane.

Venus/Neptune/Pallas ~ standing up for love, selfless love and compassion (5th Oct 2011)

Neptune nearly slipped away from view, save for the lovely trine from Venus to Neptune tomorrow also! Love, intuition and logic are the flavours of the day. Venus/Neptune is the epitome of selfless love, a true twin flame vibe. Ego of the self is disolved as it merges with the universal oneness. Even if we just touch upon a sense of this energy, it can be enough to awaken much opening up inside of us and gain trust – in ourselves and in life. There may be a need to surrender oneself for a greater cause, alligning with and defending their visions. There could be an ability to feel and draw upon the etherial beauty and harmony vibrations which are ever present around us if we tune into them through meditation or contemplation.

Some people say that love is soft and for softies, but the pure energy of love is the most strengthening thing we can do for ourselves in body, mind and heart. If there was an archetype to demonstrate this is Pallas Athene in square aspect to Venus/Neptune. The feminine warrier energy of Pallas could bring an awakening of this love inside of us, which we need to defend to ensure it continues to nurture us. Being born in full armour of Zeus’ head, Pallas represents intuitive wisdom and defending on what one sees as right. Perhaps this is a time to stand firm for he spiritual values of connecting, love, relationships, harmony, our values and how these things can ultimately help connect us with a higher source. Venus/Neptune/Pallas may help us access the wisdom of other the dreams, senses, intuition and general societal trends. All of those objects are at later degrees, its almost as if they really want and need to express their energies at this time. What an interesting combination – love, intuition and cool rationale, I think those all combined as they are can move mountains!

With the lovely Venus/Neptune/Pallas aspect, I draw ‘Going with the Flow’ from the Zen deck, reminding me of the fluidity of allowing in life. With love, beauty, relationships, values, romance, art… the most beautiful times are often times which just seemed to flow without too much planning. With a Venus/Neptune trine, love, romance, harmony and selfless love are in the air and where these are concerned, it may be most natural to let go, surrender and go with the flow of the river of life. Allow the inspiration to flood in as control is surrendered, drawing upon a strength from within.

Creative expression and form – Venus, Juno, Saturn opposite Lilith (30th Sept 2011)

Building now, there is a focus on bringing form, balance and structure to the things we love in life, the things that bring us joy, the things that bring delight to our hearts, our relationships with ourselves and with others. How committed are we to our hearts, to bringing joy into our lives, to the healing energy of love and life, to living more with an open heart. Juno, Venus and Saturn in Libra are combining opposite a firey and assertive Lilith in Aries. There could be a need to acknowledge the part of our instinctual natures that are sometimes pushed aside, denied or repressed. This could be part of our sexual natures and sexual energy that asks for recognition and/or expression through personal relationship, art, writing, dance but may be denied for varying reasons. We may be challenged to go beyond the blocks and fears that inhibit a full expression of our innermost desires, or, a challenge to understand and befriend our more hidden, unconscious sides, giving creative expression and form to our inner natures.

For centuries, in Western society, the energy of Lilith, the feminine, instinctual and sexual energy has been repressed by a dominant patriarchy, but now in these times it is re-emerging as we become more whole as individuals. We are more and more celebrating our feminine instinctual side equally with our assertive masculine sides. Integrating, acknowledging and accepting all sides of our nature helps us grow and evolve, becoming whole and strong in ourselves while being able to open our hearts to the pure vibrations of universal love and light. There may be a temptation to swing too much one way or the other, between structure and liberating our instinctual natures, but ultimately, I feel, energies balance themselves out as we learn and discover about ourselves. With Saturn involved, there are lessons to learn through the Goddesses Venus, Juno and Lilith, which ultimately help us find balance within ourselves.

Venus square Pluto – “thank you” and release (18th Sept 2011)

Venus in Libra opposing Uranus now moves onto square to Pluto, while the Moon wanes as it approaches its final quarter in this cycle. Another aspect of this transit, especially with the waning Moon now, can be letting go and surrender. Venus in Libra wants us to find harmonious balance in our lives and in the way we relate to others and to ourselves. Combined with the ‘heavy’ outer planets Uranus and Pluto, some deep exploration is required in this cycle in these areas of our lives. It can be painful to make the discovery of what we have hidden from ourselves all this time, but also so liberating to be able to let that go and understand ourselves a bit deeper. Waning Moon is also about release and let-go, Venus/Pluto wants a deep examination of what needs to be released, whether its an attitude, a feeling, or an actual person or situation. Through releasing what is no longer useful or helpful to our evolution, releasing something that we have learned all we can from, helps to free us up for new energies to enter our lives that are more intune with where we are presently.

As I personally find myself confronted with relationships that I know need to be released, lovingly, I realise it is time to re-empower myself (Pluto) and establish some balance (Venus in Libra) in these areas. The most powerful way of releasing, I find, is to simply and lovingly say “thank you”, to them and to myself for having the learning experience and now being able to release it and move on. No anguish, no pain, no bitterness, no malice… a lovely nurturing way of releasing and closure, simply to say “thank you”. The energy/vibration of these words and their meaning resonates throughout every cell in the body, releasing supressed pain that can result in subtle stiffness in limbs, movements and primarly in the mind. The loving energy of ‘thank you’, I sense, acts as a healing balm over the past, grounding the painful vibrations and transforming them into something that grounds and enshrouds us with love and acceptance. The pain is transformed into acceptance and relief, the weight is lifted. More energetic space is created for a new cycle in life to begin in its own time.

Venus opposite Uranus – awakening love! (16th Sept 2011)

Venus opposite Uranus can manifest in so many ways, we could be reaching to find new, original ways to express love, we may suddenly fall in love, or even out of love! Our love nature may suddenly be awakened as our eyes open to the beauty that is all around us – maybe suddenly recognising the delicate, full bodied beauty of the autumn leaves maturing and ready let go… Opening the heart wide to embrace the healing power of nature and power of love.

Venus comes opposite Uranus, close to square Pluto now for a reason, its like a double whammy of exploration, release and transformation of the way we love, relate to ourselves and the world around us, something we cannot ignore. In the modern world where we have everything at our finger tips, the very basic nature of life can be so easily overlooked. We are overstimulated in this information age with internet, mobile internet, mobile phones, text, email, tv, always wired up to something – the most natural essence of life, LOVE, needs to be awakened at this time as this is the most healing and grounding way we can be – in the vibration of love.


Venus t-square Uranus and Pluto – being true to our values (15th Sept 2011)

Venus is about to enter Libra, one of her home signs where she is comfortable and at ease expressing herself. This happens 15th Sept, 02.44GMT. Themes of balance, harmony, fairness, our values and possessions, relationships and relating will be a strong focus. What areas of life are out of balance currently, how can we smooth over areas of disharmony, has everyone’s opinion been considered, are we being fair to ourselves and to others, how much love do we allow ourselves to feel…

First off, the Goddess’ adventure in Libra begins on the 16th with a quincunx to Chiron, the wounded healer, teacher and the bridge to the outer planets and our higher minds. It can be a chance to let go of past hurts, with the loving energy of Venus. With the energy of love and forgiveness, we are opening our own hearts to recieve love as it flows in from a Universal source. Venus then flows into a t-square with the Uranus/Pluto square, opposing Uranus then squaring Pluto. Realisations can be made regarding the things that we value, our relationships, our manner of relating, how we relate to ourselves, how much love we feel in ourselves. Uranus is the awakener and the planet of change, though the change can be big or small depending on what else is going on at the time. There may be urges to be more independant, rejection of freedom, need to try something new, to break out of a rut, to revitalise and re-energise.

Uranus wants us to be honest with ourselves, do we really feel free to enjoy life and all it’s beauty, or do we feel hemmed in and confined by some external, or internal, belief or system? It could be a time to re-assess our values and what is most important to us. Pluto deepens and takes us into our unconscious, healing through transforming, letting go of what no longer belongs on our path. This seems to be asking us to be really true to our core values, at this point in time, to see with open eyes what matters most to us.

As Uranus and Pluto square over the next few years, we will all be undergoing alot of inner change and on a societal level. The inner planets will all interact with this square during their cyclic journey around the horoscope giving us a wonderful time of truth and self-discovery. When we are hemmed in by outworn values, hold onto past hurts, unforgiving and cynical, tied up by too much convention, we cannot experience and enjoy the whole spectrum of life, freely and truly. Uranus and Pluto want to take us past the things that limit us, hold us back, dampen us down and into a richer world of self-acceptance, truth and freedom.


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Venus/Mars yod to Moon/Neptune

Venus now forming a sextile aspect to Mars looks lovely for all matters of relating, however there is a yod now forming from Venus/Mars to Moon, then to Neptune. This seems to be bringing unavoidable awareness to the areas of relating, love and relationships, with other and with ourselves, that we may be deceiving ourselves or others about. There could be a side to ourselves that needs to be faced and transcended in order to get the best out of our relationships with ourselves and with others.

Quincunx are aspects that are ‘out of sight’ and need conscious adjustment, and with two very receptive planets, (well one of them being the Moon) forming quincunxs to this Venus Mars sextile, we may instinctively feel inside what needs adjusting, what needs releasing and changing as the awareness seeps gradually into consciousness. It could be a good time to break out of habitual pattens of relating, if they are doing us or other harm, and try new and heart centered ways. A good time to reconnect and feel at one with ourselves, centered and complete.


Jupiter into Taurus June 2011 (4th June 2011)

Jupiter has now entered the sign of Taurus, which helps slow things down after being in fast paced Aries and here he remains until June 2012. It is a time to  enjoy the pleasures of life, renew faith in nature and all things natural.

Jupiter represents our faith, our philosophical beliefs and optimism. It is where we have options to expand our lives, where luck is quite often ‘on our side’. When we have faith and optimism, we tend to be following our hearts so the Universe naturally opens things up for us in this direction which could be partly where Jupiter gets his ‘greater benefic’ status, bestowing his generosity upon us. Jupiter also rules religion, beliefs, travel and education, expanding our realm of experience with new possibilities.

Jupiter in Taurus is beneficial for earth signs Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus, as the planet of luck will be trine to their Sun signs. Jupiter brings a very optimistic vibe to whatever he touches – anything seems possible when Jupiter passes by and takes our hand. We may even be too optimistic and promise too much at these times! Another side to Jupiter is the way he expands and magnifies what he touches. This can have a down side if Jupiter is squaring something in your money house, overspending and overextending! If Jupiter is squaring the natal Moon, you may become over emotional, over nurturing, giving to much. Squaring Mars, too much energy that needs to be channeled somewhere, elevated sex drive. At best, Jupiter transits are great time to begin new ventures and approach people optimistically, as long as both feet are firmly on the ground and plans are checked for logical reality as Jupiter can encourage us to overreach.

With Jupiter in Taurus, our faith and belief is now directed towards building a place of security for ourselves and settling down after the new activities started during the Jupiter in Aries period, though we still have Uranus in Aries for some time to come, so things won’t be getting dull any time soon! Taurus is the sign ruled by Venus, covering areas such as love, money, security, values, possessions, beauty and art, nature, luxury and sensual experiences. These areas will be highlighted for us over the coming year as we feel an urge to expand and grow these things in our lives. Making life more comfortable, enjoying nature and being in the present moment is one expression of this energy, enjoying the simplicity of life, nature and the world around us from a place of inner security and comfort. The energy of Venus is significant as Jupiter’s depositor is in her home sign, Taurus.  This may help renew faith in the feminine side of ourselves, the Divine Feminine, being happy just ‘being’ and enjoying the pleasures of life and living – in tune with our hearts and in tune with the Earth so we may live more harmoniously with this planet and each other.

For the Jupiter ingress Taurus chart, (the chart for the moment Jupiter enters Taurus), Mercury and Moon are also in their home signs, respectively Gemini and Cancer, while Jupiter has moved into the sign of Moon’s exhaltation. With the Moon prominent, this brings a theme of nurturance to the year ahead and to our philosophical values. This will play an important part for us, entwined with forming a secure inner foundation and warming the hearth of our inner home. Finding a place of security in the world starts from within ourselves and now is an excellent time to build upon this.

This nurturance could include family, either related or people we consider family. Communications and talking could form a part of building secure ties, with Mercury in its home sign of Gemini. Mercury is also on the midpoint of the Sun and Venus, so listening to each other actively and really hearing what the other person is saying will help in harmonising relations, giving a feeling of connection. Taking the time to be with people we consider close to us and share our ideas with each other, rather than rushing about in our own separate worlds may take priority.

Sun in trine with Saturn provides a sense of stability and helps establish a feeling of security . We may find lots of fresh inspiration and ways to express our ideas and thoughts with the help of the sextile from Mercury to Uranus. Ideas are free flowing and those that we follow up on are likely to be quite long lasting with the help of stabilising Saturn. Ideas could be innovative towards new ways of relating to our earth, letting go of the old unhealthy ways. We seem to be building something that will last now. Being open and adaptable at this time will help. This could be a time of blowing away castles in the sky and following the plans that will really lead us to lasting happiness and inner security, with the departing square from Mercury to Neptune, though there is plenty of inspiration to draw upon. Maybe we find a connection to the imagination/other realm/universal consciousness of Neptune inspiring a forward thinking vision in our minds. The Sun/Saturn trine may help greatly keeping these ideas real.

Mercury is very busy in this Jupiter cycle, also giving us a push to work through issues that may have been brewing, helped from the ingoing square to Chiron. We may be encouraged to explore and release feelings of insecurity, maybe issues with how we assert ourselves or how we handle our power and whether we give our power over to others too readily, with the quincunx to Pluto. It does look like a process of deep introspection happening. Some people may push too far due to feelings of insecurity, taking power from others or repressing them, or the opposite and totally project their power onto someone, usually unconsciously. These could be issues that need to be healed, accepted and balanced out with the ‘Wounded Healer Chiron’ involved.

Jupiter trine to Pluto in the earth signs will help in providing a feeling of security and substance. Jupiter expands and Pluto rules power and money, so this is big money, but for who? Pluto in Capricorn asks us to build structures that will last, responsible use of power. Jupiter in Taurus trine to Pluto will add substance and faith to this structure building. This could be in the form of money and building a large financial base, there may be big payments for some people, or we may find a real connection to nature and more natural side of life. Venus in Taurus also rules money as well as possessiveness which may be amplified at this time. Simply through a fear of loosing does one hold on too tightly, which creates an imbalance. Karmically though things do naturally balance out and Jupiter also rules the law of Nature, as well as the law of our courts and justice systems. The square from Uranus, still building, seems to suggest rebellion from people being born out of the possessiveness of those in power; a breaking out of the old structures into the new, possibly quite dramatically and assertively through being in the cardinal signs. People are ready for change, it has been building for some time, waiting for a catalyst. Pluto square to the midpoint of Lilith and Uranus (both freedom lovers in the fighting sign of Aries) may bring drastic changes and perhaps this Jupiter cycle will play a part in that, forming part of our philosophical values.

Venus square the nodes (6th Sept 2011)

Venus in square with the nodes today, love may be a focus, an energy in the air. Loving kindness, being gentle with ourselves, being tender with ourselves. True love starts from within, like a flower blossoming, radiating it’s beauty outwards. We need to find ways to be gentle with ourselves, forgive ourselves and feel the inner home, leading to inner peace. Reaching inwards to find the qualities of Venus enables us to touch other’s hearts, and for them to touch ours.

Venus and Sun in Virgo, trine Pluto, Mercury rx and Moon waning (23/8/2011)

Sun and Venus now in Virgo, bringing focus on health, service and getting some organisation into one’s life. Bringing things together in a grounded way in the life creates space to pursue dreams and goals. Venus and Sun both forming an ingoing trine to Pluto in Cap and then trine to Jupiter in Taurus, while Moon still waning and Mercury retrograde… definately feels like a good time to get down to earth, clear out all those things either externally or internally that clog up our paths, creating space to make way for a new cycle to commence.

Last quarter Moon, Moon conjunct Algol, Sun/Venus opposite Neptune

Last quarter Moon today, Moon conjunct Algol from Taurus squares Sun in Leo. Along with that, Mars is heading towards a square to Saturn with Mercury still retrograde and combust. Mars and Saturn are in mutual reception by detriment and Mars is the dominant planet of the two, being ahead of Saturn in the natural movement of planets in the sky. This looks interesting as Moon forms a temporary t-square to Sun opposition Neptune.

Frustration and tense reactions may rise… breathe, trust that we are guided on the path that is the right way for us at this time. This could be a frustrating time, but also a good time to cut through illusions and let go of ideals that are not serving our higher purpose, while the Moon is in her final quarter preparing for a new cycle to commence. Mars forms a sextile to Jupiter which may help soothe some of the more grizzly moments, giving spiritual/philosophical backup to see beyond the initial appearance of things to the possible soul evolution that can come out of this time.

Venus, then Mercury cazimi Sun while Mars approaches eclipse degree (15-17/8/2011)

Lots of things happening this August week as firstly Venus is cazimi Sun today from 9am (GMT) until Wednesday midday, 22 to 24 degree Leo, while on Tuesday Mercury joins in until Wedesday 4am. This means the planets will be within 17 arc minutes from a conjunction with the Sun – being in the ‘heart of the king’, enthused and empowered with the energy of the Sun, adding and enhancing the energies of both Venus and Mercury. Venus rules romance, love, relationships, money, values, diplomacy, harmony, she wants to make life as easy and pleasant as possible and for everyone to be happy. Mercury rules communications, journeys, travel. Bold statements and expressions very possible now with the ability to really make a statement. This could range from an amazing declaration of love to bold discussions about money, either one is likely to flow more easily now. There can be bold demonstrations of love, wealth, glamour, feeling generally confident about oneself while the power of communication is greatly enhanced. It may be easier to create something beautiful and bold, to stand out and shine in the area that Venus and Mercury rules in your chart. A wonderful time to make amends with the past also, as Mercury is still retrograde, to ensure a more balanced present which continues to a positive future.

This also occurs as Mars approaches conjunction with the July solar eclipse degree (9 degree Cancer). That solar eclipse was also in square to transiting Saturn, indicating some work to be done in order to achieve results. Transiting Mars was in sextile to Saturn, maybe helping out a bit in that eclipse formation bringing the motivation necessary to do with Saturnian work. However, transiting Lilith was also opposing the Saturn, maybe bringing about a karmic meeting of some form. And finally but no way least, that eclipse was also opposed to transiting Pluto (empowerment, transformation) and trine to Chiron (spiritual warrior, healer, teacher), giving the potential for deep, spiritual healing and integration of unconsious paterns. Quite a busy eclipse that one was, now with Mars coming to trigger it all off at the same time as the Venus/Mercury cazimi in Leo.

This could mean that the areas in the natal chart ruled by Venus and Mercury, as well as their natal placement, could be ‘shining’ and out on show right now, especially where the transiting Venus/Sun/Mercury is aspecting. New projects could be given extra stimuli, enhanced and elevated, also depending on where the eclipse fell in the natal chart, the planets it aspected and the aspects made from the transiting planets. Lots happening this week as certain areas start to open up, the foggyness of the Mercury/Neptune opposition hopefully is also fading, bringing more clarity.

(the pink picture is a mandala of the pattern that Venus makes at each conjunction of the Sun viewed from Earth)

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