Grand cross ~ Vesta, Mars, Jupiter and Moon (29th Sept 2011)

A little grand cross today with Moon in Scorpio, square Mars in Leo, square Vesta in Aquarius, opposite Jupiter in Taurus. Could this be… an example of how we choose to combine our individual talents and goals in service to society. We cannot ignore our own needs for comfort, as the saying goes, the cup has to be full in order to quench another’s thirst, but, using the full cup then to help others in our own unique ways which can bring about much transformation within society and within ourselves, if we are true to our own inner flame.


Autumnal Equinox (23rd Sept 2011) & Libra ingress

The Autumnal Equinox is a beautiful and symbolic time of balance, both within us and surrounding us in the nature, Earth and skies. During this phase, the length of day and night are more or less of equal length, marking the end of the summertime as we make the transition towards winter. The Sun also ingresses into the sign of Libra at this time – the sign of balance and harmony in all our relationships. From this point onwards, the daylight decreases as night time increases, marking a symbolic journey into the Underworld, the inner journey of self discovery, the journey into the senses, intuition and wisdom as we draw upon the harvest of all that we have experienced so far.

At the equinox, it a lovely time to contemplate and meditate upon the balance that is around us and within us as we come into the present moment. The inner journey is primarily a solitary one, yet it is one we are all on, shared in a wordless wisdom, knowing and being. The Underworld, the unconscious, or subconscious, areas of our lives that are not primarily in conscious awareness, areas that we choose to put aside for now to deal with later, sides of ourselves that have not been faced, or simply just learning to ‘be’ rather than distracting ourselves continously is not something to be feared, though like the energy of Pluto, it can be a little unerving at first as one senses the advent of change and inner growth. However, it is through facing the unconscious, facing the aspects of ourselves that exist but may be ignored, we grow whole, strong and fulfilled. The Autumnal equinox marks a point in time to embrace the inner journey towards self discovery which brings us into balance with our own day and night. It is a perfect time to get in touch with the inner balance that comes from finding a quiet time to re-connect with ourselves and ground our energies back within us. During the Autumn the harvest gathers up the sustenance that keeps us going through the hard months of winter, in the same way, through connecting with ourselves in some quiet time each day, we draw upon a sustenance that can only be felt in the heart and soul. This ever present energy helps to see us through the hard times, provides a spark of light in the darkest night.

Looking at the Libra ingress chart for September 2011, the asteroid 55 Pandora conjunct Fortuna both in trine to Jupiter at 9 degrees Virgo and Taurus the earth signs. This ties into the Underworld theme of self discovery as Pandora can open our eyes to things we may want to keep locked away, similar to Saturn with his lessons and who is in exhaltation in the sign of Libra. Pandora with Jupiter may bring wisdom and guidance during the coming months as we integrate our discoveries, both inner and outer, with wisdom and understanding. Pandora can also be a scapegoat in soceity whereby one person, Pandora, does or says something wrong and attracts all kinds of anger and negativities from other members of society, whereas these others also do and think the same thing as the Pandora person but cannot admit it to themselves, thus projecting it outwards onto the nearest scapegoat. Whether we become the scapegoat, or we project our ‘darker’ or more hidden traits outwards, the trine from Juptier as well as meditation and contemplation can help us to discover what traits actually belong to us, and what belongs to the other person. Another aspect of Pandora is the hope that was left in the box after all the other ills had flown out. Even when one bad thing after another keeps happening, there is always hope and faith, with Juptier combined, even if it is just the tiniest bit of hope, it is always there.

Mars in Leo is exactly trine Uranus, also heading to an inconjunct with Pluto, just having passed inconjunct to Chiron. Another aspect of penetrating enquiry into what we may need to release, accept and heal in order to fully express and explore the inner, fun loving child. Flashes of insight are available as well as alot of energy to break free past restrictive barriers, going to the root of the matter. This Mars is forming a mutually ingoing square to Jupiter while Sun sextiles Mars, adding a good deal of motivation, drive and energy that needs an outlet of expression and can be used to work towards our goals. The transformation and deep theme continues with Sun in square to Pluto while opposing Uranus, highlighting our coming time of change within society. This is the early stage of the Uranus/Pluto square which continues and matures, finally fading after 2015. The changes are happening all around us, Uranus in Aries seems to be bringing much change at speed with Pluto breaking down old outworn structures to make way for something new and more in line with our current state of evolution. This is happening within us and is relfected outwards in our societies.

What to do in such times of change? The only constant in all this change is the eternal moment of ‘now’, everything else is in constant motion and cannot truly be grasped. To become fluid and flow with the changes gracefully is to be one with the moment, feeling the natural law of the universe, of change and also of constant peace energising every cell in the mind, body and soul. Mars in Leo at this time may also be calling us to express what we have inside in ways that are playful to us, be bold and confident in our uniqueness, tune into our inner light and re-discovery our vitality through the process of self discovery, understanding and empowerment during the winter months. We have an inner harvest full of more than enough to sustain us and re-vitalise us when we need it, we simply need to tune into our inner wealth, letting go of what stifles and holds us back, tuning into what makes the heart feel alive. what makes our hearts feel warm. strong and alive.

Pluto stations direct & Mercury/Jupiter/Pluto grand trine (12/13 Sept 2011)

Mercury is forming a grand trine with Jupiter and Pluto in the earth element now, its not exact but strong enough to have an effect – thoughts, ideas and communications all have the benefit of Pluto’s depth and truth seeking and Jupiter’s wisdom and optimistic expansion. Moon today brings a Uranian energy  joining the grand trine through a square to Pluto while conjunct Uranus which can reveal a need to make any necessary changes to outworn ways of doing things.

Thoughts and communications have a certain depth and ability to penetrate to the truth past all surface periphery, while some gentle guidance along this path comes from Jupiter inspiring wisdom, faith and self-belief. It may become clear what works for us, what doesn’t and why. The Mercury/Pluto aspect is a bit of a detective and with wise old Jupiter along side, no stone can be left unturned in the search for the truth behind the motivation; great for analysis, detective work, accounting, anything that you can put your mind to with the intention of seeing it through to the end. It is good for seeing to our own truth, it can be a great aspect to see if we have been deceiving ourselves about something in our lives, then releasing this with an energy of love/faith/trust/acceptance. It can help us to see the truth in situations around us as we find it in ourselves.

Uncannily, I drew the tarot card Death as I meditate on this astro aspect. The ruler of this card, Pluto, is also stationing direct as we speak at 4,53 Capricorn. This gives him a potency, more than he already has! It looks like it is time to make the changes in our lives that may have been brewing in the mind since April this year when Pluto turned retrograde. Pluto rules transformation, release, power and empowerment in its higher manifestation, in its lower it rules manipulation, domination and secrecy.

It could be a time to transform an area of your life that you’ve been thinking of for sometime, it could be a time to move on and release something or someone that has been harmful in some way in your life. Pluto, I feel can be associated with an alchemist in his work with the unconscious. The energy of the planet has the ability to see into the unconscious in it’s rawest and basest forms, pure truth with no holes barred and through seeing the root of our motivations with acceptance, understanding, patience and love, we are able to gain greater self understanding and self empowerment, turning a previous area of darkness into pure gold. Look to where Pluto sits in your natal chart, when he is transiting and the house he rules plus aspects he makes to see where these changes can now be brought into the light of day.

Jupiter into Taurus June 2011 (4th June 2011)

Jupiter has now entered the sign of Taurus, which helps slow things down after being in fast paced Aries and here he remains until June 2012. It is a time to  enjoy the pleasures of life, renew faith in nature and all things natural.

Jupiter represents our faith, our philosophical beliefs and optimism. It is where we have options to expand our lives, where luck is quite often ‘on our side’. When we have faith and optimism, we tend to be following our hearts so the Universe naturally opens things up for us in this direction which could be partly where Jupiter gets his ‘greater benefic’ status, bestowing his generosity upon us. Jupiter also rules religion, beliefs, travel and education, expanding our realm of experience with new possibilities.

Jupiter in Taurus is beneficial for earth signs Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus, as the planet of luck will be trine to their Sun signs. Jupiter brings a very optimistic vibe to whatever he touches – anything seems possible when Jupiter passes by and takes our hand. We may even be too optimistic and promise too much at these times! Another side to Jupiter is the way he expands and magnifies what he touches. This can have a down side if Jupiter is squaring something in your money house, overspending and overextending! If Jupiter is squaring the natal Moon, you may become over emotional, over nurturing, giving to much. Squaring Mars, too much energy that needs to be channeled somewhere, elevated sex drive. At best, Jupiter transits are great time to begin new ventures and approach people optimistically, as long as both feet are firmly on the ground and plans are checked for logical reality as Jupiter can encourage us to overreach.

With Jupiter in Taurus, our faith and belief is now directed towards building a place of security for ourselves and settling down after the new activities started during the Jupiter in Aries period, though we still have Uranus in Aries for some time to come, so things won’t be getting dull any time soon! Taurus is the sign ruled by Venus, covering areas such as love, money, security, values, possessions, beauty and art, nature, luxury and sensual experiences. These areas will be highlighted for us over the coming year as we feel an urge to expand and grow these things in our lives. Making life more comfortable, enjoying nature and being in the present moment is one expression of this energy, enjoying the simplicity of life, nature and the world around us from a place of inner security and comfort. The energy of Venus is significant as Jupiter’s depositor is in her home sign, Taurus.  This may help renew faith in the feminine side of ourselves, the Divine Feminine, being happy just ‘being’ and enjoying the pleasures of life and living – in tune with our hearts and in tune with the Earth so we may live more harmoniously with this planet and each other.

For the Jupiter ingress Taurus chart, (the chart for the moment Jupiter enters Taurus), Mercury and Moon are also in their home signs, respectively Gemini and Cancer, while Jupiter has moved into the sign of Moon’s exhaltation. With the Moon prominent, this brings a theme of nurturance to the year ahead and to our philosophical values. This will play an important part for us, entwined with forming a secure inner foundation and warming the hearth of our inner home. Finding a place of security in the world starts from within ourselves and now is an excellent time to build upon this.

This nurturance could include family, either related or people we consider family. Communications and talking could form a part of building secure ties, with Mercury in its home sign of Gemini. Mercury is also on the midpoint of the Sun and Venus, so listening to each other actively and really hearing what the other person is saying will help in harmonising relations, giving a feeling of connection. Taking the time to be with people we consider close to us and share our ideas with each other, rather than rushing about in our own separate worlds may take priority.

Sun in trine with Saturn provides a sense of stability and helps establish a feeling of security . We may find lots of fresh inspiration and ways to express our ideas and thoughts with the help of the sextile from Mercury to Uranus. Ideas are free flowing and those that we follow up on are likely to be quite long lasting with the help of stabilising Saturn. Ideas could be innovative towards new ways of relating to our earth, letting go of the old unhealthy ways. We seem to be building something that will last now. Being open and adaptable at this time will help. This could be a time of blowing away castles in the sky and following the plans that will really lead us to lasting happiness and inner security, with the departing square from Mercury to Neptune, though there is plenty of inspiration to draw upon. Maybe we find a connection to the imagination/other realm/universal consciousness of Neptune inspiring a forward thinking vision in our minds. The Sun/Saturn trine may help greatly keeping these ideas real.

Mercury is very busy in this Jupiter cycle, also giving us a push to work through issues that may have been brewing, helped from the ingoing square to Chiron. We may be encouraged to explore and release feelings of insecurity, maybe issues with how we assert ourselves or how we handle our power and whether we give our power over to others too readily, with the quincunx to Pluto. It does look like a process of deep introspection happening. Some people may push too far due to feelings of insecurity, taking power from others or repressing them, or the opposite and totally project their power onto someone, usually unconsciously. These could be issues that need to be healed, accepted and balanced out with the ‘Wounded Healer Chiron’ involved.

Jupiter trine to Pluto in the earth signs will help in providing a feeling of security and substance. Jupiter expands and Pluto rules power and money, so this is big money, but for who? Pluto in Capricorn asks us to build structures that will last, responsible use of power. Jupiter in Taurus trine to Pluto will add substance and faith to this structure building. This could be in the form of money and building a large financial base, there may be big payments for some people, or we may find a real connection to nature and more natural side of life. Venus in Taurus also rules money as well as possessiveness which may be amplified at this time. Simply through a fear of loosing does one hold on too tightly, which creates an imbalance. Karmically though things do naturally balance out and Jupiter also rules the law of Nature, as well as the law of our courts and justice systems. The square from Uranus, still building, seems to suggest rebellion from people being born out of the possessiveness of those in power; a breaking out of the old structures into the new, possibly quite dramatically and assertively through being in the cardinal signs. People are ready for change, it has been building for some time, waiting for a catalyst. Pluto square to the midpoint of Lilith and Uranus (both freedom lovers in the fighting sign of Aries) may bring drastic changes and perhaps this Jupiter cycle will play a part in that, forming part of our philosophical values.

Moon trine Sun, Sun square Jupiter/Uranus (16/12/2010)

Moon trine Sun to start the day today – we are more in tune with ourselves after the recent excitement and stresses of Pluto/Mars/Mercury. It’s a bit like the calm after the storm where we are able to assess the damage and begin the clear-up operation. After this, Sun today and tomorrow in square to Jupiter (24 degree……s) and Uranus (26 degrees). Some feelings of extravagence and erratic or unusual situations can happen today including sudden, grand gestures or even moral ego clashes or dogmatic approaches. Although, also today Moon sextile Neptune and Chiron in humanitarian Aquaruis might ease our emotions, lending their inspirational and healing energies to us. Maybe we will be able to bend a little bit during any ego battles.

There is also an interesting yod being formed to the Goddess asteriod Juno (the (usually faithfull) wife of Jupiter). Moon sextile Neptune/Chiron is forming the base, pointing towards Juno. This only happens for a brief few hours around midday GMT. During this time, our awareness may be brought into focus on our committments and any vows we have taken to our beloved. Perhaps asking us to assess them, examine them and see what might need healing and where we might need to sacrifice. Or, we could be examining our committment to ourselves, seeing how we inspire ourselves or find inspiration for ourselves, where we sacrifice and how we heal ourselves.

Saturn/Mars opposite Uranus/Jupiter/Moon square Pluto!

There is t-square now forming in the skies, which consists of Saturn in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries, both forming a square to Pluto in Capricorn.   These planets are slow moving, generational in effect and long lasting.  Their combined energy is ‘waiting in the wings’, so to speak, just waiting to be triggered by an inner planet which is associated with action, or the Moon which also acts as a trigger. 

Today, 30th July, we have two such planets willing to do the deed – Mars has joined Saturn at 0 degrees Libra, with the Moon joining Uranus at 0 degrees Aries.  Jupiter is close by at 3 degrees Aries.  These two planets, Mars and Moon are acting as triggers which can result in events associated with the energies of Uranus/Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto – this can be anything from expansive enlightnement to sudden break-ups and violence.  Moon opposing Mars is a volatile energy in itself – and with Moon in Aries, the emotional air will be assertive, and/or aggressive.  Mars in Libra can represent an assertive urge to create balance.  But at what cost?   There is definately the urge to get things done.  We may have a feeling of emotionally being opposed to someone else’s dominating attitude.  There could be alot of change happening around us these few days, could be quite fast moving, sudden and unexpected.  With Uranus involved, whatever you think will occur, something completely different usually arrives.  

Mars joining the opposition adds to the mix the will to get things going, with Mars being the ruler of action, will, aggression, war.  Saturn in Libra is adding structure, and lessons in life, to the sign of balance, relationships and harmony.  It’s a real interesting energy in the air, feels like something new is in the process of happening. Maybe the feeling of breaking out of the old mold and heading towards the new. Mars maybe giving the drive to put all that latent energy into action at this point in time, along with Moon driving the emotions. Uranus in Aries wants to shake things up, change and get things moving, quite suddenly, in a new and different direction which generally enlightens us out of our usual expectations. A strong Libran Saturn standing there amongst all those rebels, but Saturn is happy in Libra, so maybe he adds form and structure to those guys, stabilising an otherwise very erratic energy.

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