Moon trine Mercury rx, Moon opposite Neptune/Chiron – boomerang aspect (23-27/12/2010)

Moon enters Leo midday (GMT) on 23rd, bringing a showy and grand kind of emotional feel where we need to feel that we are the best. Leo is the sign of the showman/woman being ruled Sun, the brightest object in our solar system. With Moon in Leo, gestures may be grand, almost Kingly and even bossy as we want to be the centre of attention and so a few ego challenges may arise along the way as we fight for the centre stage. The Moon also offers the subject of its affection incredible warmth, sharing its life giving rays of light and love – a bit like the feeling of sitting in front of a warm, crackling fire place in the winter.

Towards the early hours of Christmas day, at about 1am (GMT) just as Santa dashes past with his reindeer, the Moon still travelling through the sign of Leo forms a trine to the retrograde Mercury. This might help us by forming an emotional bridge to any troubled communication, with the Moon lending her emotional support to the typical communication problems that a retrograde can bring. Communications could be warm, lively, grand as well as having a showy  or even take charge feel to them.

Later in the day, from 7-9am (GMT), the Moon forms an opposition to the Neptune/Chiron duo while inconjuncting Ceres at the same time as an inconjunct to Jupiter/Uranus. This give us an emotional aspect known as a boomerang for those few hours on Christmas day. The focus, or action point becomes our emotions and the reaction point is Neptune/Chiron with Ceres and Jupiter supporting. This could bring focus to our emotional needs where we need to find emotional outlets for our self-expression. The reaction point being Neptune and Chiron could lead us to explore inspirational, spiritual and healing ways to express our emotional needs, or, we could explore where we may be deceiving ourselves and thus wounding ourselves. This aspect could help to show us how to sacrifice our own emotional needs to be the best in favour giving inspiration, nurturing and maybe even a level of teaching to others, or it could help us find a way to combine our needs with the needs of others.

Coming up towards the 27th December is Sun conjunct Pluto as well as Mars squaring Saturn. Two very hard working and focused aspects, there is alot of power there just waiting to be expressed. We may feel the urge to work hard, or we could be feeling a sense of frustration. More on these after Christmas.

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