Predictive astrology

With an understanding of the natal chart, there are many methods that we can use to get an idea of the current influences in our lives as well as future trends that we are building towards. The progressed chart gives us a link to our inner development stages, where and how we are evolving and focusing on. When a progressed planet links into a natal planet by aspect, the influence will be potent in a person’s life. Otherwise their influence is more or less a background one.

Progressions often have to be triggered by a planetary transit and/or an eclipse,especially when they are aspecting a natal planet. ‘Transits’ are the movements of the planets in the sky at the the present time. They are in constant motion and we study how their movements are interacting with our natal planets as well as with each other. A look at the transits of the outer planets shows us any transitional influences, their nature and the areas of our lives they are bringing their energies to. Transits of the outer planets tend to be tied in with major life turning points and changes of life perspective. The inner planets show more day to day influences.  

The solar and lunar eclipses occur in pairs at two, three or sometimes more times during the year. These often act as triggers to major evolutionary change and turning points in our lives depending on where the eclipses are falling in our charts. They follow the path of the lunar nodes and are linked to fate where our destiny seems to be temporarily out of our hands, as if fate has taken a hand in our affairs. Solar eclipses are new Moons which mark times of new beginnings and renewal, but these are much more potent than the ordinary new Moons which occur every month. Lunar eclipses are full Moons and mark times of change, culmination, endings and completion, but again these are more potent then the monthly full Moon. Often, a seed of change will be planted at the solar eclipse, with it’s fruit ripening gradually through the year and being a major focus in our lives. 

Lunations are the new and full Moon phases that occur approx every 28/29 days. These phases mark times of realisations, change, beginnings and endings in the different chapters of our lives, with the details depending on how they aspect our natal and progressed charts. They also show the area of our lives where the focus will land for that month.

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