Dream symbolic of re-structuring – Pluto Capricorn square Pluto Libra

I had the most symbolic dream last night. I’m going through some heavy transits at the moment, and my life is certainly reflecting this, so much going on in loads of areas, work, romance, relationships, philosophy, money and my actual body structure.

Transits I have now: Pluto square Pluto, transiting 10th house Saturn square 2nd house Capricorn Sun, tr Chiron conjunct Pisces Moon and inconjunct Pluto, progressed Moon in the 7th house conjunct natal Saturn, to name a few.

In my waking life, I met last year a man (he designs buildings) who is a soul mate of mine, he has been helping me immensly with my dreams, my career goals and my body structure. He has shown me and helped me to fix a deep rooted problem I had with my posture, which affected my bones, specifically hips and spine. The technique he showed to me (plus someone else who also showed me the same technique this year, a therapist) I am so sold on, I will take a teacher training course in it and add it to the teaching that I currently do. I have no doubt that this is tied into my heavy transits, of Pluto in Capricorn (deep re-structure) squaring my 9th/10th house (teaching yoga) Pluto in Libra (balance). Plus the 10th house transit of Saturn in square to my 2nd house (the body, values) Cap Sun. The deepest type of re-structuring I have ever been through. The transit Chiron conjunct to Moon plus quincunx Pluto also helps cleanse and recognise my deepest wounds that are linked with my structural imbalances.

The dream was so simple. I was shown, I think by my soul mate friend, a wonderful beautiful house. The brick work was perfect, everything to the roof was structurally sound. I don’t remember going in the house, I was just shown it by this man and I am sure it was my house in the future. It existed now and was mine now, but I wasn’t able to access it yet. Then, I was at my current house, I saw it and how run down it was. The roof was awful, I even got up to the roof and saw how much it needed improvement. I realised that I am stuck with this old house for now, but this changed house would be mine after a stage.

There are many things I’ve read about these transits, including ‘depression’. I can see how this energy manifests as I have been feeling very down. My usual creativity seems diminished. But instead of fighting this energy, and denying the fact that I am feeling more sober than usual, I am going with it, spending the time with myself, learning and observing what comes up with patience and compassion. Sobriety is just as much a part of life as is a party mood. Each has a valid purpose and something to teach us.

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