Full Moon in Taurus ~ nurturance (10th November 2011)

A very nurturing and grounded full Moon in Taurus tonight, just prior to the 11.11.11 portal date. Taurus is the energy that the light of the Moon luminates, the energy of comfort, sustenance, nature and nurture, good food and luxury. It is also forming sextile with Ceres in Pisces, associated also with nurturance, the cycles of nature, of motherhood, fertility, empowerment and loss. Ceres is the goddess of the of grain and agriculture, in myth she brought about a terrible famine which resulted in Winter on Earth due to her mourning the loss of her daughter to Hades who took her away to the Underworld, but Ceres also bought about a new crop and the coming of Spring when her daughter was returned to her for 9 months of the year.

This full Moon may highlight to us how we find ways to feel secure in our surroundings, whether at home, at work or wherever we find ourselves. With Moon in Taurus and Ceres in Pisces in striking opposition to Sun in Scorpio, are we really in touch with nature around us and can we sense our connection with the cycles of nature. In a busy working world, it’s so easy to ignore the little voice inside that asks us to rest, to eat, to take some time out just to be still and recharge, to go out and take a walk, to indulge in the simple things in life like enjoying the feel of the breeze or the warmth of the Sun on the skin. We may forget to play and enjoy the innocence of life like we did as children, to view our world in the present moment, letting go of the past and the future. Letting go of worries and fears and living in the present is also a process of nurturance as we draw our energies away from thoughts and fears that can harm us, instead, transforming them into healthier and even deliciously nurturing thoughts of being here and now.

Ceres is also about letting go as she had to strike a deal with Hades to let her daughter go to him for the 3 months of Winter to be his Queen of the Underworld. This letting go also helped her daughter to mature as she learned to live in the Underworld with Hades, being with the powerful unconscious and perhaps even letting go of the fear of death and change, ultimatly the cycles of nature. This Moon may show us where we need to let go in our lives, with love and gratitude. The vibration that we give and send to these areas where we may need to let go, is also the vibration we are sending to ourselves, and we deserve to give ourselves healthy and positive nurturance in this present moment.


Jupiter into Taurus June 2011 (4th June 2011)

Jupiter has now entered the sign of Taurus, which helps slow things down after being in fast paced Aries and here he remains until June 2012. It is a time to  enjoy the pleasures of life, renew faith in nature and all things natural.

Jupiter represents our faith, our philosophical beliefs and optimism. It is where we have options to expand our lives, where luck is quite often ‘on our side’. When we have faith and optimism, we tend to be following our hearts so the Universe naturally opens things up for us in this direction which could be partly where Jupiter gets his ‘greater benefic’ status, bestowing his generosity upon us. Jupiter also rules religion, beliefs, travel and education, expanding our realm of experience with new possibilities.

Jupiter in Taurus is beneficial for earth signs Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus, as the planet of luck will be trine to their Sun signs. Jupiter brings a very optimistic vibe to whatever he touches – anything seems possible when Jupiter passes by and takes our hand. We may even be too optimistic and promise too much at these times! Another side to Jupiter is the way he expands and magnifies what he touches. This can have a down side if Jupiter is squaring something in your money house, overspending and overextending! If Jupiter is squaring the natal Moon, you may become over emotional, over nurturing, giving to much. Squaring Mars, too much energy that needs to be channeled somewhere, elevated sex drive. At best, Jupiter transits are great time to begin new ventures and approach people optimistically, as long as both feet are firmly on the ground and plans are checked for logical reality as Jupiter can encourage us to overreach.

With Jupiter in Taurus, our faith and belief is now directed towards building a place of security for ourselves and settling down after the new activities started during the Jupiter in Aries period, though we still have Uranus in Aries for some time to come, so things won’t be getting dull any time soon! Taurus is the sign ruled by Venus, covering areas such as love, money, security, values, possessions, beauty and art, nature, luxury and sensual experiences. These areas will be highlighted for us over the coming year as we feel an urge to expand and grow these things in our lives. Making life more comfortable, enjoying nature and being in the present moment is one expression of this energy, enjoying the simplicity of life, nature and the world around us from a place of inner security and comfort. The energy of Venus is significant as Jupiter’s depositor is in her home sign, Taurus.  This may help renew faith in the feminine side of ourselves, the Divine Feminine, being happy just ‘being’ and enjoying the pleasures of life and living – in tune with our hearts and in tune with the Earth so we may live more harmoniously with this planet and each other.

For the Jupiter ingress Taurus chart, (the chart for the moment Jupiter enters Taurus), Mercury and Moon are also in their home signs, respectively Gemini and Cancer, while Jupiter has moved into the sign of Moon’s exhaltation. With the Moon prominent, this brings a theme of nurturance to the year ahead and to our philosophical values. This will play an important part for us, entwined with forming a secure inner foundation and warming the hearth of our inner home. Finding a place of security in the world starts from within ourselves and now is an excellent time to build upon this.

This nurturance could include family, either related or people we consider family. Communications and talking could form a part of building secure ties, with Mercury in its home sign of Gemini. Mercury is also on the midpoint of the Sun and Venus, so listening to each other actively and really hearing what the other person is saying will help in harmonising relations, giving a feeling of connection. Taking the time to be with people we consider close to us and share our ideas with each other, rather than rushing about in our own separate worlds may take priority.

Sun in trine with Saturn provides a sense of stability and helps establish a feeling of security . We may find lots of fresh inspiration and ways to express our ideas and thoughts with the help of the sextile from Mercury to Uranus. Ideas are free flowing and those that we follow up on are likely to be quite long lasting with the help of stabilising Saturn. Ideas could be innovative towards new ways of relating to our earth, letting go of the old unhealthy ways. We seem to be building something that will last now. Being open and adaptable at this time will help. This could be a time of blowing away castles in the sky and following the plans that will really lead us to lasting happiness and inner security, with the departing square from Mercury to Neptune, though there is plenty of inspiration to draw upon. Maybe we find a connection to the imagination/other realm/universal consciousness of Neptune inspiring a forward thinking vision in our minds. The Sun/Saturn trine may help greatly keeping these ideas real.

Mercury is very busy in this Jupiter cycle, also giving us a push to work through issues that may have been brewing, helped from the ingoing square to Chiron. We may be encouraged to explore and release feelings of insecurity, maybe issues with how we assert ourselves or how we handle our power and whether we give our power over to others too readily, with the quincunx to Pluto. It does look like a process of deep introspection happening. Some people may push too far due to feelings of insecurity, taking power from others or repressing them, or the opposite and totally project their power onto someone, usually unconsciously. These could be issues that need to be healed, accepted and balanced out with the ‘Wounded Healer Chiron’ involved.

Jupiter trine to Pluto in the earth signs will help in providing a feeling of security and substance. Jupiter expands and Pluto rules power and money, so this is big money, but for who? Pluto in Capricorn asks us to build structures that will last, responsible use of power. Jupiter in Taurus trine to Pluto will add substance and faith to this structure building. This could be in the form of money and building a large financial base, there may be big payments for some people, or we may find a real connection to nature and more natural side of life. Venus in Taurus also rules money as well as possessiveness which may be amplified at this time. Simply through a fear of loosing does one hold on too tightly, which creates an imbalance. Karmically though things do naturally balance out and Jupiter also rules the law of Nature, as well as the law of our courts and justice systems. The square from Uranus, still building, seems to suggest rebellion from people being born out of the possessiveness of those in power; a breaking out of the old structures into the new, possibly quite dramatically and assertively through being in the cardinal signs. People are ready for change, it has been building for some time, waiting for a catalyst. Pluto square to the midpoint of Lilith and Uranus (both freedom lovers in the fighting sign of Aries) may bring drastic changes and perhaps this Jupiter cycle will play a part in that, forming part of our philosophical values.

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