Venus/Neptune/Pallas ~ standing up for love, selfless love and compassion (5th Oct 2011)

Neptune nearly slipped away from view, save for the lovely trine from Venus to Neptune tomorrow also! Love, intuition and logic are the flavours of the day. Venus/Neptune is the epitome of selfless love, a true twin flame vibe. Ego of the self is disolved as it merges with the universal oneness. Even if we just touch upon a sense of this energy, it can be enough to awaken much opening up inside of us and gain trust – in ourselves and in life. There may be a need to surrender oneself for a greater cause, alligning with and defending their visions. There could be an ability to feel and draw upon the etherial beauty and harmony vibrations which are ever present around us if we tune into them through meditation or contemplation.

Some people say that love is soft and for softies, but the pure energy of love is the most strengthening thing we can do for ourselves in body, mind and heart. If there was an archetype to demonstrate this is Pallas Athene in square aspect to Venus/Neptune. The feminine warrier energy of Pallas could bring an awakening of this love inside of us, which we need to defend to ensure it continues to nurture us. Being born in full armour of Zeus’ head, Pallas represents intuitive wisdom and defending on what one sees as right. Perhaps this is a time to stand firm for he spiritual values of connecting, love, relationships, harmony, our values and how these things can ultimately help connect us with a higher source. Venus/Neptune/Pallas may help us access the wisdom of other the dreams, senses, intuition and general societal trends. All of those objects are at later degrees, its almost as if they really want and need to express their energies at this time. What an interesting combination – love, intuition and cool rationale, I think those all combined as they are can move mountains!

With the lovely Venus/Neptune/Pallas aspect, I draw ‘Going with the Flow’ from the Zen deck, reminding me of the fluidity of allowing in life. With love, beauty, relationships, values, romance, art… the most beautiful times are often times which just seemed to flow without too much planning. With a Venus/Neptune trine, love, romance, harmony and selfless love are in the air and where these are concerned, it may be most natural to let go, surrender and go with the flow of the river of life. Allow the inspiration to flood in as control is surrendered, drawing upon a strength from within.


Mars opposite Pallas (14th Sept 2011)

Pallas Athene and Mars in opposition today, that is, two warriors in opposition one male and one female, with Mars shortly afterwards inconjuncting Neptune before he leaves Cancer. Cancer and Capricorn are the opposing signs and Pallas is stationing direct, making this warrior Goddess especially strong. Pallas is associate with justice, fairness, she is a defender of what is right, she was born in full armour. Mars is a warrior God associated with action, drive, sex, motivation. Mars in a water sign waters down the firey way of expression, leading to the energy coming out in more passive, diluted or indirect ways. Pallas opposite Mars can be about finding a balance between what is fair and right opposed to taking immediate action for action’s sake. Pallas in Capricorn wants us to be a fair authority while Mars in Cancer seeks inner security. There may be some hesitation in taking action due to consideration of what is the right thing to do, or, there may be a rejection of the ‘right thing’ to do in favour of immediate gratification, though with the opposition, we need to find a balance between those two opposing forces to find balance within ourselves and see the balance in the world around us.

Mars, being quite busy in the final degrees of Cancer, then inconjuncts Neptune. With the wisdom from Pallas, some adjustments may need to be made relating to spiritual ideas, dreams and visions, which may seem at odds with what we have found to be right and true for us and those around us. With Neptune retrograde, this may be internal as we re-assess our visions and ideals and how they fit into our current realm of experience.

Mars then moves into Leo in the early (GMT) hours of the 19th Sept – bold expressions and fearless actions!

Moon trine Venus, sextile Ceres – harmonising and nurturing

Moon in a harmonious trine to Venus today while heading towards opposition to firey Mars. A few different things going on – first, Moon joins Venus which may help tensions and stresses for those few hours, however straight after, Moon opposes Mars but there is strong mutual reception, followed by Moon quincunx Mercury. Tensions may rise, emotions may become heated as we try to find ways to express what we are feeling inside. The mutual reception may make it easier to resolve any volatile energies that arise.

The Moon also joins the Pallas/Ceres to Mercury yod, highlighting nurturance and awareness of the natural cycles of nature and of ourselves, how we look after ourselves and how we pay attention to our inner wisdom that is part of our divine natures – we all have this pure wisdom which connects us with the world around us. Situations now may be helping us to discover our own needs.

I looked at the final depositor of these planets and it all comes down to Sun and Mercury – the answer may be in finding ways to express our inner creativity, finding ways to shine, looking at our health and habits and how our self expression can affect the health. If self expression is blocked, health is more likely to suffer as the soul needs to breathe and be the best it is meant to be, which is perfect just as it is.



Ceres/Pallas Athene yod to Mercury (7th Sept 2011) – nurturance

A yod being formed now from Ceres sextile Pallas Athene, both pointing towards Mercury in Leo. Ceres is the nurturer and rules the cycles of nature, while Pallas represents divine feminine wisdom, Mercury is our thought process and communications/messages/movements. This subtle energy brings awareness to balance in our lives, balancing the way we nurture ourselves, bringing us back in touch with the cycles of nature, helping us listen to the inner voice and needs of the body, needs of the soul. The Mercury opposition to retrograde Neptune may help to internalise the lessons of the Goddesses.

Drawing a card from the Zen deck, ‘Postponement’ shows the person looking from a black and while frame at a colourful and luscious countryside. We mustn’t postpone loving and caring for ourselves, being fair and patient towards ourselves. A busy work life can so easily take us away from ourselves while we loose touch with nature and our own inner cycles and the inner needs of the body. Now is the perfect time to listen to the inner voice, rest if its needed, have fun if there has been too much work, walk in the park or countryside and absorb the energy and sounds of nature, sit in stillness in meditation or contemplation, make a delicious and healthful meal and celebrate it’s goodness.


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