Lunar eclipse ~ 18 Gemini (10th Dec 2011)

While full Moon’s tend to bring things to our full and immediate awareness, lunar eclipses have the same energy of full Moons but they are intensified. The energy is ying in nature, in that it is more internal, sensitive, empathic and is in the realm of the senses rather than the active will. What was a vague stirring during the waxing build up phase of the lunar cycle, now comes into full awareness with the full Moon. It is like an “ah ha” moment of realisation. The energy brought about by a full Moon/lunar eclipse can be felt and sensed first, prior to action being (or not) taken. It is what matters internally which the light of this Moon luminates.

 This eclipse is in the sign of Gemini which is all about communication, movement, impartially collecting and imparting information, flexibility and adaptibility as well as duality. Along with that, there is a ‘fist of God’ or ‘hammer of God’ aspect which is as powerful as it sounds. It involves the square of Sun and Mars both in sesquiquadrates towards Jupiter/Lilith, indicating that the solution to the potential for challenges and conflicts can be found in looking deeply into our beliefs, faiths, not getting pulled this way and that by external influences, by other people’s moods, pulling on our own inner resources of wisdom and faith.

This ‘hammer’ aspect more tightly involves the North Node square Mars both pointing towards Lilith/Jupiter which looks like an interesting outlet for that stressful Mars square Nodes, also happening now. It’s not an easy going energy associated with this eclipse but there are solutions and outlets to be found. Eclipses can also bring endings with a certain finality about them. Often, these endings are for our own higher good as we let go of situations that no longer help our soul development. Mars rules action, sex, passion, war as well as cutting, so this ‘hammer’ aspect may help some to break out and cut out a few bad or damaging habits. Ceres, the ruler of nurturance, motherhood, food, loss, the seasons as well as the cycles of nature, also involved by a square to the eclipse may show us where we need to change the way we nurture and care for ourselves. This may involve loss as we let things go, change our daily habits and routines to better take care of what is most important – our soul and heart. Letting stressful situations and people go may be what our soul’s health is craving and a lunar eclipse may help to bring about the start of such changes.

The ruler of the eclipse, Mercury, is still retrograde which may bring a few delays still, at least until Mercury is out of its retrograde shadow towards the end of the month. Mars will also be re-tracing his steps when he begins his retrograde transit from 24th January to 14th April 2012, going back through Virgo, so issues that come up now may resurface in the next four months in some way. A planets retrograde motion may be the cosmos’ way of bringing extra special attention to the areas of our lives that they are highlighting. It gives us the chance to take some extra time over those parts of our lives, understanding ourselves and where we are going much better as a result.

All in all, this seems like a pretty potent lunar eclipse. With oppositions, we do have a choice in how we behave or how we choose to react to external events. As my meditation guru always says, “just observe”, your internal reactions first before acting ~ is Mars’ fire and passion to win, or, Venus’ diplomacy and harmony in the forefront, are they in balance and working together to achieve the results you really desire?



Solar eclipse in Gemini (1/6/2011)

The eclipse season is here, with three occuring over the next month!

The first eclipse is a south node solar eclipse in Gemini, at 11 degrees. This signals a new door of oppertunity presenting itself to us, depending on where the eclipse falls in our natal charts and which natal planets it aspects.

This eclipse seems like quite a positive one, a positive step forwards after all the hard work since the last solar eclipse in January which was square to Saturn. That seemed to set up a theme of hard work with good rewards to come as a result, setting up firm foundations as a theme of the last six months. Since 25th Jan this year, Saturn has also been retrograde, taking the lessons deep within us as we assess and re-assess whatever task Saturn has us working on, depending on where he is in our natal charts. Now, this eclipse is trine Saturn and Saturn is about to go direct (on 12th June) – another positive step forwards. The areas of life that were at some sort of standstill should start to open up now and heading fowards, that is, if we have been applying work in the right areas of our lives. Saturn rewards clever, responsible, well planned work.

With the eclipse trine to Saturn, this could also indicate a helpful influence from someone in our lives, a Saturnian type of person, an older person, wiser or more knowledgable person, it even could represent a helpful authority. Someone who may be holding the blockade open for us now. It could also represent the inner authority that we discover in ourselves as we guide our lives, sensibly and responsibly, in directions that are good for us and helpful to society.

The Sabian symbol for the solar eclipse degree is “A Black Girl Fights For Her Independence In The City“. This reminds me of someone carving their own path, following the beat of their own drum, standing on their own two feet and claiming their own power as each and every one of us has a right to. There is alot of supression in society as people want to claim and maintain their positions of power, manipulation games played and power abused as power is claimed on purely egotistical terms with no consideration for others or for the environment. But this eclipse could be showing us that we do own our own power, even if we have been told or persuaded differently, and Saturn is the voice inside all of us that wants us to be independant and self-sufficient while still being connected to each other, as long as we do it responsibly. Through this, we are powerful in being centered in ourselves, balanced and heart centered, nothing can manipulate us as we sense what feels right and true, and trust in our inner voice.

The sabian for Saturn’s degree at 10 Gemini is “A Professor Peering Over His Glasses At His Students“. This reinforces the benevolent energy of Saturn in this eclipse, observing how we are progressing with the lessons of work and responsibility for ourselves and for others. We could be tested on how well we can stand on our own two feet and carve our own way in society, shaking off surpression and working towards our independance. Do we blindly follow whatever anyone tells us or persudaes us to think, or do we follow our own inner voice? Do we trust our own inner voice? This is the voice of instinct that ultimately keeps us safe.

The asteroid Pallas Athene is also involved with this eclipse by trine, in the sign of Aquarius and retrograde. Juno is also there by square from Virgo. This is quite interesting when taking account of the sabian symbol of the girl fighting for her independance in the city. It seems to speak so clearly of our inner feminine warrior spirit, maybe showing these energies being grounded more and more in the manifest world. Pallas Athene in the mythic tarot is represented by the major arcana card Justice, the symbol of fairness, balance and independance. Juno represents the partnership energy in terms of committments and the boundaries we have with the ‘other’ person. This can be romantic or business partnerships where our attention is drawn to the boundaries we create or the ones we need to create to maintain a healthy balance. This looks like, Pallas is sending swiftly her cool reason and warrior spirit to help us establish healthy boundaries which prevents us being suppressed by people who tend to abuse their authority by keeping us ‘in our place’.

In the warrior postures in yoga, a great deal of the strength that comes from the posture comes from keeping the heart area open – in daily life this applies equally too… In keeping our heart centres open, balanced and grounded, we banish fear and supression and tune into the protectice energy of love. In opening our heart centres, we also learn how to establish healthy boundaries, not out of fear but out of love for ourselves and for others that we interact with.

Coincidentally (or not), the song playing as I write about those asteroids is Bob Marley’s ‘Get up Stand up’.

Most people think,
Great god will come from the skies,
Take away everything
And make everybody feel high.
But if you know what life is worth,
You will look for yours on earth:
And now you see the light,
You stand up for your rights. jah!

Get up, stand up! (jah, jah! )
Stand up for your rights! (oh-hoo! )
Get up, stand up! (get up, stand up! )
Don’t give up the fight! (life is your right! )
Get up, stand up! (so we can’t give up the fight! )
Stand up for your rights! (lord, lord! )
Get up, stand up! (keep on struggling on! )
Don’t give up the fight! (yeah! )

The eclipse plants the seeds that will start to grow over the course of the coming year.

Full Moon lunar eclipse at 29 degree Gemini (21/12/2010)

Full Moon total lunar eclipse starting at 6.32am (GMT) and peaking at about 7.30am, at 29 degrees of Gemini at the south lunar node! In the UK and other areas of the world at the same northerly latitude, this eclipse falls across the horizon where both the Sun and the Moon are in the sky at the same time. Its called a horizontal eclipse. This also coincides with the winter Solstice, making this a very special time for looking back and learning from where we have come, assessing and re-assesing our plans for the future and seeing with full awareness any changes that we need to make in our plans.

Full Moons occur when the Sun lights up the maximum capacity of the Moon, which also lights up the usually dark nights on Earth as well as our unconscious. In astrology, full Moons highlight areas for us that were previously hidden. All kinds of things can come up during a full Moon, anything from discovering a secret, realising that a relationship is over, getting married, seeing that you need to change jobs or finding out about a promotion at work, realising that you need to move house, discovering what a health problem may be and finding a solution to it, finding a way out of debt, publishing a book. It all depends on where the Moon lands in your birth chart.

Lunar eclipses are super-powered full Moons in astrological effect. Where the focus of a normal full Moon lasts for that particular lunar month, the effects of a lunar eclipse last for about 6 months or until the next lunar eclipse and some say the effects last even longer. Whatever happens to be a focus in your life at this time, or what seems to be in the process of change is likely to have a lasting effect and be a major focus for the next half year. As full Moons also represent our emotions, the full Moon may also make this day and the next few days quite an emotional time as previously unconscious and hidden issues come into our full awareness. With this high-tide of emotional energy, it might be best to wait a few days before coming to any decisions, but then when the full power of the emotions take over it’s not always possible to tap into clear, rational thought. To see where the focus will be for you, look to the natal planets that the full Moon aspects in your chart.

Lunar eclipse at 29 degree Gemini 21st Dec 2010

This December’s eclipse falls at 29,21 degrees Gemini and it is a south node lunar eclipse. This south nodal influence can show past life matters being associated with this eclipse highlighting past karma, giving us a chance to tie up loose ends from a past life, bringing to our awareness to a connection with ties to our past.

The eclipse is square to Uranus at 26,46 degree of Pisces which recently stationed direct at 26,40 Pisces for its last foray in Pisces for another 77 years. Jupiter will also be engaged in this eclipse at 25,16 degree Pisces, bringing its own style of expansion to whatever it touches. Also opposing Uranus that day is Juno at 26 degree Virgo. Juno rules marriage, contracts and marital matters. Then there is Mercury, also conjunct the Sun at a retrograde 26,16 degree Sagittarius.

So all of those aspects makes this a mutable grand cross happening at the eclipse, involving Uranus/Jupiter/Mercury/Juno/and a lunar eclipse. Looks pretty wild!

The mutable quality shows a changeable feel to the energies created by the eclipse, it may show us a need to be adaptable to prevailing situations. The planets and asteroid that are involved could show talks of marriage, commitment, or talks of ending committed relationships if they don’t meet requirements for freedom, learning and growth. Where the planet Uranus is concerned, changes are often very sudden and unexpected.

The eclipsed Moon in Gemini will be highlighting areas where we need to work on for the coming months in 2011, where we need to make changes in our relationships and contracts (Juno), what we can or need to change or break from (Uranus), where our belief, optimism and expansion is (Jupiter). With Mercury joining from a retrograde position, communications are highlighted. We might be rethinking our plans before going ahead when Mercury travels direct again just over a week later. There could be a risk of misunderstandings or delays though while the retrograde is happening.

Asteroid Ceres is in sextile with Jupiter/Uranus while also trine with Juno. Ceres is the ruler of nurturing ourselves and others, making sure we are nurtured in body and soul. With the Ceres falling in Capricorn, there may be a flavour of seeking our nurturance through stability, status and structure. We may be quite serious about our nurturing needs, thus leaving behind situations and people that don’t fulfil these needs in us. This depends on what aspects the eclipse is making in our charts and what Ceres conjuncts.

Finally, last but certainly not least, involved with the eclipse is the asteroid Chiron who is the centaur that rules wounding and healing as well as teaching about the healing, and also conunct Chiron is Neptune and its softening influence. With these involved by a trine aspect to the eclipse Moon, there will be a lovely healing energy to this eclipse. If we do have sudden realisations of things we need to do, or things we need to break free from, there is a healing that will be felt. There could also be divine inspiration with Uranus and Neptune aspecting the Moon.

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