Moon square Mercury/Sun/Saturn – making ideas manifest (4th Oct 2011)

Serious communications and thoughts take precedence today as Mercury sits in-between Sun and Saturn in Libra. Balance, harmony, love, beauty and fair relations with each other could be the subject of thoughts and communications. There could be a challenge to find this harmony within ourselves primarily as Moon squares Mercury/Saturn, to touch upon our innermost needs and see how to bring ourselves inner happiness and security. We are challenged to work towards inner health and happiness in these times, its no lying down task, it requires our complete and loving attention and belief in our evolution.

Cool, objective, inspired and instinctive logic combined with fairness can help us tackle the challenges that come up at this time, seeing and acknowledging all views as Moon conjuncts Pallas Athene, the Goddess asteroid. These could be outer views, or the inner voices that sometimes challenge each other in our minds and hearts. Viewing objectively helps us gain clarity and understanding. A need to creatively collaborate with others, working together actively, exchanging ideas and bringing ideas into manifest form can then naturally start to happen as each contributes their own unique ideas.

The 5 of wands came out of my tarot deck again as I focus on this astro aspect, bringing to mind that we each have a special gift to give to the world, we all work together in this society and each society. We may appear as solitary individuals, which we are, but we are also all connected with each other in so many different ways. This is a wonderful connection, a life force, that keeps us vibrant and keeps us as a whole, going, growing and evolving.


Venus square Pluto – “thank you” and release (18th Sept 2011)

Venus in Libra opposing Uranus now moves onto square to Pluto, while the Moon wanes as it approaches its final quarter in this cycle. Another aspect of this transit, especially with the waning Moon now, can be letting go and surrender. Venus in Libra wants us to find harmonious balance in our lives and in the way we relate to others and to ourselves. Combined with the ‘heavy’ outer planets Uranus and Pluto, some deep exploration is required in this cycle in these areas of our lives. It can be painful to make the discovery of what we have hidden from ourselves all this time, but also so liberating to be able to let that go and understand ourselves a bit deeper. Waning Moon is also about release and let-go, Venus/Pluto wants a deep examination of what needs to be released, whether its an attitude, a feeling, or an actual person or situation. Through releasing what is no longer useful or helpful to our evolution, releasing something that we have learned all we can from, helps to free us up for new energies to enter our lives that are more intune with where we are presently.

As I personally find myself confronted with relationships that I know need to be released, lovingly, I realise it is time to re-empower myself (Pluto) and establish some balance (Venus in Libra) in these areas. The most powerful way of releasing, I find, is to simply and lovingly say “thank you”, to them and to myself for having the learning experience and now being able to release it and move on. No anguish, no pain, no bitterness, no malice… a lovely nurturing way of releasing and closure, simply to say “thank you”. The energy/vibration of these words and their meaning resonates throughout every cell in the body, releasing supressed pain that can result in subtle stiffness in limbs, movements and primarly in the mind. The loving energy of ‘thank you’, I sense, acts as a healing balm over the past, grounding the painful vibrations and transforming them into something that grounds and enshrouds us with love and acceptance. The pain is transformed into acceptance and relief, the weight is lifted. More energetic space is created for a new cycle in life to begin in its own time.

Squares are necessary

In astrology, when two planets are in an aspect of 90 degrees apart, this is known as a square and is an indication of tension and pressure building up. The two planets do not get on harmoniously, with each wanting to get its way. They are both in compatible qualities though, eg, Aries square Capricorn are both cardinal quality, Pisces square Sagittarius are both mutable. Its is often considered a difficult aspect to have in the natal chart. When it occurs by transit it causes a great creative energy and enables the person to take action in the areas where the aspect falls. In the natal chart, it can help drive people to achieve and get things done in the areas that the squares fall and the corresponding house rulers.

There can be a tendency to avoid the ‘square’ aspects in some cases. If we see them in a chart reading, our initial reaction may be one of dread. Immediately we see the hard work ahead, maybe hard lessons, and even hard knocks. We look instead for the nearest trine, a much more easy going energy. But we do need square aspects in order for us to grow and learn what we are here to learn. The lessons presented by squares are life changing, they may be sometimes tough, or challenging, but they are never forgotten. They help to make us into more whole people, well grounded in our life lessons and help us to know ourselves more thoroughly. In the case of building a house, squares are necessary in order to build a solid structure, the same applies with natal  and transiting squares. People with grand trines in their charts have an abundance of energy and talent associate with the planets involved, but unless the trine is connected to another planet, acting as a release of this talent, then this abundance of trine energy may find no outward expression unless activated by another transit.

Venus square the nodes (6th Sept 2011)

Venus in square with the nodes today, love may be a focus, an energy in the air. Loving kindness, being gentle with ourselves, being tender with ourselves. True love starts from within, like a flower blossoming, radiating it’s beauty outwards. We need to find ways to be gentle with ourselves, forgive ourselves and feel the inner home, leading to inner peace. Reaching inwards to find the qualities of Venus enables us to touch other’s hearts, and for them to touch ours.

Mars square Saturn, mutual reception (24/8/2011)

Mars reaches exact square to Saturn later today, mutual reception into each other’s detriment. This may play out as a feeling of frustration, not feeling plans are progressing, work not getting done, things apparently not going as fast as we may prefer. Mars is already in fall and Saturn is in it’s sign of exhaltation, so the energy of Saturn is the stronger, this time may be beneficial to concentrate on doing what can be done in a steady pace, clearing up the loose ends from this Mercury retrograde period, outstanding work that has been put aside. Try not to work to hard during this time, remembering to nurture yourself with the energy of Mars in Cancer.

Sun square Uranus, Sun sextile Neptune/Chiron (18/12/2010)

Sun square Uranus today – there could be a few ego challenges sparkily flying around! The Sun reigns over our self-expression, creativity and play, and Uranus rules over inviduality and eccentricity, expressing ourself as a unique being. So when those two form a challenging square to each other, we could either find ourselves trying to find a way to express ourselves in a unique way, or we could find ourselves in a battle with another as a means to work through this. This method of self expression will likely be sudden, erratic or/and completely out of the blue, and if we are on the recieving end of someone’s self expression it will come as a shock.

Luckily, the Sun also forms a soothing sextile to Neptune and Chiron at the same time. This adds a sense of compassion and healing to our self-expression. This could work out in a few ways, we could draw on our inspiration in finding ways to express our uniqueness, we could find ways of healing through the things we express today. Though, as the Moon forms a square to Neptune and Chiron later in the day while quincunx Sun, we could find a bit of emotional confusion builds up and maybe some emotional sacrifice also where we need to make adjustments in our viewpoints.

Moon trine Sun, Sun square Jupiter/Uranus (16/12/2010)

Moon trine Sun to start the day today – we are more in tune with ourselves after the recent excitement and stresses of Pluto/Mars/Mercury. It’s a bit like the calm after the storm where we are able to assess the damage and begin the clear-up operation. After this, Sun today and tomorrow in square to Jupiter (24 degree……s) and Uranus (26 degrees). Some feelings of extravagence and erratic or unusual situations can happen today including sudden, grand gestures or even moral ego clashes or dogmatic approaches. Although, also today Moon sextile Neptune and Chiron in humanitarian Aquaruis might ease our emotions, lending their inspirational and healing energies to us. Maybe we will be able to bend a little bit during any ego battles.

There is also an interesting yod being formed to the Goddess asteriod Juno (the (usually faithfull) wife of Jupiter). Moon sextile Neptune/Chiron is forming the base, pointing towards Juno. This only happens for a brief few hours around midday GMT. During this time, our awareness may be brought into focus on our committments and any vows we have taken to our beloved. Perhaps asking us to assess them, examine them and see what might need healing and where we might need to sacrifice. Or, we could be examining our committment to ourselves, seeing how we inspire ourselves or find inspiration for ourselves, where we sacrifice and how we heal ourselves.

Saturn/Mars opposite Uranus/Jupiter/Moon square Pluto!

There is t-square now forming in the skies, which consists of Saturn in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries, both forming a square to Pluto in Capricorn.   These planets are slow moving, generational in effect and long lasting.  Their combined energy is ‘waiting in the wings’, so to speak, just waiting to be triggered by an inner planet which is associated with action, or the Moon which also acts as a trigger. 

Today, 30th July, we have two such planets willing to do the deed – Mars has joined Saturn at 0 degrees Libra, with the Moon joining Uranus at 0 degrees Aries.  Jupiter is close by at 3 degrees Aries.  These two planets, Mars and Moon are acting as triggers which can result in events associated with the energies of Uranus/Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto – this can be anything from expansive enlightnement to sudden break-ups and violence.  Moon opposing Mars is a volatile energy in itself – and with Moon in Aries, the emotional air will be assertive, and/or aggressive.  Mars in Libra can represent an assertive urge to create balance.  But at what cost?   There is definately the urge to get things done.  We may have a feeling of emotionally being opposed to someone else’s dominating attitude.  There could be alot of change happening around us these few days, could be quite fast moving, sudden and unexpected.  With Uranus involved, whatever you think will occur, something completely different usually arrives.  

Mars joining the opposition adds to the mix the will to get things going, with Mars being the ruler of action, will, aggression, war.  Saturn in Libra is adding structure, and lessons in life, to the sign of balance, relationships and harmony.  It’s a real interesting energy in the air, feels like something new is in the process of happening. Maybe the feeling of breaking out of the old mold and heading towards the new. Mars maybe giving the drive to put all that latent energy into action at this point in time, along with Moon driving the emotions. Uranus in Aries wants to shake things up, change and get things moving, quite suddenly, in a new and different direction which generally enlightens us out of our usual expectations. A strong Libran Saturn standing there amongst all those rebels, but Saturn is happy in Libra, so maybe he adds form and structure to those guys, stabilising an otherwise very erratic energy.

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