Mars opposite Pallas (14th Sept 2011)

Pallas Athene and Mars in opposition today, that is, two warriors in opposition one male and one female, with Mars shortly afterwards inconjuncting Neptune before he leaves Cancer. Cancer and Capricorn are the opposing signs and Pallas is stationing direct, making this warrior Goddess especially strong. Pallas is associate with justice, fairness, she is a defender of what is right, she was born in full armour. Mars is a warrior God associated with action, drive, sex, motivation. Mars in a water sign waters down the firey way of expression, leading to the energy coming out in more passive, diluted or indirect ways. Pallas opposite Mars can be about finding a balance between what is fair and right opposed to taking immediate action for action’s sake. Pallas in Capricorn wants us to be a fair authority while Mars in Cancer seeks inner security. There may be some hesitation in taking action due to consideration of what is the right thing to do, or, there may be a rejection of the ‘right thing’ to do in favour of immediate gratification, though with the opposition, we need to find a balance between those two opposing forces to find balance within ourselves and see the balance in the world around us.

Mars, being quite busy in the final degrees of Cancer, then inconjuncts Neptune. With the wisdom from Pallas, some adjustments may need to be made relating to spiritual ideas, dreams and visions, which may seem at odds with what we have found to be right and true for us and those around us. With Neptune retrograde, this may be internal as we re-assess our visions and ideals and how they fit into our current realm of experience.

Mars then moves into Leo in the early (GMT) hours of the 19th Sept – bold expressions and fearless actions!

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