Mercury conjunct Venus in Sagittarius & retrograde (Nov 2011)

Mercury and Venus are travelling together in the sign of Sagittarius until about the 16th December. This unusually long conjunction is due to Mercury slowing down while about to go turn retrograde in motion. A good time to back up all those information holding devices like computers, cameras. While now may not be the best time to sign contracts, buy computers, cameras or any electrical equipment, it is a good time to smooth over long standing problems, tidy up old paperwork or chores that have been left, find more organisation in our lives and in our minds. Mercury/Venus together in harmony is the energy of the diplomat – its a good time to negotiate a fair deal that takes account of all sides involved.

Sagittarius is the sign of the adventurer, this sign loves to dive into the freedom of exploration without thinking too much about the details. This Mercury retrograde period may encourage us to tackle those things that have been put aside for a rainy day. Maybe time to encounter and tidy up that pile of paperwork that has been sitting patiently in the corner. Tying up loose ends at this time frees us up to explore our playful spirit of adventure and broaden our horizons, whether that is through literal travel, study or exploring our philosophy.


First quarter Moon, 11 Sagittarius (4th Sept 2011)

Opening quarter Moon later today in Sagittarius brings awareness to issues that need our attention. In ‘Lunar Shadows II’ by Deitrech Pessin, the theory is that this quarter Moon is bringing awareness to issues that begun at the new Moon about 9 months prior at the same degree and sign. That would have been ideas and plans formulating around 5th December 2010. We now become aware of things that need to change as the light of the Moon increases, bringing increasing awareness of what needs to be done. It can be a time of challenge and crisis, calling for adjustments to be made, but adjustments made now will serve us for the future.

It looks like a good time to make a commitment to our plans and look at how we are of service to others. We are all connected in some way with each other, and putting our best into what we do both for ourselves and for others helps us grow and develop internally. Though there is an expansive Jupitarian energy in the air with Moon in Sagittarius, it may not be a good time to overextend however, things may not be entirely clear at this time or we may be clearing up misunderstandings from the previous Mercury retrograde period. Still, its probably best to wait until Mercury passes Neptune to avoid any illusions or fuzziness in communications. Keep a note of the expansive ideas that may come during this time to apply them a bit later with Mercury back in it’s home domain of Virgo.

This Moon is sextile Juno, sextile Vesta, sextile Saturn, inconjunct Jupiter, trine Lilith and square Venus. The talent triangle with Moon, Vesta, Juno and Saturn suggests ways of how to be of service in our commitments with others. Giving to others, helping others is amongst the best ways to feel connected to the world around us. It produces a feeling of abundance in a world of apparent separation. Our thoughts precede manifestation – feel and be what you would like to see in your world and make a commitment to that and to yourself. Moon in Sag gives the expansive opportunity to think and feel big, optimistic and have unlimited faith in the unknown and the sextile to Saturn helps to bring these expansive ideas to the ground and to manifest reality.

Moon inconjunct Jupiter, adjustments are needed with this quarter Moon as we find and make changes to feel best nurtured in ourselves, seeing what we have faith in, and what we doubt about ourselves, integrating these differing ideas and bringing light to areas filled with doubt, renewing our faith in ourselves.

Interesting aspect of Moon square Venus and trine Lilith. Be careful with money, beware of over indulgence. With Mercury also heading towards a 2nd opposition to Neptune, if possible, it may be wise to keep an eye on the details of any plans, letters, communications, waiting for the opposition to pass by. If not, check the details, trust intuition too. This could also be a lovely time to harness the artistic and futuristic energy of Neptune in Aquarius to create something new, artistic or inventive. The collective unconscious can be tapped into through meditation, see what emerges…



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