Nurturance, letting go and Ceres (7th Sept 2011)

With Moon and Pallas Athene (Goddess of divine wisdom and independance) in sextile with Ceres, forming a yod towards Mercury, thoughts of nurturance and letting go come to mind. Ceres is the Roman name for Demeter, Goddess of the grain, agriculture, nurturance, fertility as well as loss, starvation, seasonal cycles. Try as we might to hold onto things, beliefs and people, throughout life we are constantly letting go. From each breath that enters our body, we let go as we exhale, continuously and naturally. Life is constantly changing, like the cycles of the seasons, like day to night and back to day. An aspect of Ceres is of letting go – she had to let go of her daughter Kore (Persephone) who was taken by Pluto to the Underworld. Holding-on in life often causes the exact opposite to happen, the more we cling, the more the object of clinging slips away, whether it is to a person, an ideal, an object, money, anything. It is in letting go that life and the Universe is allowed to manifest and unfold in the way that’s most natural and for our highest good. Ego investment blocks the highest unfolding of Universal laws. Holding-on affects the body with deeply held tensions, rigidity and tightness manifesting through the muscles, limbs and joints, slowing us down and stifling the natural inner light to shine.

In meditation, yoga, or any relaxation technique, when the awareness is brought to the breath or object of concentration, the mind naturally stills and gradually the body can be felt to let go and open up as wants, desires, cravings are released and let-go of. In the process, we become completely present in the moment, the heart centre opens and energy is allowed to flow freely through the body, lightness returns to the being as the consciousness opens up.

Letting-go can be the most nurturing thing that we do for ourselves. It involves forgiveness, of self and others. As past hurts come to awareness, done to us or by us, letting go is a way of recognising the lessons learned and releasing the pain that was held on to. The nurturance of loving kindness can replace or simply being gently with ourselves can be a soothing balm to heal the hurt. In letting go, we are putting our trust in the Universe, replacing fear with love and trust, knowing that in letting go, an abundant supply will be there always and is already there. Through letting go, we tune into the already present abundance that surrounds us and is within us, we allow the Universe to nurture us as we trust in the abundance that flows through us.



Moon trine Venus, sextile Ceres – harmonising and nurturing

Moon in a harmonious trine to Venus today while heading towards opposition to firey Mars. A few different things going on – first, Moon joins Venus which may help tensions and stresses for those few hours, however straight after, Moon opposes Mars but there is strong mutual reception, followed by Moon quincunx Mercury. Tensions may rise, emotions may become heated as we try to find ways to express what we are feeling inside. The mutual reception may make it easier to resolve any volatile energies that arise.

The Moon also joins the Pallas/Ceres to Mercury yod, highlighting nurturance and awareness of the natural cycles of nature and of ourselves, how we look after ourselves and how we pay attention to our inner wisdom that is part of our divine natures – we all have this pure wisdom which connects us with the world around us. Situations now may be helping us to discover our own needs.

I looked at the final depositor of these planets and it all comes down to Sun and Mercury – the answer may be in finding ways to express our inner creativity, finding ways to shine, looking at our health and habits and how our self expression can affect the health. If self expression is blocked, health is more likely to suffer as the soul needs to breathe and be the best it is meant to be, which is perfect just as it is.



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