Dream symbolic of re-structuring – Pluto Capricorn square Pluto Libra

I had the most symbolic dream last night. I’m going through some heavy transits at the moment, and my life is certainly reflecting this, so much going on in loads of areas, work, romance, relationships, philosophy, money and my actual body structure.

Transits I have now: Pluto square Pluto, transiting 10th house Saturn square 2nd house Capricorn Sun, tr Chiron conjunct Pisces Moon and inconjunct Pluto, progressed Moon in the 7th house conjunct natal Saturn, to name a few.

In my waking life, I met last year a man (he designs buildings) who is a soul mate of mine, he has been helping me immensly with my dreams, my career goals and my body structure. He has shown me and helped me to fix a deep rooted problem I had with my posture, which affected my bones, specifically hips and spine. The technique he showed to me (plus someone else who also showed me the same technique this year, a therapist) I am so sold on, I will take a teacher training course in it and add it to the teaching that I currently do. I have no doubt that this is tied into my heavy transits, of Pluto in Capricorn (deep re-structure) squaring my 9th/10th house (teaching yoga) Pluto in Libra (balance). Plus the 10th house transit of Saturn in square to my 2nd house (the body, values) Cap Sun. The deepest type of re-structuring I have ever been through. The transit Chiron conjunct to Moon plus quincunx Pluto also helps cleanse and recognise my deepest wounds that are linked with my structural imbalances.

The dream was so simple. I was shown, I think by my soul mate friend, a wonderful beautiful house. The brick work was perfect, everything to the roof was structurally sound. I don’t remember going in the house, I was just shown it by this man and I am sure it was my house in the future. It existed now and was mine now, but I wasn’t able to access it yet. Then, I was at my current house, I saw it and how run down it was. The roof was awful, I even got up to the roof and saw how much it needed improvement. I realised that I am stuck with this old house for now, but this changed house would be mine after a stage.

There are many things I’ve read about these transits, including ‘depression’. I can see how this energy manifests as I have been feeling very down. My usual creativity seems diminished. But instead of fighting this energy, and denying the fact that I am feeling more sober than usual, I am going with it, spending the time with myself, learning and observing what comes up with patience and compassion. Sobriety is just as much a part of life as is a party mood. Each has a valid purpose and something to teach us.


Pluto transits ~ renewal, transformation and self-empowerment

A quote that reminds me of the energy of Pluto transits, or even some Chiron transits, “in the wintry parts of our minds, we are hardy stock and know there is no such thing as a work-free transformation. We know that we will have to burn to the ground in one way or another, and then sit right in the ashes of who we once thought we were and go on from there” ~ Dr.Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

Pluto transits are some of the most deeply transformative times of our lives. During these times, things, situations or people may leave our lives and there is a sense of permanency in these departures. It can be attitudes that we have outgrown, relationships that no longer seem to evolve, places that no longer are in line with our highest good. Holding on during Pluto trasnits to the ‘old’ way of being can be like trying to sail a sail boat against the wind, and it’s a powerful wind to be fighting against. The change that Pluto brings can be daunting, scary or plain denied, as there is a sense of completion in these transits, life turning points that will always be remembered.

How we approach them is up to us, our attitude to them is what will shape the memory in our minds. The more we fight the changes, the painful it may become. The energy of Pluto is that of healing and cleansing through transformation. We also embrace empowerment, or rather, we empower ourselves through facing the changes both within and outside of us as well as facing our fears, our ‘darker’ side, our unconscious and the things that we have hidden away from ourselves or put aside to be faced another day.

Pluto strips us bare and takes away all falsities, even showing us where we are deluding ourselves, and asks us to look at ourselves squarely in the face with no ill intent, in a way, just sitting in the moment and being completely there. The experience can be like a meditation which is often mistaken for visualisation. Sometimes it is thought that meditation is a fluffy, perfect experience where nothing ‘bad’ happens. However, in meditation, or breath awareness meditation, we sit and observe the breath and the sensations of the body, but through this experience and just sitting with ourselves, all the thoughts that were so well hidden in the unconscious start to pop into awareness and say “hi!”, this includes awareness of behaviours that we so often deny we have, the ones that are less than ‘pretty’. In effect, we face our more ‘ugly’ sides, but by doing this, we also face our own inner truth. It is the act of non-reaction and non-judgement to these thoughts that produces a state of bliss and a state of self-acceptance which feels like coming home. This is the one of the energies of healing that Pluto encourages us to explore within ourselves. In itself, this is incredibly heart opening, when we can sit with ourselves, without judgement, simply ‘being’ present, which is also being totally honest, with ourselves primarily. It allows us to love and nurture ourselves simply through becoming present. The sense of acceptance and honesty is very empowering, through getting in touch with our true nature, going past the psychological layers that we build up every day, we can also see more into the true nature and true intention of those around us ~ a fertile ground for empathy, compassion and an inner glowing empowerment to grow.

Mercury direct (14th December 2011) renewal and moving forwards!

Mercury is about to turn direct later today, and along with Uranus direct and Juptier soon to turn direct, any standstill will start to ease off and things can begin moving forwards again. After a period of revision, consideration, planning or maybe even confusion, the way ahead becomes more clear and we can start to see where to go next with the plans that mean the most to us at this time.

The Moon is also in the waning gibbous phase, a time of release and fruition, finalisation and let-go. The plans are out in the open, in our full awareness, preperations have already been made and now everything becomes clear, in a way, blending very nicely with a freshly direct Mercury. The “ah ha” moment came with the full Moon, now it’s the ‘putting things into place’ phase.

We are still in the shadow period, where Mercury re-traces its steps, so we may need to go over some old ground with our new plans, adjusted thoughts and tweaked ideas. This shadow period lasts until the end of the month, officially 1st Jan 2012. Mercury also has to re-visit the lucky North Node, just after Christmas, and as well as it’s ruler, Juptier, also turning direct then, it is a wonderful time to launch, announce or put into action those plans and ideas that are important to us now. On a final note, with the Winter Solstice just around the corner, a whole new phase is just about to begin as the nights start to become shorter, the days longer. The energy of renewal is in the air!

Lunar eclipse ~ 18 Gemini (10th Dec 2011)

While full Moon’s tend to bring things to our full and immediate awareness, lunar eclipses have the same energy of full Moons but they are intensified. The energy is ying in nature, in that it is more internal, sensitive, empathic and is in the realm of the senses rather than the active will. What was a vague stirring during the waxing build up phase of the lunar cycle, now comes into full awareness with the full Moon. It is like an “ah ha” moment of realisation. The energy brought about by a full Moon/lunar eclipse can be felt and sensed first, prior to action being (or not) taken. It is what matters internally which the light of this Moon luminates.

 This eclipse is in the sign of Gemini which is all about communication, movement, impartially collecting and imparting information, flexibility and adaptibility as well as duality. Along with that, there is a ‘fist of God’ or ‘hammer of God’ aspect which is as powerful as it sounds. It involves the square of Sun and Mars both in sesquiquadrates towards Jupiter/Lilith, indicating that the solution to the potential for challenges and conflicts can be found in looking deeply into our beliefs, faiths, not getting pulled this way and that by external influences, by other people’s moods, pulling on our own inner resources of wisdom and faith.

This ‘hammer’ aspect more tightly involves the North Node square Mars both pointing towards Lilith/Jupiter which looks like an interesting outlet for that stressful Mars square Nodes, also happening now. It’s not an easy going energy associated with this eclipse but there are solutions and outlets to be found. Eclipses can also bring endings with a certain finality about them. Often, these endings are for our own higher good as we let go of situations that no longer help our soul development. Mars rules action, sex, passion, war as well as cutting, so this ‘hammer’ aspect may help some to break out and cut out a few bad or damaging habits. Ceres, the ruler of nurturance, motherhood, food, loss, the seasons as well as the cycles of nature, also involved by a square to the eclipse may show us where we need to change the way we nurture and care for ourselves. This may involve loss as we let things go, change our daily habits and routines to better take care of what is most important – our soul and heart. Letting stressful situations and people go may be what our soul’s health is craving and a lunar eclipse may help to bring about the start of such changes.

The ruler of the eclipse, Mercury, is still retrograde which may bring a few delays still, at least until Mercury is out of its retrograde shadow towards the end of the month. Mars will also be re-tracing his steps when he begins his retrograde transit from 24th January to 14th April 2012, going back through Virgo, so issues that come up now may resurface in the next four months in some way. A planets retrograde motion may be the cosmos’ way of bringing extra special attention to the areas of our lives that they are highlighting. It gives us the chance to take some extra time over those parts of our lives, understanding ourselves and where we are going much better as a result.

All in all, this seems like a pretty potent lunar eclipse. With oppositions, we do have a choice in how we behave or how we choose to react to external events. As my meditation guru always says, “just observe”, your internal reactions first before acting ~ is Mars’ fire and passion to win, or, Venus’ diplomacy and harmony in the forefront, are they in balance and working together to achieve the results you really desire?


Mercury slowing down ~ clear messages and intentions (Nov 2011)

Mercury is slowing down now, it actually turns retrograde on the 24th November but the motion is already in effect. Communications, transport and travel are among the areas that can be affected, slowing things down, delaying communications, sending the wrong messages out or hearing something different to what was actually conveyed. It is not all bad however…

During this period, we may have a chance to cultivate the art of listening. With a retrograde Mercury, we may hear what we want to hear, rather than what is being said. The energy of Mercury is turned inwards and can cause crossed wires, but this may be due in part to only hearing what resonates with our wishes. A bit like two people talking at the same time, saying what each one wants to say but only hearing a fraction of what the other means.

Communication involves body language, intuition as well as words, and through really listening to someone, we tune into all those aspects to get a complete picture. If we say one thing, but mean another, the body language is more likely to reveal what the true intention is, then our intuition will start to whisper in our ear and we get a ‘feeling’, a ‘sensation’, or a ‘hunch’. A Mercury retrograde may encourage us to utilise all the senses that we have in our communications with our world.

Words and thoughts also carry energy, along with intention. What message do we want to get out into the Universe to manifest in our lives? How clear are our intentions for what we want to achieve? Do we ask the Universe to help us, or guide us? Do we pay attention to the messages and signs that we recieve in our lives that help to point us in the right direction? All these come under the message carrying energy of Mercury, and a retrograde period may be a good time to assess how clear we are in all our intentions, to recieve the quality of life that we wish to see reflected back to us in our daily lives.

Neptune and Chiron direct ~ journey through Pisces (11.11.11)

Two planets this week have turned direct in motion, Neptune and Chiron. Both of these planets heal in their own ways, and for sometime, during the retrograde, their energy has been introverted, allowing us to find within ourselves our innate healing potential. Chiron is in the intuitive and compassionate sign of Pisces, and rules a wounding that may stem from feeling unconnected with the divine source of all life and energy – which is essentially feeling unconnected with our heart. In Pisces, the best way to use the energy is to swim with it, bending like a river does and flowing naturally with life. Easier said than done but we have the chance to gradually and in our own time, open up to the flow of life and allow its healing waters to flow with us as we flow with it.

Neptune is just finishing its final journey in the last degrees of Aquarius before also moving into Pisces in early Feb 2012. This holds a wonderful potential for us to really, truly feel a connection with ourselves, our hearts and the Universe that we live in. To learn and feel the empowerment of being in connection with divine love, divine energy, whichever term feels comfortable. While within Neptune’s energy, the essence of the feeling is what really matters, while words can guide us there, awareness of how we feel and sense is what truly brings us connection to the divine.

The effect that this beautiful energy has on our society and world is yet to be seen. Power structures are going through major transformations now with Pluto travelling through Capricorn and Uranus forming several squares to Pluto. Cardinal signs are involved which brings action. Things are changing and will continue to do so as Pluto demands that authorities and power structures change and evolve with the current times. Too much harm is being done to our planet and our societies in the name of power, stemming from fear… ultimately where does this lead to in terms of our planet, our societies, our future generations? Much of the actions that are taken now by those in power are primarily only concerned with the moment, with gain and the immediate generation, it doesn’t appear that much thought is given to two or even three

generations ahead. In the Haindl tarot deck, there is a card called the Son of Stones, based on the Native American Indian spirit of “taking action to make positive change with the benefit of the next seven generations in mind” – something that is urgently needed as consideration from those in power and also within ourselves and the way we structure our lives. Pluto is an energy that cannot be denied or ignored and we will continue to see changes evolving within society as well as within ourselves.

Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, now offering a potential for us to open and connect with our hearts, our essence and the energy of healing and allowing, may help us bring positive changes to our internal and external world. When we take time out, let go of timetables, worries, stress, deadlines and simply allow, through dropping all those extra things that we mentally carry, we are able to tune into the pure vibration called ‘love’, ‘source’, God’, ‘Goddess’, whichever word is used, it is the essence of life and health and our soul. Our internal world is so often reflected externally, through healing ourselves we are healing our world.

Full Moon in Taurus ~ nurturance (10th November 2011)

A very nurturing and grounded full Moon in Taurus tonight, just prior to the 11.11.11 portal date. Taurus is the energy that the light of the Moon luminates, the energy of comfort, sustenance, nature and nurture, good food and luxury. It is also forming sextile with Ceres in Pisces, associated also with nurturance, the cycles of nature, of motherhood, fertility, empowerment and loss. Ceres is the goddess of the of grain and agriculture, in myth she brought about a terrible famine which resulted in Winter on Earth due to her mourning the loss of her daughter to Hades who took her away to the Underworld, but Ceres also bought about a new crop and the coming of Spring when her daughter was returned to her for 9 months of the year.

This full Moon may highlight to us how we find ways to feel secure in our surroundings, whether at home, at work or wherever we find ourselves. With Moon in Taurus and Ceres in Pisces in striking opposition to Sun in Scorpio, are we really in touch with nature around us and can we sense our connection with the cycles of nature. In a busy working world, it’s so easy to ignore the little voice inside that asks us to rest, to eat, to take some time out just to be still and recharge, to go out and take a walk, to indulge in the simple things in life like enjoying the feel of the breeze or the warmth of the Sun on the skin. We may forget to play and enjoy the innocence of life like we did as children, to view our world in the present moment, letting go of the past and the future. Letting go of worries and fears and living in the present is also a process of nurturance as we draw our energies away from thoughts and fears that can harm us, instead, transforming them into healthier and even deliciously nurturing thoughts of being here and now.

Ceres is also about letting go as she had to strike a deal with Hades to let her daughter go to him for the 3 months of Winter to be his Queen of the Underworld. This letting go also helped her daughter to mature as she learned to live in the Underworld with Hades, being with the powerful unconscious and perhaps even letting go of the fear of death and change, ultimatly the cycles of nature. This Moon may show us where we need to let go in our lives, with love and gratitude. The vibration that we give and send to these areas where we may need to let go, is also the vibration we are sending to ourselves, and we deserve to give ourselves healthy and positive nurturance in this present moment.

Mercury retrograde ~ 24th November to 14th December 2011

Mercury retrograde period starts on 24th November at 20 degrees Sagittarius – this is when Mercury starts its apparent retrograde motion in the sky, appearing to go backwards. However, the ‘shadow period’ has already begun. This starts at the final degree that Mercury reaches on its retrograde motion and from the first degree that the retrograde motion started – this time it is 3 degrees Sagittarius (final degree of retro) and 20 Sagittarius (first degree of retro). Meaning, from 5th November until 1st January 2012. The actual retrograde motion period is from 24th November until 14th December.

During Mercury retrograde periods, it is advisable to try and delay signing documents, doing tax returns, buying electrical equipment, computers, cameras, getting internet or phone connection, publishing books or starting anything new because the usually clear perception of Mercury is introverted, somewhat altered or unclear. Things begun or purchased during this period have a higher chance of going wrong, having to be returned, having to be re-done or continually having to be changed over time. The energy of Mercury which includes communications, thoughts, business and commerce, trips, car journeys, paperwork and messages is turned inwards and maybe backwards. Delays may also occur during this time. If you really need to sign a contract, take time to double check it with a fine tooth combe, just to be on the safe side. All these things can be disturbed, delayed or distorted during the actual retrograde period, but also during the shadow period while Mercury is retracing his steps, going over old ground.

Mercury retrograde can also bring things, thoughts, ideas and maybe people from the past back into the present. In this sense, this time can be good to finish any unfinished business, return to plans that were put aside and re-think them, re-organise filing that has been piling up over time. However, if new ideas come out of old ones, it’s best to wait until Mercury has gone direct and out of the ‘shadow area’ before actually implementing them. If an issue has been left aside or things left unsaid, this retrograde can enable this to be addressed and maybe resolved.

It can be interesting to look back to the previous retrograde period, in this case the last retrograde was back in August 2011, but including the shadow period was from 16th July until 10th September. The actual retrograde was from 3rd August at 1 Virgo until 27th Aug at 18 Leo. Anything started then, any people met then, any ideas that were forumlating back then may come back now to play their parts in our lives. Mercury does like logic, however, while in Sagittarius, it is in a sign that is more intuitive and while the energy of Mercury becomes introverted and somewhat slowed down, there may be internal sources of inspiration that we can tap into that help to expand our minds. It is interesting to see what Mercury was aspecting in the chart during that retrograde and also what the new Moon was aspecting to get a hint of what area of life may be brought to attention at this time…

Mercury conjunct Venus in Sagittarius & retrograde (Nov 2011)

Mercury and Venus are travelling together in the sign of Sagittarius until about the 16th December. This unusually long conjunction is due to Mercury slowing down while about to go turn retrograde in motion. A good time to back up all those information holding devices like computers, cameras. While now may not be the best time to sign contracts, buy computers, cameras or any electrical equipment, it is a good time to smooth over long standing problems, tidy up old paperwork or chores that have been left, find more organisation in our lives and in our minds. Mercury/Venus together in harmony is the energy of the diplomat – its a good time to negotiate a fair deal that takes account of all sides involved.

Sagittarius is the sign of the adventurer, this sign loves to dive into the freedom of exploration without thinking too much about the details. This Mercury retrograde period may encourage us to tackle those things that have been put aside for a rainy day. Maybe time to encounter and tidy up that pile of paperwork that has been sitting patiently in the corner. Tying up loose ends at this time frees us up to explore our playful spirit of adventure and broaden our horizons, whether that is through literal travel, study or exploring our philosophy.

New Moon in Scorpio (26th Oct 2011) – renewal and transformation

New Moon in Scorpio! There is an instinctual depth to this phase and this new Moon as we are able to tune into our inner truth. With so many planets in Scorpio (Venus/Mercury/Juno as well as Sun/Moon), as well as Moon sextile Pluto, trine Chiron, the energy of transformation, healing and renewal is opening up to us. We have a potent opportunity to bring integration and healing to issues that may be left over and hidden beneath the surface of our awareness. A chance to truly feel alive as a deeping sense of self understanding is possible.

Pluto, also known as Hades, the ruler of Scorpio wants us to be completely honest, primarily with ourselves. Truth is not always beautiful, harmonious or in line with what we expect. With Pluto, we are able to go deeper, looking into our motivations and maybe understanding ourselves a bit better – discovering our inner truth. When we take the journey into Hades’ world of transformation, renewal and re-birth, we need to be completely naked, metaphorically, releasing all pretence, self-deceptions, harmful situations or people, false hopes – releasing all the things we may carry that may not be the best for our soul’s evolution. During Pluto transits, situations and people may be released from our lives, either through our own will or from outside influences. These people or situations may be harmful to us, no longer in tune with our path, we may have completed our karmic lessons in this lifetime with them. We may find a need to release a vision or dream that, at this time, is not able to manifest. With Pluto releases, the release can help us to truly confront ourselves, completely naked and in a sense, feeling the truth of the soul. From here, re-birth gradually develops as a new chapter now has the space to enter our lives.

Venus/Mercury are also in a challenging square to Mars, bringing focus on finding common ground between the masculine drive for invidual expression and the feminine sensual needs. Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, or in aspect with Pluto, can lead to a fear of loss as well as a need to journey to the utter truth of a matter, past and beyond anything superficial. With all the Scorpio energy, this aspect can lead to intense feelings, iniative to take action, passion or arguments depending on how we express the energies, as we seek to resolve differences and be in tune with the truth of our heart and soul.

Pluto, or Hades, the energy of transformation/re-birth is sometimes feared, a bit like death, the ultimate transformation, is feared. I find it interesting, in scientific terms viewing the demotion of Pluto to a dwarf planet, could this metaphorically represent our unconscious fear of death and change? The energy of Pluto does however bring with it release, transformation, and re-birth and enables us to be completely honest and true to ourselves. The process is so symbolic of a caterpillar emerging from a crysalis into a beautiful butterfly. The process of release gives us the chance to choose how to release as well, either painfully or with love, it is up to us how we choose to go through the process. Coming through a Plutonian transit, or lunar phaes, enables us to ultimatly get in touch and feel our hearts and souls – one of the most empowering things we can do for ourselves.

Sun and Juno trine Neptune (20th Oct 2011)

Sun/Juno in Libra heading into a trine with Neptune in Aquarius ~ the energy of inspiration can be tapped into and brought into conscious thoughts. A higher vision of harmony and relating is possible that’s in line with our true nature. Committing to our own spiritual truth that encompasses our creative inner essense as well as the essense of the collective whole, blending the two in harmony as the veil of seperateness gradually thins. Walking in the balance of harmonious one-ness.

Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, trine Chiron ~ healing journey (Oct 13th 2011)

There is a certain intensity today and over the next month with a lot of Scorpionic energies in the air! Relationships and communications take on a deeper tone as we get closer to our truth and understanding ourselves and each other. Words and thoughts have an impact, intuition is hightened. Venus and Mercury both in Scorpio forming a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn – double Pluto whammy over the next few days!

It is possible to bring the knowledge from the unconscious or the intuition into a workable form with the ruler of Scorpio in grounded Capricorn. It is a great aspect for seeing and sensing what really matters to us and great for helping sift out and releasing the things that are not intended for us on our journeys. With Pluto, letting go brings inner cleansing and strength as the door is opened for new opportunities organically enter.

I liken Pluto quite a lot to the yoga that I teach, I often say ‘let go’ while holding a yoga posture as we all hold onto so much in the mind which stiffens up the body. Letting go helps the body release inbuild tensions, helping it to open up and become more fluid in the postures. The same applies for life, when we let go, we allow the Universe to bring what is naturally for our highest good.

It’s interesting that both Venus and Mercury passed through, by trine, the healing hands of Chiron before their journey through Scorpio. It feels almost like an initiation and cleansing of the wounds just prior to the detoxifying and transforming journey through Scorpio, to emerge at the other end like a phoenix.


Full Moon in Aries ~ balancing impulse with structure (12th Oct 2011)

The new Moon a few weeks ago involved a lot of transformational energies inviting us to get to know ourselves on a deeper and truer level. It was combined with the potent planetary energies of Pluto and Uranus. Full Moons bring out into the open and into full awareness, the fruits from the seeds planted at the new Moon. If a plan was just starting to formulate at the new Moon, then by full Moon it becomes clearer how, and if, to proceed with the plan. At this time, the energy of Sun and Moon polarise, making us aware of what we may need to balance out in our lives, clarity comes after a period of searching.

This full Moon is full of vibrant energy that seems to tap into the creative fire of imagination and inspiration, challenging us to give form and structure to our creative expressions; to go beyond the bounds of our personal conventional norms; becoming fully aware of our impulses and blending these with responsibilities and structures in our lives – Moon in Aries is closely conjunct Lilith and Eris while opposed Saturn.

Stirring up and bringing life to stale ventures, thinking outside of the box, finding the courage to face things we would normally shy away from may be ‘in the air’ now with the powerful full Moon energy. If we were feeling stuck in a rut, now may be a good time to find a solution or a breakthrough. It may become clear what we instinctively need to express, while, we find a way to balance these needs with the structures we have in our lives, thoughts and habits. We may find the courage to face the inner demons that hold us back.

Eris is named after the goddess of discord and strife, Discordia, and is also the sister of Mars/Ares. In Aries, she is associated with discord and war, as well as competition and possibly testing our integrity and our egos. Eris in Aries, along with Lilith, both have rebellious energy and they both like to stir up the party and challenge situations, maybe encouraging us to grow and extend ourselves beyond our perceived limits, or, to release what was previously repressed or held back. We could find renewed bravery to tackle those things we may normally shy away from. There are always positive and negative sides, which depend very much on how we are able to express them at the time.

The Sabian symbol of ‘The Magic Carpet of Oriental Imagery’ hints at a world of possibilities which could now be harnessed. The fire of Aries with the instinctual warrior goddess energies can be tapped into and used to help move us forward in our heart felt goals. An opposition with Saturn may suggest a need to confront the voice of authority, internal or projected outwards, seeing if this voice is ultimately helpful or harmful to us. Do we hold ourselves back unnecessarily, or does some hesitation actually benefit us.. Do we hold enough authority in our lives or constantly project it outwards.

This full Moon may even be a test for our egos. Eris and Lilith have been repressed and rejected in some way in the past. Eris, not invited to a wedding party, threw a apple over the fence of the party for “the fairest of them all”, sparking a beauty competition of the goddesses which ultimately set off the Trojan War. Egos involved all round! Lilith, on the other hand, would not conform to what was expected of her and in choosing to go her own way, she was rejected. Symbolically, much instinctual and sexual energy has been repressed over the centuries but now this is changing with the evolution of the current times.

Eris and Lilith could be helping to liberate repressed energies, unblocking a great deal of creativity and energy. These two combined are a pretty potent force, the kind of feeling where one has a wild idea and without a second thought one goes ahead and follows through, however, a certain inner, or outer, voice comes through here reminding us that we do have responsibilities for others as well as ourselves and our actions. Finding a balance between structure and the creative impulse, releasing the need to rush ahead as we balance impulse with responsibility with this lovely Aries Moon.


Healing the heart – Venus trine Chiron (10th Oct 2011)

Healing and understanding in our relationships with ourselves, on a soul level, with Venus in aspect with Chiron. A watery element is present with Pisces and Scorpio, allowing us to intuitively feel, sense and know as we touch upon areas that may cause us wounding. A deeper understanding love, relationships and what makes us feel harmony and love in our lives may be found, starting with our relationship with ourselves and our own hearts. Though there is no real seperation from our own heart, to the Universal heart that connects us all in the ethereal plane.

Venus/Neptune/Pallas ~ standing up for love, selfless love and compassion (5th Oct 2011)

Neptune nearly slipped away from view, save for the lovely trine from Venus to Neptune tomorrow also! Love, intuition and logic are the flavours of the day. Venus/Neptune is the epitome of selfless love, a true twin flame vibe. Ego of the self is disolved as it merges with the universal oneness. Even if we just touch upon a sense of this energy, it can be enough to awaken much opening up inside of us and gain trust – in ourselves and in life. There may be a need to surrender oneself for a greater cause, alligning with and defending their visions. There could be an ability to feel and draw upon the etherial beauty and harmony vibrations which are ever present around us if we tune into them through meditation or contemplation.

Some people say that love is soft and for softies, but the pure energy of love is the most strengthening thing we can do for ourselves in body, mind and heart. If there was an archetype to demonstrate this is Pallas Athene in square aspect to Venus/Neptune. The feminine warrier energy of Pallas could bring an awakening of this love inside of us, which we need to defend to ensure it continues to nurture us. Being born in full armour of Zeus’ head, Pallas represents intuitive wisdom and defending on what one sees as right. Perhaps this is a time to stand firm for he spiritual values of connecting, love, relationships, harmony, our values and how these things can ultimately help connect us with a higher source. Venus/Neptune/Pallas may help us access the wisdom of other the dreams, senses, intuition and general societal trends. All of those objects are at later degrees, its almost as if they really want and need to express their energies at this time. What an interesting combination – love, intuition and cool rationale, I think those all combined as they are can move mountains!

With the lovely Venus/Neptune/Pallas aspect, I draw ‘Going with the Flow’ from the Zen deck, reminding me of the fluidity of allowing in life. With love, beauty, relationships, values, romance, art… the most beautiful times are often times which just seemed to flow without too much planning. With a Venus/Neptune trine, love, romance, harmony and selfless love are in the air and where these are concerned, it may be most natural to let go, surrender and go with the flow of the river of life. Allow the inspiration to flood in as control is surrendered, drawing upon a strength from within.

Moon square Mercury/Sun/Saturn – making ideas manifest (4th Oct 2011)

Serious communications and thoughts take precedence today as Mercury sits in-between Sun and Saturn in Libra. Balance, harmony, love, beauty and fair relations with each other could be the subject of thoughts and communications. There could be a challenge to find this harmony within ourselves primarily as Moon squares Mercury/Saturn, to touch upon our innermost needs and see how to bring ourselves inner happiness and security. We are challenged to work towards inner health and happiness in these times, its no lying down task, it requires our complete and loving attention and belief in our evolution.

Cool, objective, inspired and instinctive logic combined with fairness can help us tackle the challenges that come up at this time, seeing and acknowledging all views as Moon conjuncts Pallas Athene, the Goddess asteroid. These could be outer views, or the inner voices that sometimes challenge each other in our minds and hearts. Viewing objectively helps us gain clarity and understanding. A need to creatively collaborate with others, working together actively, exchanging ideas and bringing ideas into manifest form can then naturally start to happen as each contributes their own unique ideas.

The 5 of wands came out of my tarot deck again as I focus on this astro aspect, bringing to mind that we each have a special gift to give to the world, we all work together in this society and each society. We may appear as solitary individuals, which we are, but we are also all connected with each other in so many different ways. This is a wonderful connection, a life force, that keeps us vibrant and keeps us as a whole, going, growing and evolving.

First quarter Moon ~ challenges and growth

First quarter Moon brings possible times of challenge and growth. Plans made, ideas formulated, goals started about one week ago, around the time of the new Moon, will now come under some scrutiny as we see more clearly what we need to do or change in order to sucessfully continue on. It’s a time of raising our energy a bit to meet any challenge that may come up. There is plenty of energy around luckily with the Mars square Jupiter aspect. This quarter Moon is also a good time for clearing through any kinks in plans that may later lead to disaster. Better to change things now before they have a chance to develop and grow into something too big to alter. I can liken this to my temporarily ailing car, its sounding ‘not quite right’ but if I leave it any longer, it could lead to a huge bill from the mechanics later on.

The Moon in Capricorn will square Sun in Libra, while the Sun is also sitting on a malefic fixed star called Vindemiatrix which rules falsity, disgrace, stealing and wanton folly. According to Robson, Sun/Vindemiatrix rules “worry, depression, unpopular, failure in business, harassed by creditors” so it may be good to check the business fine prints, go over the books, check the accounts are up to date.

All in all, Tuesday, starting off with the quarter Moon, looks to be a bit of a challenging day with Moon going on to square Mercury, Saturn, Juno, Lilith and Venus. Not a good day to begin anything new. We may feel under some sort of test, needing to express ourselves in the way that we want and desire, while seeking to balance that with repsonsibilites and committments, duties, work and fairness.

I drew a tarot card for the quarter Moon – the 5 of wands. This firey card of competition and action very much describes the nature of quarter Moons being times of challenge and times of action. Not a time of giving up, but, taking up the challenge and learning, enjoying and growing from the experience. In the Zen deck, this card is called ‘Totality’ and describes the nature of complete involvement in whatever we are doing. No matter what is happening, living it completely in the moment helps us to learn about our limits, our gifts, our strengths and vitality. In effect, its a wonderful time of inner and outer growth.

Creative expression and form – Venus, Juno, Saturn opposite Lilith (30th Sept 2011)

Building now, there is a focus on bringing form, balance and structure to the things we love in life, the things that bring us joy, the things that bring delight to our hearts, our relationships with ourselves and with others. How committed are we to our hearts, to bringing joy into our lives, to the healing energy of love and life, to living more with an open heart. Juno, Venus and Saturn in Libra are combining opposite a firey and assertive Lilith in Aries. There could be a need to acknowledge the part of our instinctual natures that are sometimes pushed aside, denied or repressed. This could be part of our sexual natures and sexual energy that asks for recognition and/or expression through personal relationship, art, writing, dance but may be denied for varying reasons. We may be challenged to go beyond the blocks and fears that inhibit a full expression of our innermost desires, or, a challenge to understand and befriend our more hidden, unconscious sides, giving creative expression and form to our inner natures.

For centuries, in Western society, the energy of Lilith, the feminine, instinctual and sexual energy has been repressed by a dominant patriarchy, but now in these times it is re-emerging as we become more whole as individuals. We are more and more celebrating our feminine instinctual side equally with our assertive masculine sides. Integrating, acknowledging and accepting all sides of our nature helps us grow and evolve, becoming whole and strong in ourselves while being able to open our hearts to the pure vibrations of universal love and light. There may be a temptation to swing too much one way or the other, between structure and liberating our instinctual natures, but ultimately, I feel, energies balance themselves out as we learn and discover about ourselves. With Saturn involved, there are lessons to learn through the Goddesses Venus, Juno and Lilith, which ultimately help us find balance within ourselves.

Grand cross ~ Vesta, Mars, Jupiter and Moon (29th Sept 2011)

A little grand cross today with Moon in Scorpio, square Mars in Leo, square Vesta in Aquarius, opposite Jupiter in Taurus. Could this be… an example of how we choose to combine our individual talents and goals in service to society. We cannot ignore our own needs for comfort, as the saying goes, the cup has to be full in order to quench another’s thirst, but, using the full cup then to help others in our own unique ways which can bring about much transformation within society and within ourselves, if we are true to our own inner flame.

New Moon in Libra ~ balance and inner beauty (26th Sept 2011)

A lovely Libra new Moon, with Venus, Mercury and Saturn all in the sign of balance and harmony. This brings strong focus on all our relationships both with ourselves and with others, focus on creating balance within ourselves which is reflected outwards, on being fair with ourselves rather than being too hard or judgemental. Communications, thoughts and verbal expressions will feature strongly as Mercury is closely conjunct this lunation. Mercury in Libra has a feel of diplomacy to it which can help to bring both sides of an issue into balance, as well as being beautifully poetic in its own way.

However, this is a new Moon with a bit of ‘oomph’ thanks to the potent Uranus/Pluto square at early degrees Aries and Capricorn, making this lunation create a t-square aspect to Pluto. Its almost like a doorway to transformation is opened, though with the new Moon, its at a very early stage. This may help us to discover the real roots to inner harmony. It is like an overhaul of those little things that keep us from having balance within our souls. Dare we be different, be bold and venture into new territory, take the initative and bring some new energy into our lives that makes us feel beautiful inside? Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn all in Libra – how are we taking responsibility for allowing the beautiful things in life into our lives to give colour, vibrancy and beauty in their own unique ways? These can be so simple, like noticing the dew on the grass on the misty mornings, hearing the birds singing, seeing and taking in the splendour of the shadows falling through the trees in the sunset, really hearing and listening to your favourite music… drawing, writing or making something that comes from deep within your heart and allowing it the freedom and vitality of expression, singing and dancing in a way that we really feel alive – allowing these things to touch and awaken our hearts.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree of Moon is, “A Man Revealing To His Students The Foundation Of An Inner Knowledge Upon Which A “New World” Could Be Built”. This is so reflective of the energy of this lunation, I feel. There is alot of change happening, with Uranus and Pluto saying, ‘come on, now is the time’ and Neptune soon moving into Pisces opening our eyes to experiences previously hidden, maybe, from conscious awareness. Right now though the seeds to discovery are planted at the lunation and we are challenged to discovery what really gives us harmony within our souls.

Life is stressful enough and we are bombarded with heavy news, financial worries on one side while being sold various things on the other side. In the middle of this, is us, and it is vital to our wellbeing to tune into our centre, our core, our truth, our soul and spirit that is our foundation and our life source. Pluto will not let go until a transformation is made, whether it is internally or externally, and healing results as we become more real and let go of illusions and fears that hold us back. This is where the obsessional side of Pluto can be seen, but this energy really just wants to get real so we can truly see ourselves looking back at us when in front of a mirror. This is where we find a true strength. The stock markets may crash and crash again, double dipping like a roller coaster, but this is the changing nature of life and is not something we can cling onto, as we are learning, however painfully, in these amazing changing times. However, our beautiful inner truth is waiting to be discovered and held dear within the heart.

I drew one card from the tarot deck in association with this lunation: the 9 of cups which shows the smiling man with all his cups, full and surrounding him. He can look at all his cups, his emotional achievements, with satisfaction and fulfillment. He has worked hard and can quite rightly look and enjoy the place where he is. He is not ashamed to enjoy this moment, he has been through an emotional journey and reached a point of understanding. Linking this in with the lunation, perhaps we can allow ourselves to enjoy this moment, relax and release all the worries of past and future and allow that sunshine and balance into our lives.

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