Solar eclipse conjunct natal Sun – 15th January 2010

A solar eclipse is like a super powered new Moon. Some people say you have to be in its path to feel its effects, you have to be able to actually see the eclipse, but I have found the effects to be profound even when I cannot see it in the sky above me. A new Moon marks new beginnings, or new chapters in current stories. It plants a seed for future development. A new Moon being a solar eclipse gives this new chapter a lot more emphasis and power. When an eclipse falls on the natal Sun, it usually marks a major year of importance in some way. The natal Sun rules our life force, our ego and our life goals. The Sun is the major power and life giver in our solar system, so it’s one of the most important planets. So, an eclipse on the natal Sun will mark a year of major change in the life, turning points. With a solar eclipse, these changes are more likely to be new beginnings, usually in ways relating to the house the natal Sun falls in, the house/s it rules, the aspects it makes to natal planets as well as aspects to transiting planets.

In my case, the Solar eclipse on my natal Sun had transiting Venus also conjunct. This could bring in an energy of Venusian issues such as money, love, romance, relationships and harmony. The Sun also rules men, so these issues for me could involve men in some way. With Venus involved, it was highly likely there would be a romance or some form of relating at some point, Venus also rules my natal 5th and 10th houses.

The eclipse was also square to my natal Chiron, which would bring an intense focus on my own inner issues of wounding and healing. My Chiron represents my own wounded self worth, and self image, and this eclipse is highlighting this by a challenging square aspect. Squares really grab our attention, it causes discomfort or a build up of energy so much that we have to take steps to resolve and integrate the energies involved in the square. This eclipse highlighted my childhood wounds and issues that may previously have been buried just beneath the surface, initially causing me some pain, as I saw the issues of wounded self worth coming to light. When these issues consciously surface, pain can result, but through self acceptance, learning and some self nurturing through taking time to understand my own inner process, I could heal these wounds that would otherwise continue to affect everyday life. Issues hidden in the unconscious have a tendency to creep into daily life, trying to find a way to express and release themselves, working through projection onto the surrounding environment and people in it.

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